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Finally Enough (Darker Version)

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Summary: They had been growing apart since she was kicked out of her house but Buffy Summers has finally had enough.. Breaking from her friends she takes an old friend up on their offer for a change of scenery and a new job..Colorado, here she comes...

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Stargate > Buffy-CenteredBillieGaleFR1821,5311166,9123 Apr 115 Apr 11No

Chapter Two

Disclaimer: I do not own anything of Buffy or SG-1..I'm just borrowing some characters.

A/N: Let me clarify several things about my story, as I realized I just left it open. This story will be slightly AU about certain facts.

1) When I say the Scoobies 'order' Buffy around, I mean they hear or see something wrong and expect Buffy to be the superhero and fix it. They put and keep Buffy up on a pedestal, pressuring her to do the right thing. After a while, I would assume Buffy gets fed up with it.

2) The whole thing with Tara. While I love a Buffy/Tara pairing, this is not one. I know they way I phrased it made it sound like they would be a couple but they won't. After the whole "breaking down in Tara's lap about Spike", it made them closer, they consider each other very good friends, nothing more. Tara won't be alive in this fic, b/c I think that once someone's dead, that's it. No making appearances as a ghost or anything. I say Buffy blames Willow for Tara's death b/c in Buffy's mind, Willow was somewhat responsible. This is where the AU comes in, I'm writing this story as Willow and Tara never got back together, and the reason Tara was in Willow's room was b/c Willow wanted to try to talk Tara into taking her back.

3) For the "classified" stuff over the phone, after the Initiative left the gov. still kept tabs on Buffy, meaning they made her phone line secure. Plus, Riley's phone would have been secure anyway since he's high up and with Black-Ops. Problem solved.

4) I get that the only thing Buffy really has going for her is her martial arts, but you have to take into consideration her enhanced senses. The Slayer is the ultimate predator, it would have a very high intelligence level, tactical skills, a higher learning capacity, and an inborn leadership. To the gov. this would make her more than qualified for such an opportunity.

5) As the story goes on, I'll more than likely add in flashbacks to explain some of the more important reasons Buffy feels she needs to break away from the Scoobies. I'm not about to just leave it like it is without explaining why a certain thing is happening.

6) Yes, this does happen after the First. There is no way Buffy would leave the Scoobies and Potentials at it's mercy, she just doesn't have it in her. As for Dawn's guardianship, when Buffy died in Dawn's place the guardianship went to Willow. A little more AU here, so that when Buffy was brought back, she had too much stuff to deal with to take back guardianship. One, she's having to deal with being torn from Heaven. Two, she doesn't have any source of income so Child Services wouldn't have let her have custody anyway. I see Willow as the better guardian since she get's monthly deposits from her parents, meaning she has the means to take care of a child.

7) I haven't decided on a pairing yet but I'm leaning towards either Buffy/Sam or Buffy/Janet. Most likely it'll be a Buffy/Janet since I've not seen that pairing up yet and I think it'd be a good one

Chapter Two

The flight to Colorado was surprisingly short for Buffy, of course that might be because she slept the whole way. Standing in one of the terminal bathrooms, Buffy stared at her reflection, 'Come on, Buff, you can do this. If you can take on the First, surely you can get your ass out of this bathroom and meet Major Davis.' Straightening, Buffy grabbed her duffel bag and turned, walking confidently out of the restroom. Slipping past the people waiting for their loved ones, Buffy spied a still figure standing slightly away from everyone else, dressed in military garb. Squaring her shoulders she made her way over to him, stopping when she was a couple feet away.

"Major Davis?"

"Yes ma'am," the officer answered, holding his hand out. "Are you ready, Miss Summers?"

"As I'll ever be," Buffy murmured, following Major Davis out of the building. They stopped beside a black car and she smiled politely when he opened the door for her, lowering herself into the car. Staring at him as the car started forward she asked, "Where are we going, Major? And how long do I have before I leave?"

"Captain Finn arranged for a small, two bedroom house to be bought for you in a quiet neighborhood. We will stop there first so you can drop your belongings off, then we will head to a private government owned field where your transport will be waiting."

Buffy nodded, mentally making a note to call and thank Riley for all that he'd done. She didn't want to think of what could have happened if it hadn't been for Riley's offer. To keep her mind off of the Scoobies and other painful things, Buffy thought about all that Riley had told her of the Jaffa, Goa'uld and the StarGate program. Truth be told, she was extremely excited to be learning from beings from another planet.

I know this is an extremely short chapter but for the next one, I'm going to skip through Buffy's training. I'll hit on the important things but won't go into every boring detail. This chapter was mainly to explain some things and I hope the A/N's note in the beginning cleared up any misunderstandings. Hope you enjoyed it.

The End?

You have reached the end of "Finally Enough (Darker Version)" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 5 Apr 11.

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