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Cursed in Hollywood

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This story is No. 2 in the series "Dawn and Richard's Awesome Adeventure". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Not only did they hop an ocean, Dawn and Richard hopped a dimension as well! Can they find their way back home? Either home?

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Anita Blake > Dawn-Centered > Pairing: RichardDearestDrusillaFR1545,8892185,4807 Apr 1115 Apr 11Yes

Daddy's Girl

“Ah! A bed!”

Dawn all but pounced onto the fluffy mattress of goodness. Sleeping in a cave this past week was not her idea of fun. She supposed it was a good thing Wolfram and Hart existed in this world, even if they were the penultimate of all evil, without them she and Richard would be stuck living in the Bronson Caves.

“How exactly do you know the CEO of a law firm?” Richard asked as he began stripping his clothes off and walking towards the bathroom.

“An interdimensional law firm,” Dawn corrected and she enjoyed the soft blankets. “You remember Buffy's boyfriend Angel?”

“I remember hearing about him,” Richard called as he turned on the shower. “And what do you mean interdimesional?”

“He's the CEO of Wolfram and Hart. It's a law firm that spans the multiverse,” Daw replied as she sat up and made her way into the bathroom. He had the shower curtain wide open as he stood in the spray, but the shower/ bath was really the entire room. “They're putting this on Angel's bill.”

“They can get us home then?”

Dawn admired her view for a moment before answering. “No, they're actually evil Lawyers. So far as they're concerned I'm just the bosses kid having a joyride with her...” Dawn stopped. She'd never actually thought about what she and Richard were. “Richard...what are we?”

She was asking him that now? Richard rinsed his eyes before looking at her. She really was asking him that now. “You're my mate.” She furrowed her brows slightly at that and he stepped out from the spray to loop his arms around her. “Dawn, in nature, wolves mate for life. Forever until one of them dies. Werewolves are that much more intense, one mate in their entire lives, never taking another.”

“So I'm your mate?” Dawn asked, looking up at him with doe eyes.

“Yeah, and last time I checked, I was immortal.” Richard started stripping his goddess and pulling her into the shower. “I love you Dawn, so much more than I thought possible.”

“I love you too Richard.”


“I'm clean, I'm fed, I'm in love, Life is good.”

“It really is.”

The two were intterupted fro their cuddling by the sound of their suite's doorbell.

“I fucking hate people,” Richard growled as he sat up and walked to the door. He ddn't bother putting on pants. He was in an alternate dimension, and if someone was going to interrupt his cuddles after he'd finally regained human form, then they were going to get a face full of-

“What?” he growled, opening the door to someone in a business suit.

“Mr. Zeeman?” the lawyer asked. “I'm from Wolfram and Hart, we have a slight problem.”

“What sort of problem?” the ulfric asked, leaning against the door frame and blocking Dawn from view. She hadn't bothered dressing either, though she was a bit more tired.

“A werewolf problem, we have a rogue in LA that needs to be taken care of rather quickly. He's already killed two families of four and seven others.” The lawyer pulled a file from his briefcase and handed the manilla envelope to Richard. “If you could take care of this little problem, we'd be happy to make the next destination of your honeymoon more comfortable.”

The ulfric almost told him he wasn't married. But he was mated and that meant far more. “All I have to do is take out this rogue?”

“Yes sir,” the lawyer nodded. “You'll find that the branches of Wolfram and Hart are less...cut-throat than the main office. We'll have your luggage brought up tomorrow night while you're hunting. Good Day Mr. Zeeman.”

Richard shut the door without saying goodbye, hoping that Dawn wasn't asleep yet, at least not too asleep.

“Tea for two, but you're three, and threes not fucking invited.”

She was asleep. Damn. Maybe he should look through that folder the lawyer gave him to find out who exactly he was supposed to be hunting tomorrow. The ulfric grabbed a beer from the mini fridge and sat at the table with his 'homework'. There were pictures inside of both human and wolf form. A man with scraggly dark hair was featured in several candid shots, each time looking incredibly mean hearted and cruel, as well as having one mugg shot in the file. Four angry slashes covered his face, turning his mouth into a sneer while cold blue eyes were glaring dangerously at the camera.

