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One Shot Wonders... Wait, What?

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Summary: Just a series of different one shots my muse won't let me leave alone.

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The Golden Eyes (Dragon Age: Origins)

Disclaimer: I own none of the character or settings that my mind likes to play with.

AN: Well my beloved readers we meet again and welcome to my budding ficlet collection. This is where I'll be putting all the little plot lines I wish I could make into full stories but would have no real idea on how to go about going about it. That's not to say they'll never become full stories crafted by myself or another, just not this day. I hope you enjoy them ^^!

AN: If anyone wants to take a crack at anything I put here have at it! I would love to see what someone could do with them ^^!

AN: FYI while I of course wish for everyone who reads my work to enjoy it every thing I put here will probably be pretty rough. Just little things with admittedly patchy editing and plot line. There are too many bunnies in my head sometimes and I just need to vent...

Buffy was worried. Something had happened to Xander over the summer he was away and it had hurt him deeply, tearing away the twinkle in his eye. The lop-sided grin that he had possessed before was almost never seen now and that made her sad. Her best male friend in the world was different, sad, and she didn’t know why. And every time she tried to ask him about it he either avoided the subject entirely or, like the one time she had outright demanded an explanation, shot her down with a sort of finality that she didn’t think he possessed before then.

Willow being Willow of course knew something was wrong with Xander as soon as she’d seen him. They may not be as close as they were in most of Highschool, before events like Xander dating Cordelia and The Fluke, but a Willow knew her Xander. She said she had only been anywhere near like this when both Cordelia and Willow herself had rejected him, accept this was worse… Someone or something had destroyed him and like Humpty Dumpty the two young women didn’t know how to put him back together again.

Buffy knew that while he wasn’t hanging out with them nearly as often he was still going out and patrolling without them. He knew how dangerous that was; did he want to get hurt or something? Was it really so bad that he thought he felt he had to go out and risk his life every night? While yes Buffy knew he would never out right kill himself, he abhorred suicide he probably be more than willing to work himself into an early grave. It seemed to be an avoidance tactic of his, one he was very good at. The one time she, Willow, and Giles had confronted him about his solo-patrolling and how he had never really relaxed since he got back though all he had done was turn around and walk right back out the door. He hadn’t said anything to them before leaving and apparently he had gotten a lot quicker on his feet because by the time she had shaken off the shock of Xander completely blowing them off (He had never just ignored them like that before.) and chased after him, he had disappeared. They didn’t see him for the better part of a week after that.

Whatever had happened over the summer had also gifted him with some outward changes as well. Gone was the gangly teenager she had thought cute in a quirky sort of way. In his place was a hardened man who had seen too much in his eighteen plus years. While most of his new scars were covered by his clothing Buffy knew they were there and in a relatively great number than they used to be. He also cropped his hair much shorter than she had ever seen it before and the baby fat that had still lined his face in places was gone, replaced by a strong jaw line and clearly defined chin. If she hadn’t put him completely in the friend only zone part of her mind she would have thought of him as a hottie, but no he was her Xander shaped friend and always would be.

But what had happened to him? What had changed him? Hurt him? She knew that unless Xander told her voluntarily she was likely to never find out. Sometimes when they did hang out or did group activities she saw him twirling some sort of polish wooden ring on his finger. Upon closer inspection the ring’s pattern seemed to be constantly shifting. Whoever gave him that ring meant the world to him and he had lost them somehow. So she would be there for him, a friend he could lean on if he ever felt he needed it. She knew Willow and Giles felt the same by the late night talks between the three of them, so Xander had plenty of support should he need it. But until then she would watch him, make sure he didn’t try to take on anything to big by himself.

Like how right now she was trailing Xander through one of Sunnydale’s many cemeteries to act as back up should he need it and to pick off any that Xander might miss. She didn’t normally do this seeing as she had her own patrols to worry, which thanks to Xander were much lighter, about but every now and then she just worried to much not to. She had to admit though that whatever Xander had been through had changed how he fought considerably. Where before he had been a brawler at best, struggling to keep up with a brand new fledgling, now he was a seasoned fighter of some skill. He was currently taking on a small gang of four newbie vamps and easily holding his own. He was using weapons she had never seen before so she knew he wasn’t borrowing them from Giles.

With a sword in his right hand and an intricate dagger in his left he was always moving. Block, Strike, Block, Block, Parry, Strike. In nearly the blink of an eye the vamps had gone from four to two than just one. Xander was just about to finish off the last one when Buffy’s Slay-dar went and spiked. Vamps were approaching their general location fast, a lot of vamps. When they arrived (15-20 vamps in total.) the apparent leader had tried to give the whole ‘We’re better than you. You’re nothing but food to us. We’re gonna use you to get to the Slayer. You have no hope. Blah Blah Blah…’ Speech but found himself interrupted when Xander, not even bothering with any quip fu, dusted him via decapitation. Unfortunately he was quickly over whelmed after taking out a couple more and Buffy was just about to jump in when an explosion ripped through the mob of vampires dusting the greater majority of them. A swarm of flying insects then proceeded to drive off the few vamps left who had been holding Xander down allowing the young man to regain his bearings. The bugs seemed to gather around for a second before regrouping a few yards in front of him and forming into a woman.

“Biting off more than you can chew don’t you think Alexander?” the woman asked. The woman was completely striking. Wavy black hair was held in a loose bun, her bangs framing a face that almost everyone would consider at least attractive if not stunningly beautiful. Golden eyes looked on with a mild amusement as they took in the man in front of her and a smirk played on her lips. Xander just seemed to be frozen in place as if wondering what he was seeing was real. When he finally collected himself enough to speak he could only utter one word.

“Morrigan?” He said the name softly, barely a whisper, as if he was worried that if he said the word to loud or with to much hope it would turn out to be a lie.

“Yes beloved it is I.” ‘Morrigan’ said the amusement in her eyes now gone replaced with a look of longing. It looked like she was going to say something else when Xander suddenly dropped his weapons, took two long strides, and engulfed the woman in a hug. Anyone who was looking at the scene between these two people wouldn’t be able to tell whether Xander was laughing or crying but it was probably both.

“I can’t believe you’re here!” Xander said happily after a few minutes. He looked the happiest Buffy had seen him since, well ever really. Still he held her close as if worrying she would disappear if he let her out of his grip. His old grin was back full force though as he looked at this mysterious woman and the twinkle that had been lost had returned and was shining merrily in his eyes.

“Yes my love I’m here and I’m never leaving you again. I promise.” Morrigan said before having her lips captured in a fierce kiss. It was as if the two of them were trying to vent a lifetime of pent up passions into that single moment and they didn’t come back from said moment until the need for air became too great. Buffy for some reason felt like she was intruding even though she had no idea who this new woman was and was just about to leave when Xander turned his head and looked right over to where Buffy had thought was a good hiding spot and said with a laugh,

“You can come out now Buffy.” Ah busted…

AN: So whatcha think? I would like to hear your thought on the ideas I post here so please reveiw. As always Contructive Criticism is both welcomed and encouraged ^^!

AN: Oh and just so you all know this takes place after the DA: Origins DLC 'Witch Hunt' you know with the mirror? Yeah that one ^^! I may explain it if I write another part to this. No promises though.
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