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The Orb of Janus (or That Ball thingy)

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Summary: Renamed, previously Snippets From the Recycle Bin of My Brain. I got told I had to rename it and mark it not Xander centered, so there ya go.

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Stargate > GeneralDuchessFR1377,03605821,4303 Apr 111 Nov 14No

Ahoy the city!

Author's Note: Bringing in another crossover here and I hope you all like it. This is unbeta'd, however, so please forgive any and all mistakes. Feel free to point them out, however and I'll do my best to correct them. ;)

Atlantis personnel got a huge surprise that evening as the sun was setting. A ship, a three masted war galleon with 128 guns AND a tri-barrel runner gun at the bow just appeared, rising up out of the sea. Weirder yet, someone started calling out from the rigging, in English, trying to get anyone on the city/ship’s attention.

“Ahoy the city! Hey, is anybody home?” A one eyed pirate in a Hawaiian shirt yelled at the top of his lungs.

Inside the control room, Woolsey was looking at the monitors over Chuck’s shoulder and went pale at the sight. Gulping audibly, “Please tell me that we’re recording this so that Stargate Command won’t think we’re insane when we send in our reports?”

The gate tech stared in shock, but nodded his head, “Yes sir, the recordings started automatically when that strange green flash appeared in the sunset. McKay set up the computers to record when anything beyond the norm happens.”

Woolsey’s tone was grim, “Good. Now I suppose we ought to go out to meet our… Guests, hadn’t we?”

John Sheppard and company come back through the gate from offworld, the Marines tossing Atiya to each other and cheering her name.

Lorne leaned over to stage whisper to his CO, “I think my Marines have grown attached. Can we keep her, sir?”

Ronon chimed in with, “I vote yes!”

John laughs and is about to reply when someone cleared their throat and got his and everyone else’s attention.

“No, Major Lorne,” Woolsey stated solemnly, “I’m afraid your men will have to be disappointed.”

At these words, Atiya scrambled down and ran to her uncle, clinging to the man tightly. “Uncle John, you won’t let the IOA people take me away from you, will you? You promised Papa you’d take care of me!”

Sheppard ignored everything else to look the child in the eyes, “Atiya, the only people who will EVER take you away from me are your parents, when they come to get you. I don’t care who tries to order otherwise, you’re staying with family and in this galaxy that’s me.”

Smiling and hugging the man around his neck she whispers, “I love you, Uncle John.”

Hugging her back almost as tightly, he whispers back, “I love you too, munchkin.”

Ronon growled and The Marines around them all glare at Woolsey until the man shakes his head in exasperation, “The IOA isn’t ordering the child be taken away from you, Colonel, but we do have guests that have shown up in an unusual manner. I thought you might like to know they’re in the cafeteria getting a bite to eat while they wait for your return.”

Surprisingly, Atiya clung to John even tighter than before, almost afraid to believe what the man’s words suggested. She and her uncle exchanged a glance and without a word he carried her straight to the cafeteria.

Once there, John took one look at his little brother, without his wife, and worried. Atiya felt him tense up and hid her face in his neck, even more afraid to look.

It must have been obvious what was going through their minds because Xander spoke up, “It’s all right, everyone is fine back home, just healing up is all.”

Gasping with relief, Atiya loosened her grip and looked her uncle in the eyes, saw him smile with reassurance and jumped out of his arms into a backflip and a bound to land in her beloved Papa’s arms once more. “I missed you so much!”

Hugging his little girl for all he’s worth, Xander tells her, “I missed you too, Princess.”

The man sitting nearby stood up.

He was dressed like a pirate, John finally noticed and wondered about that.

The man spoke with a soft voice and a smooth, British accent, “I take it this is Atiya then? I can see why you were so desperate to get back to her, Xander.”

John can’t hold in his curiosity any longer, “Who’s your friend, Little Brother?”

The stranger answered him instead, “And you must be John. I must say I’m proud of how you’ve turned out in this my own universe and in this one. Unfortunately, in mine you died, several years ago. It was a hero’s death though, to be fair, but I was hoping for more grandchildren from your line.”

John blinked, “What?
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