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Halloween with a Jokilar Gerius

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Summary: What if Buffy became another, rather more important Buffy. A Jokilar Gerius

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Multiple Crossings > Buffy-CenteredDestrarkFR1831,917051,6585 Apr 1118 May 11No

Chapter One

Disclaimer: Sorry, was in a rush before. BTVS belongs to Joss Whedon. The Jokilar Gerius, Phalanx, LOBO, and all other that stuff belongs to the amazing author Enterprise 1701_D. Check out his work at or the phalanx mega-series/verse at 1701_D . R.I.P He was a great man. Steve St. Wolf (The Wanderer) belongs to Steve Pantovich, check out his smaller mega-series at Wandererverse. Both are amazing. Ami Mizuno, Sailor Mercury belongs to whoever the Sailor Scouts series belongs to. I own none of these amazing characters or ideas, unfortunately.

A.N/ Seriously, the phalanx series is bigger and better than Full Circle fic on this site (LARGEST FIC ON SITE) Wandererverse is nearly as good and is about a Highlander/Buffy main with LOADS of other smaller crossovers as well(X-files,Xena/Hercules,Sonja(Conan),etc etc) Check them both out!

Buffy looked at the shelf holding the crystal-like armour. She’d come looking for something to wear for Angel, until Xander pointed out he’d thought those women were idiots. Xander had told her to get something for herself. The armour was a deep red colour and it called to her. She picked it up in a box and took it to the counter.

Ethan watched the slayer interestedly, she hadn’t bought the dress like he thought she would. Come to think of it, he wasn’t sure he’d seen it before. But it had the chaos marks so he’d touched it. Never mind.

Buffy felt pain rip through her as the armour and herself disintegrated into particles, mixed and reformed under a new mind.
Buffy Summers, resident of a different multiverse, team leader of the Jokilar Gerius looked around in mild confusion. She reached out with her senses. Giles, Miss Calender, Xander, Angel (still a vampire with a soul so she must be in a different universe), Willow and Cordelia. They were nowhere near her level of power so they were obviously dimensional twins. She opened the communicator to LOBO.


Nothing. She started to grow cold.

“Jennifer? Daphnix? Ami? Jesse? LOBO respond please?”

She felt a wave of relief as LOBO spoke back.

“Hello Buffy, I have searched for any other nano-probes and there is none. We appear to be in a different multiverse entirely."

Buffy swallowed. She was still a Jokilar Gerius, she checked her powers and realized something. She could access all 3 of the Seals of Norgannon... Shit!

She calmed down and entered her mind. Only it wasn’t hers. Everything she was appeared to be copied over someone elses. She looked and found it was her. But just as a 16 and a half year old regular Slayer. She suddenly had a horrible idea and withdrew from her mind as Willow ran up to her.


“Wills calm down, is it Halloween?”

“Uhhh yeh”

“Did I dress in a suit of crystal armour?”


“Shit what the hell! How the fuck did Ethan get Alter Armour! The nut job must be dead from the spell drawing so much energy through the focus, fucking retard!”

Willow was looking at her in confusion.

Buffy sighed.

“Sorry Wills, but I’m not your Buffy.”

“What do you mean?”

“I am Elizabeth Summers, Team leader of the Jokilar Gerius.”

Willow started stammering.

“Wise One dammit! This is so messed up, I’m in the wrong frigging multiverse for crying out loud!”

“Buffy do you know what’s happening?”

“Yes, the store you and this universes Buffy went to for costumes? The owner is an old friend of Giles, he’s a Chaos Worshipper. When this happened to me; I spent the night running round as a retarded Noblewoman and nearly dying.”

“We need to find Xander, he’s probably private Harris at the moment, then we need to go see Giles and go after Ethan. You get Giles; I’ll get Xander and Ethan.”

“But Buffy what’s a Jokilar Gerius?”

“The Jokilar Gerius are effectively the Guardians of the multiverse, I can move into another universe or alternate reality as easily as you walk down the street. Our job is to be the police force for Gods.”

“You mean working for the Gods directly.”

“No I mean policing the Gods for the Wise One.”

“So you’re more powerful than Gods?”

“Sure am, so are you, Xander, Oz, Cordy and Angel where I’m from.”

Willow paled.


“Chill Wills, go find Giles and Miss Kaldarash.”


“Oh yeah she hasn’t told you yet, she’s a Gypsy working for her tribe to make sure Angel doesn’t lose his curse, in case I forget afterwards, Perfect Happiness, an orgasm, breaks the curse and he goes Dark Side on us. It happened to one of my counterparts. Good thing she was an Immortal and Steve St. Wolf could help that universes Scooby Gang.”

Willow was getting more and more out of her depth by the minute. She decided to just run. And did so.

Buffy locked onto Xander’s oh-so-familiar Ki and Instant Transported to him.
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