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Roanapur Knights: Harmony & Dischord

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This story is No. 5 in the series "Roanapur Knights". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: When a video of Slayers in action goes viral. Roanapur will become ground zero for a knock down drag out battle involving thrill jockeys, vengeful gangsters and a certain vampire Reality TV star. Lights, Camera, Mayhem

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Anime > Black Lagoon(Recent Donor)BHRamsayFR181323,761176,0945 Apr 119 Aug 11No


AN- the next few chapters will have minor spoilers for Shaitane Badi - the Black Lagoon light novel. that was awesomely translated into English by anonspore - read his translation on blogspot

Xander would have been thrilled to discover that Harmony was indeed hating her new accommodation, decidedly less five star then she'd gotten used to after being treated to everything a freshly discovered celebutante could ask for.

Clem had set up a computer and was checking the Harmony Bites website. The discussion forums were buzzing with fans of the show clamoring for any news of their trip. Clem posted pictures of the plane ride including several of Harmony curled up next to a nervous looking Hound. He also blogged answers to their questions. Bernie drifted around the room shooting video of the hotel room and Clem's blogging. Harmony was loudly missing her beloved Pomeranian puppies who would normally be barking for their mistress' attention. Clem's dark warnings about what might happen to them in Roanapur's sketchier restaurants had served as an effective deterrent. Harmony would never say so but if anyone was going to eat her dogs it was her.

Houndstooth entered the hotel followed by three shady looking men who looked just enough alike, Harm was unsurprised to find they were family.

"The Sung Brothers," Hound said by way of introduction. "Local guides and bodyguards."

"The best," one of them said proudly, "No one can touch us."

"Really, which of the syndicates do you work for," Clem asked, "I thought all the toughest guys in the city worked for them."

BB Sung the eldest smiled nervously, "There are a lot of freelancers in town, not everyone likes bending knee to the Big Four. Anyway My brothers and I can get you around town and lead you to whoever it is you're looking for."

"You mean Richie didn't mention?" Harmony said brightly, "We're after Xander, Xander Harris."

"I hadn't nailed down a PRICE for their services." Richard hissed meaningfully. "So I was trying to keep that part quiet."

"You're after the Watcher?" CC the second eldest whispered.

"Wouldn't that mean tangling with his Slayer bitches maybe even the rest of Lagoon Company as well ... that's crazy." GG the youngest argued.

"I wouldn't worry about the Slayers," Hound pointed at Harm, "She took one down on camera and she's beaten the strongest Slayer alive."

Clem choked but a look from Harmony stayed him from loudly commenting on Hound's lie."

"Look all we have to do is get them there," BB assured his nervous siblings, "its on them what happens after that."

GG whined "I just don't want to end up on anyone's hit-list. That Two Hands ... I hear she's a real nut case."

Harmony stepped forward embracing GG, "You think I don't know what it's like. Those Watchers and Slayers running around. Pushing their agenda on everybody. I feel your pain. You don't have to hide it not from me."

"Hide what? What are you talking about? Hound asked.

Clem sniffed the air. "Wow your right Harm how did You guess?"

Harmony smiled, "I know my people." She turned back to the brothers, "Now put on those game faces boys; be who you were really meant to be."

"The Sungs fidgeted until CC straightened up and facing the still filming camera, allowed his face to turn a bright orange while thorny spikes sprang from the skin."

"... Pho-gra demons, you're Pho-gra demons?" Clem asked.

"On our mother's side" BB explained as he followed his brother and revealed his demonic appearance.

"But that would mean..."Clem actually turned a rose colour, "Wow I would have loved to see the wedding night. I've heard Pho-gra females ...are pretty ... they can be ... they get stronger when they're ...over-excited." Even after a year on the air, Clem still tried to be careful about using bad language on camera.

"BB's was the only natural conception and dad spend six weeks in the hospital afterward the rest of us were had by artificial insemination."

"See this is why we're here." Harmony said to the camera, "These guys should be living proud lives not hiding how beautiful they are in a city where a terrorist like Xander Harris gets to walk around free."

The Sung brothers still looked uncertain, Houndstooth pulled out a wad of cash. "Would this make your decision to help us easier?" he asked counting off bills.

GG looked at the cash practically drooling, Houndstooth smiled, "You can consider this a...finders fee."

"...What about that necklace." CC said looking at a lion head pendent Hound was wearing, "That looks valuable."

"Family heirloom it was given to my Great-Grandfather after his first hunt and it been in the family since, The money will do and you get double the amount when Harris is in my custody."

BB snatched the money and made it disappear. "You got your hunters, Harris is aboard the Black Lagoon They shipped out this morning on a pirating job so they should be back soon."

"Xander is a pirate, that is so hardcore." Harmony whistled, "Does he do like...Pirate stuff?"

GG asked, "How are you going to capture him. I mean he has an army at his back."

Hound smiled, "Power of the people my friend, Harris is wanted in The United States for crimes including destruction of property, firearms violations, theft of military equipment and a few dozen counts of kidnapping, mostly girls spirited off supposedly to some cult compound - maybe even the same one I've heard rumors about here in Roanapur."

BB smiled, "Tackling him will be a breeze as long as we get him clear of Dutch and the rest."

"Sounds like you know almost as much as Clem here." Bernie said framing BB and Clem in a nice two shot.

"Don't look at me," Clem sighed, "Everything I know about this place I got off some website that used to belong to a some guy named Ultimate Cool J. He spent some time here just before he went nuts ... became some weird fetish nut or something."

"What the Sung Brothers don't know about this city isn't worth knowing." said the merc into the camera while trying to hide that he was sucking in his flabby gut.

Bernie refocused his lens. "Well if we're waiting for Harris anyway - let's get the whole story on Roanapur, please tell us everything."
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