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Roanapur Knights: Harmony & Dischord

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This story is No. 5 in the series "Roanapur Knights". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: When a video of Slayers in action goes viral. Roanapur will become ground zero for a knock down drag out battle involving thrill jockeys, vengeful gangsters and a certain vampire Reality TV star. Lights, Camera, Mayhem

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Anime > Black Lagoon(Recent Donor)BHRamsayFR181323,761176,0945 Apr 119 Aug 11No

chap 7.

Xander and the Lagoon crew spent the next few hours ferrying Carlin's people off the boat and taking them in groups to the local doctor who was shockingly nonplussed to find himself treating Werewolves albeit non-transformed. Faith was once again force to wonder if it was something in the water that every one in Roanapur seemed blase about the supernatural

Benny was going over to the ship's computers trying to find what they needed to track the shipments point of origin. Carlin took time from tending to his people to peer closely at Revy.

The Gunslinger finally growled at him. "Back Off Old Guy, this ain't a peep show."

"... But I smell Brother Hyena on you. You are one of his why would you help us?"

Revy swung around and snarled at him, "That ain't your business just leave it alone."

The old man looked at her a moment before nodding, "The others, they do not know - at least not yet. You fear the Watcher and his cronies acting against you."

"He already knows about The Hyena. Hell he used to be its host till it passed to me. I kind of like the fringe benefits."

"The freedom to surrender to your instincts and glory in the hunt. I know it well. But still for one such as you... untrained as you are..."

"You should mind yer own business. Old Guy, You and I got nothing in common, savvy?"

The Werewolf Alpha shook his head, mystified. "You are an odd woman. "

"I get that a lot." Revy growled before turning away.

The crew prepared to ferry another group off the boat. Dutch watched the gas gauge filling as Xander gassed up the boat for another run out to the cargo vessel. Suddenly he caught sight of a group heading down the dock in their direction.

As the group drew closer the Lagoon's captain recognized the Sung Brothers. New to the city. Not big enough fish to carry any real weight but competent enough all the right people had taken notice of them.

The blonde in the oversize sunhat waved at him. "Hello, Captain - we were hoping to take a trip out in your lovely little boat."

"I'm in the middle of a charter right this second." Dutch explained. You might want to try Lei-Phan's boat, I know he's free." Of course Dutch left out the part that Lei-Phan would likely be drunk at this hour but assuming they only wanted quick back and forth, they should be fine with the drunkard.

Xander popped up on deck wiping his hands to get the grease and muck off them. "Dutch you really ought to think about some extra fuel tanks just in case. We could re-purpose those torpedo launchers. When was the last time you actually fired a shot off?"

The Blonde caught sight of Xander and pointed at him with a scream. "That's him, That's Xander - Xander Harris We're making a citizen's arrest."

Xander stared at her agape, "Harmony, what the hell? - are you kidding me?"

"Xander Harris you are in violation of the Louisiana penal code," Hound said more formally, "abduction of a minor and transportation of that minor across state lines."

Xander startled at his words, "Are you kidding me there is no way I would ever steal a kid from wait ... Louisiana? it's starting to come back to me."

"Maybe you remember a young girl, Edie Mae Scruggins?" Hound asked.

Xander's eyes narrowed "I remember her all right. A smart, funny, girl - even if she wasn't a Slayer, I'd of taken her out of that dirt farm she was living in with those scum-sucking waste bags that called themselves parents. What, did they start missing the government checks they were getting for her? I can't imagine there's any other reason for them even giving a damn about a girl they were treating like dirt till I showed up."

Hound stepped forward "That's not your call and its not mine either you took a girl from her parent. if you got proof she was being abused then that's for a court of law to decide." Hound marched up the gangplank dangling a set of handcuffs.

Revy stood at the top in his way. She pulled one of her guns from its holster. If Dutch ain't given you the OK you aren't getting past me ... breathing anyway."

"You'd really gun me down with TV camera running." Hound sneered.

