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Man Enough?

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Summary: Jason has been watching a woman at Danse Macabre...

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Anita Blake > Faith-Centered > Pairing: JasonLucindaFR152975045,83416 Dec 0331 Dec 04Yes

Man Enough?

Author: Lucinda

contains sexual innuendo and a nightclub.

main characters: Jason, Faith

disclaimer: I hold no legal rights to any characters from 'Buffy the Vampire Slayer' (creation of Joss Whedon & a whole lot of other people who aren't me) or from the Anita Blake novels, creation of Laurell K. Hamilton.

distribution: Jinni's Quickfics, Paula, anyone else please ask.

notes: response to Jinni's Weekly Poetry Challenge (week 3, Poetry Quote below). Set post-season 4 BtVS, less certain for AB.

"SHE walks in beauty, like the night

Of cloudless climes and starry skies;

And all that’s best of dark and bright

Meet in her aspect and her eyes:

Thus mellow’d to that tender light

Which heaven to gaudy day denies."

-- She walks in beauty, Byron

She was beautiful, in the same sort of way that a lounging panther was beautiful. Her dark hair fell in ripples, her skin covered sleek and strong muscles, and she had this... attitude. One that said she was the top of the pecking order, and if you really were dumb enough to argue, she'd show you why.

Part of him wanted to know why. Part of him just wanted to roll over and have her... well, he had a whole list of things he'd love to do with her, and he'd welcome any suggestions. Especially if they involved nudity and skin contact.

Jason didn't know why she was here, at Danse Macabre, or why she'd even came to St Louis, considering that her accent placed her as coming from Boston or there abouts. But considering the way she danced, or even just loitered around, he didn't much care. Granted, there were other people that wore less, in some cases a lot less, but... Those tight leather pants, the boots with heels solid enough to use as a weapon, and the sheer shirt over a black lace bra... he felt like throwing back his head and howling. He hadn't, but only because he didn't want to freak her out or get tossed from the club. Being the owner's pomme de sang could only let him get away with so much, after all.

Finally, it occurred to him that there were more productive things that he could do than stand here, watching her from across the club. He could try... talking to her. Running his hands over the net shirt and the cut out leather pants, he sauntered over towards her, gazing up slightly to meet her eyes. Dark, gorgeous sexy eyes. "Hi. I'm Jason, and I thought maybe I could..."

"Come over here and flirt instead of staring at me from over there?" Her teasing interruption might have chased away someone else.

With a small shrug, he grinned at her. "Basically."

She laughed, her eyes sparkling like dark pearls. "And the fact that I haven't left with some other half naked stud isn't telling you something?"

"Tells me they weren't what you were looking for." He shrugged, letting his blue eyes meet her dark ones. "Maybe I'll have better luck?"

She leaned forward, one burgundy painted nail pressing into the dip under his throat. "What if I said I play a bit rough?"

Jason felt a little rumble in his chest, as close as a wolf could come to a purr. Other parts of him were reacting as well. "Is that supposed to scare me away? That won't work too well in this club."

She stepped closer, her body brushing against his. "Hmm... Maybe you're right. Think you're man enough to handle me?"

"I'd love to find out." He leaned forward, his hands ending up on the wall beside her. If he were taller, it would be looming, as he leaned closer, breathing in her scent, the leather, and her own obvious interest.

She moved forward, her body now pressed against him, and certain to feel just how interested she had him. She nipped his earlobe, hard enough to sting, but not enough to draw blood. Her words were barely more than a breath of shaped air. "Maybe I should ask if you're wolf enough to keep me satisfied?"

Jason could feel his body trembling with a mix of excitement, lust and intimidation. She was definitely a dominant personality. "Want to find out?"

"Yeah, let's leave this place. We can find somewhere more... private." Her smile was full of promises.

"I know just the place." Jason could barely wait. Tonight was going to be something.

end Man Enough?
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