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A Familiar Face, an Unfamiliar Place

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Summary: The Andromeda Ascendant has a new guest aboard, one that used to call Sunnydale home. The past quickly catches up and people who were thought lost have come back to play...

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Title: A Familiar Face, an Unfamiliar Place

Author: blackroseangel69

Rated: 15

Pairings: Undecided

Disclaimer: I don’t own Buffy and co. that belongs to Joss Wheadon et al. I also don’t own Andromeda, which belongs to the great mind of Gene Roddenbery,


Willow stared into space, the millions of stars seemingly calming her. “Commander Firestone?” a voice interrupted her thoughts. Firestone, that’s was the name she was going by, at least for this century. After Willow had activated the Slayers she hadn’t noticed anything had changed until her friends began noticing that she wasn’t aging like the rest of them. It had taken a trip to LA and Angel’s help to find out that the Powers That Be had chosen Willow to be their immortal champion. It had been hard to watch all those she loved slip away and die and she had lost any contact with Angel and Spike years ago. But now the world was different, the powers that be had long ago disappeared but Willow was still condemned to a living forever.

“Commander Firestone?” the voice came again and Willow turned away from the window and re-focused where she was; the observation deck of a space station, thousands of years away from her original life.

“Yes lieutenant?” she asked, she was Willow Firestone, a commander in the new Commonwealth.

“The Andromeda Ascendant has arrived” the young lieutenant informed Willow. The last time Willow had been aboard the Andromeda it had been over 300 years ago, before the fall of the Commonwealth. It had been when Dylan had been just starting out as captain of the Andromeda Ascendant and Willow had been aboard for a brief time, her hair had been blonde then, and she doubted that he would remember her.

“Captain Dylan Hunt” the young man announced and Dylan walked into the room, Willow held her breath.

“Captain Hunt” Willow said, “It’s a pleasure to finally meet you”

“Please call me Dylan, and it’s a pleasure to meet you too. I’ve heard great things about what you are doing with the Commonwealth.” Dylan said shaking Willow’s hand, “Shall we?” he said motioning for Willow to accompany him to his ship. Willow smiled as she walked along the corridors.

“It’s Willow, please. Yes well when I found out what you were trying to accomplish, I knew I had to help.” Willow told him

When Willow entered the ship she was greeted by two humans, a Nietzschean and what Willow recognised as the ship, she also noted a female of a species that she had never encountered before.

“Welcome to the Andromeda Ascendant, I’d like you to meet Rebeka Valentine, Seamus Harper, Tyr Anasazi, Trance and Rommie” Dylan said

“I’m the ships avatar” Rommie explained

“Crew, this is Commander Willow Firestone, she’ll be staying with us for a while, so make her feel welcome. “Dylan said, finishing the introductions. Willow was starting to feel exhausted, she had been up for 72 hours unable to sleep, and luck would have it Dylan chose that moment to escort her to her quarters.

When Willow was alone she lay down and closed her eyes.

The crew of the Andromeda Ascendant went back to what they were doing before they met Willow.

“So what do you think of Commander Firestone?” Harper asked Beka, “She’s a major hottie right?”

“Harper” Beka said looking at him in disbelief, “Firstly I wouldn’t know, secondly, she’s one of the top commanders in the Commonwealth. Couldn’t you be impressed by that?” Beka said, Harper paused,

“Yeah I know that, but she’s still a hottie” Harper said and went off to his workshop. Beka continued along and Tyr caught up with her,

“What do you think of Commander Firestone?” she asked him

“I hear she is a skilled warrior and a formidable force” Tyr said as he and Beka entered the bridge, Dylan and Rommie were already in the room,

“Dylan” Rommie said, “Can I talk to you?” she asked but didn’t wait for an answer, “Good” Dylan motioned for her to continue, “Did Commander Firestone seem… familiar to you?” she asked. Dylan ran his hand through his hair and thought,

“Un I suppose, why?”

“Because she’s been aboard me before Dylan” Rommie said facing him, Dylan laughed,

“I think I would have remembered her Rommie, and wouldn’t have everyone else recognised her as well?” Dylan asked.

“No Dylan, you don’t understand” Rommie and then switched to her display screen version,

“Commander Firestone was on this ship over 300 years ago.” Andromeda brought up a profile of a blonde haired woman who apart from the hair colour looked exactly like Commander Firestone, Rommie turned to Dylan.

“Ambassador Rosen travelled with us shortly, during our trip from her home planet at the time to commonwealth headquarters. I ran a scan of Commander Firestone; it matches perfectly with Ambassador Rosen’s profile. She may have changed her hair colour, but even I can do that. They are one in the same.” Rommie finished. Beka who had been listening in on the conversation spoke up,

“Wait a minute, how was she on this ship over 300 years ago? I mean I’m not getting the feeling she was stuck in an event horizon like you guys were” she said.

“Okay, so Willow was here over 300 years ago. There has to be a logical explanation, right?” he said looking at Rommie and Beka, “Right?” he said looking at Tyr who just stared back at him and raised an eyebrow,

“Why don’t you simply ask her?” Tyr said

“Well yeah” Dylan said, “That’d be the obvious thing to do.” He trailed off and looked at the three people before him, they just stared back at him, “I’ll go get Harper and Trance” he said and walked off the bridge a little shaken at the revelations.


Willow was lying on the bed in her quarters; she relaxed and let her senses reach out throughout the ship. She could feel the movements of all on board; she was surprised that Dylan and his crew had managed so much in so little time, to mention that the crew had been tiny. Willow was impressed, for the 300 years after the collapse of the Commonwealth she had retreated to peaceful planets and hadn’t known what to do until she’d heard that someone was trying to rebuild the Commonwealth.

Willow opened her eyes, something was happening in the ship, Willow sat up in bed, ‘They knew!’ she thought and then she sighed. She was sick of going from place to place, changing her name and her looks. What were the odds that in two lifetimes she was going to be travelling on the Andromeda? There was nothing she could do about it, she had heard that Dylan was a fairly nice guy; maybe it was time to be Willow Rosenberg again. So Willow closed her eyes and lay back down.


Dylan, Beka, Tyr, Harper, Trance and Rommie were all standing inform of a display screen with the two profiles of Willow.

“So what are you saying boss man?” Harper asked, “That they were the same person?”

“I think that’s exactly what he’s saying” Trance said.

“So what are we going to do about it?” Beka asked

“I thought you had decided that you were going to ask her about it” Tyr said. It was then that the doors to the bridge opened and Willow stepped inside. Her eyes flickered to the display screen and then settled on the crew.

“I guess you’d like an explanation” she said.

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