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The Orb of Janus (or That Ball thingy)

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Summary: Renamed, previously Snippets From the Recycle Bin of My Brain. I got told I had to rename it and mark it not Xander centered, so there ya go.

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Chapter One

Disclaimer: I do not own Buffy the Vampire Slayer OR Stargate Atlantis or any other show mentioned in this ficlet. Please don't sue, my most cherished possession is my dog. You can have the stupid cat if you want though, darn poop factory that he is. LOL

Author's note: This first snippet is a Xander's real family bit, but don't expect me to follow up on it, this is all the muse has given me in over three years, I just wanted it out of my head and typed up so maybe it would either go away or just possibly inspire more. I'm not sure which really. *chuckle*

After dispatching the last demon, Xander took a good look around its cave/lair. “Remember what Giles said, nobody touch anything! Man can this get any weirder? What IS all this crap?” He reached out with his blade to shift some of the metal gadgets with strange writing on them, careful not to touch them with his bare hands.

“Hey, Xander, take a look at this!”

Turning quickly, the one eyed Watcher unthinkingly reached out to snag in his free hand what was coming toward him from his newly arrived American slayer. The one who really had problems following orders and as he caught the silver-blue ball it started to glow. He groaned, “This is NOT good!”

In a bright flash of light, he vanished, causing consternation and chaos among his slayers. Yelling and accusations flew, tears flowed and eventually they got out to the vehicle where the sat-phone was kept and headquarters was informed.

Lacey was forced to run all the way back to the African compound behind their vehicle, it was only the beginning of her punishment.

Xander reappeared in the same cave, but with a huge difference, all the demons he and his girls had just slayed were very much alive. With a yipe of fear he jumped back to avoid an edged weapon slicing his head off, but took it across the chest instead.

Amazingly, he didn’t lose his hold on the strange ball in his left hand, instinctively knowing it was his key to getting back to his family. As if the merest flicker of thought activated it, another bright flash occurred and he was suddenly in what looked like a cafeteria, in a weirdly designed place. Kinda futuristic and kinda retro Doctor Who, he decided. Just before a really tall man with serious dreads stood up and shot him with a freaking blaster right out of Star Wars. Xander hit the floor, unconscious, losing his grip on both the ball and his demon slimed machete.

John Sheppard jumped to his feet and spun around to see what Ronon had just shot at and yelled for a medical team.

Seeing the man was bleeding from a shallow knife slash across his chest as well as other cuts and scrapes and was still breathing, he realized Ronon had the blaster on stun and was thankful. He really wanted answers to all the questions this guy’s sudden appearance raised.

An hour later, they were hearing Rodney go on and on about the piece of Ancient tech the stranger had brought with him, how it was nearly as powerful as a ZPM somehow, but he didn't know what's its power source was. When he started to go into technobabble mode, John tuned him out.

Jennifer came in a little bit later to report on their uninvited guest. “You’re not going to believe this, but I ran the test over and over to be sure.” She turned to Sheppard, “Colonel, whoever he is, that man in there is your half brother.”

John’s eyebrows rose up into his hairline.
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