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Halloween with a Jokilar Gerius

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Summary: What if Buffy became another, rather more important Buffy. A Jokilar Gerius

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Multiple Crossings > Buffy-CenteredDestrarkFR1831,917051,6585 Apr 1118 May 11No

Chapter 3

Buffy woke up and held her hand to her head, groaning. Her headache was awful. She looked around blearily. Giles, Willow and Xander were talking quietly. They were in the library and she was on the table. They came over at her groaning and looked down at her concernedly.

“Buff? You ok?”

She moaned.

“Was that a yes-moan or a no-moan?”


Willow looked at her, eyes wide.

“Buffy? Do you remember anything?”

Suddenly, she did.

She started shaking as memories filled in, powers were momentarily unleashed from strict control then quickly re-bound and her body changed up to the peak of where she’d- her counterpart, had been. Oh boy.

She opened her eyes.

“Well, I’m a lot better than I used to be for sure.” She said it grimly, the memories of her alternate and her perspective on life forcing her to come to terms with being who she was. Not just Buffy Summers, The Slayer. But the knowledge a part of Buffy Summers, Master Slayer and Team Leader of the Jokilar Gerius. She could feel everything apart of her alternate self that was no her. And came quickly to a decision. She needed backup.

She couldn’t feel that Frederic, or Shadow, Daphnix and Jennifer or Fred’s family and the amazons she’d met. Which meant that in this universe. She was alone. No phalanx, no nothing. So, she’d need help. If there were any Gods of the Universe for this multiverse then she’d already be talking to them. If there wasn’t the Wise One then that followed that there weren’t any Destroyers either... Which meant that the Phalanx didn’t exist for this multiverse and The Jokilar Gerius had never been needed here. Well, they were here now.

She sat up.

“LOBO?” she called.

“Yes Buffy?”

She relaxed. With the nano-probes then she could easily rebuild the arsenal of the Jokilar Gerius, if admittedly empty. But LOBO would have files on all Fred’s tech and the F2 stuff. So she would have the Dyson’s Sphere again if she needed it, as well as the Warstation Ortega and all its firepower.

“I’m just going to explain everything to the guys, I’m not your Buffy I know, but as of now I’m a Jokilar Gerius so I cannot just try and wish that away, time to take things seriously. I’m going to need back up.”

“The Ortega and The Sphere?”

“Yep, I’ll locate an appropriate dimension and you can cannibalise a star system from it.”

“I’ve been increasing my generations since we got here. It’ll take a couple of days but it’ll be done. Whenever you’re ready. Have you given any thought about what to do about the Key?”

Oh year, there was that, she didn’t want an annoying and klepto little sister that’s for sure. She’d make sure to kill Glory in a bit.

Giles looked exasperated.

“Buffy what’s going on?”

“Well Giles, my alternate who possessed me left me all her memories and everything. I’m now probably the strongest thing in all creation-for this multiverse at least- and I’ve basically decided to step up to that and not mess it up like I did as a slayer.”

He gaped.

“First I’m going to the vault of Avalon for this dimension, I need to get Immortality before I can do any decent training, then I’m going to bring back some stuff were going to need. Wills? Xand? You said you’d help fight the forces of darkness, think you can handle training to become a Jokilar Gerius?”

They looked at her, eyes wide. Then nodded.

“Okay see you in a bit!”

The End?

You have reached the end of "Halloween with a Jokilar Gerius" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 18 May 11.

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