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Roanapur Knights: Harmony & Dischord

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This story is No. 5 in the series "Roanapur Knights". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: When a video of Slayers in action goes viral. Roanapur will become ground zero for a knock down drag out battle involving thrill jockeys, vengeful gangsters and a certain vampire Reality TV star. Lights, Camera, Mayhem

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Anime > Black Lagoon(Recent Donor)BHRamsayFR181323,761176,0955 Apr 119 Aug 11No

chap. 11

AN - Thanks to everyone who made this a favorite. A special thanks to Wonderbee who's been incredibly supportive and to Semet on Twisting the Hellmouth who's helping to keep Black Lagoon Love alive.

One thing about Roanapur that Richard Houndstooth had already noticed was that it had more dark alleys to skulk in per square kilometre then any other city he'd been in. He was waiting in one such alleyway now while the elder Sung Brother waited in a car down the block.

Hound was starting to wonder if he was being jerked around and with good reason. He'd been promised an easy hunt. However, with Harris' latest escape, with the aid of that dangerously hot woman in white, Hound the Hunter was now the laughing stack of the 'net.

Hence his meeting with the men who stepped out of the shadows to greet him well, the tall muscular one greeted him with a severe nod. His companion however, wearing a cheap suit and ugly Hawaiian shirt as if born in them, shifted uncomfortably beside him. Unfortunately for Hound this waste of space was the one Hound wanted words with.

"What the hell is going on Tony, you told me that brat of yours would go down easy."

Tony Harris winced, his son had once again proved a source of embarrassment, not the first time either. "Look he's a putz, but those girls he hangs out with. They can be a handful."

"A handful he says," Hound sneered, "Tony - they almost blew me up. I'd be a charcoal briquette right now if I'd been in that death trap taxi ride a few seconds longer."

"Hey I told you he'd be hanging around with those supergirls of his. What more do you want." Harris whined.

"Tony, half the goddamn world knows that your son's slayer fetish. Finding him isn't the problem - catching him is."

"You're the Big Time Bounty Hunter - you figure it out." Tony snapped.

Hound started forward intending to grab Tony but the huge man accompanying Harris grabbed the bounty hunter's reaching hand in an iron fist, crushing it with terrible power. The big man silently shook his head. Hound relaxed. With the Big Man satisfied there would be no further funny business from Hound, the Hunter was allowed to reclaim his hand. Hound tried not to focus on how long it took for the blood to start circulating through his arm again.

"You could be a tad more accommodating Anthony." the big man growled. "Should I tell Madam that you aren't being co-operative?"

Tony bleached, "No you don't have to do that - but what can I do I mean he's always been hung up on running after that ditzy cheerleader. He's always been her little sissy bitch. Hell - he let her screw up his eye didn't he?"

"Perhaps a more direct threat," The Big Man asked, "...something he can't run away from or maneuver past."

"He watches those girls like a hawk," Hound whined, "I could never get close enough to grab one."

Tony rolled his eyes, "You don't have to ... grab one I mean. If you make them look bad he'll have to come to you."

"Nice ... bait a trap and lure the prey in. As a plan it works. Who'd have thought a Mama's Boy like you could make a real plan."

"I'm not a Mama's Boy, Dick" Tony snapped.

Hound ignored him, "I know of the prefect bait but I'll need a gunship if you can manage to get me one?"

"It will be handled. The expense will be deducted from Anthony's portion of the bonus of course. We'll contact you when it's ready."

The big man turned and left with Tony trailing behind. "A Goddamn Gunship," Harris muttered. "she'll freak when she hears about this."

"Perhaps you'll tell your son to be more careful about which Swiss banks he steals from next time."

"I'm telling you I did not know he was going to rob the Bank mom's business buddies use - Alex and I speak about as often as Mom and I do."

"Yet more proof if any were required of the boy's common sense and intelligence .. Are you sure he's yours?"

"What, more cheap shots?" Tony Harris whined, "this isn't my fault."

"Tony, if Madam for one second believed you were behind Alexander's theft, your life expectancy would be very, very short. Now come along. The helicopter will take major resources, It's best the request for those resources come from ... Mommy's Little Boy."

Tony snarled in anger, "I'm sick taking everybody's crap, I'm not a Mommy's Boy." He swung a fist at the big man who dodged the blow and caught the fist twisting it and the rest of Tony's arm behind Harris back. Harris groaned in pain.

"Anthony if you aren't Mommy's Little Boy, then you are an obstacle in her path. You better then most know what happens to obstacles in HER path don't you Anthony.

Tony Harris shuddered, "I remember Sheldon, trust me I remember very well."

Sheldon smiled with cold intent, "You've already helped me bury a few of the obstacles in the past Anthony, would you like to end up the same way?"

"No, ... God no."

"I thought not, now who is Mommy's Special Little Boy?"

"I am." Tony gasped.

Sheldon gave Harris' arm an extra hard jerk, "louder" the big man hissed,

"I am," Tony Harris cried out, "I am Mommy's Special Little Boy."

Sheldon released his arm, He watched in amusement as Harris shook the pain in his arm away.

"I'm sure it will make her very happy to know you feel that way shall we continue?" Sheldon said with a smile.
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