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Man Enough?

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Summary: Jason has been watching a woman at Danse Macabre...

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Anita Blake > Faith-Centered > Pairing: JasonLucindaFR152975045,83716 Dec 0331 Dec 04Yes

Broken Inside

author: Lucinda
main characters: Faith/Jason (AB)
disclaimer: you know they aren't mine.
distribution: Twisting & Mental Wanderings
notes: Twisting's FfA pairing # 1014. Thanks to Jinni for the title, semi-sequel to 'Man Enough'.

Faith leaned back on the velvet comforter. This was a situation that she'd never expected her life to include - leaning naked on a bed waiting for her boyfriend to bring mugs of hot cocoa. Her sexy, werewolf stripper of a boyfriend, to be exact.

"Deep thoughts?" He asked, holding a steaming mug in each hand, as naked as she was.

"Not really." Faith smirked, patting the bed beside her. "Partly just glad I'm in here where it's warm, and not outside in the snow."

"I have cocoa..." He crooned, moving onto the bed, mugs held towards her.

Taking the cocoa from him, Faith grinned. "Now it's mine."

"Am I yours too?" He leaned closer, his stomach touching the comforter. It was an incredibly submissive position.

"Always, wolf boy." Faith whispered, putting the cocoa on the bedside table to pull him closer. She hugged him, forcing him into a less submissive position, and clung, still not used to anybody wanting to spend time with her for more than a night or two.

His hands slid over her skin, and he nipped lightly at her shoulders. "I won't abandon you, Faith. Never."

"You're almost perfect, Jason." She kissed him, trying to insist that those weren't tears trying to form in her eyes. She was Faith, she was the Slayer, she didn't cry. Really. "You're a bit broken, but so am I. But the broken edges fit together, so it'll be okay for us. I promise."

"Only a little broken." He murmured against her skin. "We're only a little broken, aren't we?"

"Only a little bit." Faith agreed. "And not where it shows."

Sometimes, you had to make the best of the hand fate dealt you. And sometimes, that hand wasn't too bad after all.

end Broken Inside.

The End

You have reached the end of "Man Enough?". This story is complete.

StoryReviewsStatisticsRelated StoriesTracking