"You got no idea who you're messing with if you think TV cameras would even make me..." Revy was slowing down her delivery growing more hesitant. she was drawing back from Hound. "No stay back - get away, get him the hell away from me." She cried out as very real fear clawed at her, something was forcing her to cower , telling her she had to run from this man run and hide as fast as possible.

Suddenly Faith was standing in Hound's path.

"Sorry mister I'll need to see a boarding pass or else you'll have to wait for the next ferry ride to whatever dreamland you must be living in if you think I'm going to let you take him."

"Honey, move - the grown ups are doing grown up things." he was reaching out to push Faith aside when she grabbed his extended hand, flipping him over the gangplank to dangle helplessly out over the water.

"She's a Slayer, that's cheating." Harmony whined.

"Oh yeah," Xander smiled, " You might remember Faith, She doesn't like you nearly as much as I do."

"Did you know they canceled one of my favorite shows to put your so-called reality garbage on the air." Faith growled at Hound. The dark slayer spun in place working up a decent momentum before releasing Hound so that he crashed into the Sung Brothers.

"Strike." Faith laughed.

Xander caught sight of the camera man who was recording the whole fight and made a rapid decision. "Faith, I'm bugging out. I'll lead them away if I can. Find out what the lawyers are up to. That's the only thing that matters."

"Are you nuts?"

"Its me, of course I'm nuts but that doesn't mean it won't work out."

Xander vaulted the railing and sprinted up the dock.

"Get 'em" Harmony cried out and the Sungs shrugged and sprinted after him with Bernie and Hound in pursuit.

Faith watched them depart, "What the hell, Why did Xander make that stupid deal with Fryface if she was going to send someone after us anyway?"

"They weren't working for The Captain," Dutch mused calmly, "Anyone she sent wouldn't have been trying to arrest him, they'd just cut right to the killing and if the TV camera wasn't a big enough clue then there's the fact that she'd never hire freshies like the Sung Brothers to deal with someone like Xander, not with HIS track record."

"What, should I take it as a compliment that a ruthless mob boss would send nothing less then the best to kill my friends?" Faith snapped.

Dutch shrugged, "Respect takes many forms Faith in this City more so then any other." he said as he headed back to the control deck.

Faith turned to Revy who was being helped back to her feet by Rock and Shunsi.

"What happened back there," Faith asked the Gunslinger, "I've seen you face off against some the worst this city can throw and not blink?"

Revy shook her head, "I don't know I got near him and all I could feel was escape run hide it was the weirdest feeling ever I've never been that scared in my life never."

"You've never had a primal spirit within you." Carlin stated calmly. The old man had joined then in the confusion.

"Shut it old guy," Revy snapped, "I said that was none of your business."

"OH God Revy," Faith shouted, "you mean you've actually been hiding the Hyena all this time?"

"What I'm more curious about is why you'd think it would make difference." Rock asked Carlin

The old man nodded, "The Hunter, He had a talisman around his neck, it bore the mark of the Lion. The trace is faint but it must have been empowered by one of Brother Lion's shaman. So long as he wears that, he carries a trace of Brother Lion with him and the girl's natural instincts would be to cower and hide from the stronger predator."

Revy's eyes boiled with rage, "Are you fucking with me, I afraid of some fat wannabe hunter because of a trinket?"

"Did you think those fringe benefits you so enjoy come without cost girl. Beasts we are least beasts we become and among beasts there is a pecking order, a food chain if you will. The strong prey on the weak and the weak hide from the strong unless they have numbers or power to assure victory."

"Then how come it didn't make Southie cringe."

"Because the primal force that empowers a Slayer is demonic in nature, that power is old and it is powerful. Slayers have little to fear from Brother Lion."

"Then I've got to get over this , I don't lie down for anyone."

"Girl you are talking about defying something older and more powerful then you could possibly imagine."

"Yeah old man it's called breaking the rules and in case you didn't notice, it happens every day in Roanapur."
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