Richard moved to the beast form next. The beast was a grayish silver color, almost blue, and at least seven feet tall. As Richard continued to study it, he remembered what Dawn had said about his shift last ngiht. A humanoid beast from a horror movie was snarling on the page, raging on the populous and killing everything in its path. Richard took a swig from his beer before reading up on the man's bio.

Jared Morrowitz had come over from Poland at the beginning of the month, right after the full moon. According to his file he'd been rampaging back home before coming stateside to flee his pack's justice. Because of that, he was now Richard's problem, and by proxy, Dawn's.

Dawn wasn't going to like this at all. He'd explained pack law to her once before and it had confused her immensely. The amount of violence made her uneasy and she didn't want to get into fights to prove herself. But she understood that it was something that had to be done, even if she didn't get the Why of it. And she was willing to do it to keep Richard, that much he knew just from watching her around the slayers. Even before he'd explained the mate bit to her earlier that night, even before he was in his human form, Dawn had been incredibly possessive of him.

But how was he going to explain to her that he needed to hunt someone down in the morning?


“I told you they were an evil law firm,” Dawn sang as she looked into store windows in the morning. She had a copy of Angel's credit card in her purse. The one Wolfram and Hart kept for him in this dimension in case he made a surprise visit.

“I thought you were kidding.” Richard felt much better now that he wasn't wearing surfer clothes...not baby blue and pink surfer clothes at any rate. Now he was wearing a pair of shorts in dark blue with white piping and laces. A wave logo was on one of the legs, along with the brand name. A white tank top had replaced the smiley face and his hair was hanging loose so it could dry. He had brown leather flipflops on his feet too, a serious step of from baby blue.

“Nope, so why exactly are we hanging around the pier?” Dawn bumped against him as they walked hand in hand. She was wearing shorts too, a soft tan pair that showed off endless legs and barely peeked out from beneath her loose white tunic. Her sandals were a bit more frivolous than his, lacing around the calf with light green ribbons.

“This guy has been making his way towards this area,” Richard answered her as they explored. “I'm hoping we can take him out tonight before anyone else gets hurt. Plus, your 'dad's' flunkies are setting us up with a care package before we jump do they even know about that by the way?”

“Apparently they made a deal with Creeper back home,” Dawn spoke softly, leaning closer to her wolf, she continued when she felt his arm wrap about her waist. “They gave him a power boost in exchange for something. The slime ball threw a disruption spell at us, trying to destroy whichever spell you'd apparently lain on me.”

“I didn't cast any spell,” Richard complained as he glowered at a few men eying Dawn; they scurried away quite quickly. “So his spell is doing what exactly?”

“There was no spell for it to stop, so it disrupting my power to making portals and your lycanthropy. .. According to the mages in the office, we're going to keep randomly jumping to dimensions with lycans until the spell wears off.”

Richard looked ahead of them and Dawn smiled, knowing he heard her, he was just thinking things over in his mind. He did that sometimes. It hadn't been as noticeable when he was her pony wolf, but she had always known it was there. Now that he was human shaped, she could see a little tick in his brow.

“Let's grab some lunch,” Dawn finally chirped, spotting a decent surf and turf place. “Fill your belly before you go a-hunting.”

Richard cracked a smile before following her into the resturant. He hadn't caught the scent anyways and thinking about Creeper just made him angry. Angry that he hadn't killed the bastard when he had the chance, angry that the hadn't taken the spell instead of Dawn, just fairly angry.


Richard stopped mid chew as he leaned up and sniffed the air.

“Is he here?” Dawn asked.

Richard swallowed before nodding. “Yeah, a few miles off.”

“He's not going to rampage in broad daylight is he?”

She watched him shake his head tot he negative as he took a drink of his beer. “No, he'll wait til ngiht falls. It'll cause less of a panic, less chance of being seen.”

“Well someone's turned into a detective,” Dawn grinned over the rim of her glass. “Next thing you know we'll be traveling the universe solving problems.”

“I somehow doubt that,” Richard laughed. He picked up his fork once more as Dawn continued to tease him and come up with elaborate escapades from alternate dimensions. The more she talked, the more her consort started choking on his steak, trying in vain to hold back his laughter. It finally got to the point that he'd stopped eating to avoid choking.

“And there's going to be a Brent and Butterfly in every universe we go to!” Dawn finally gasped out as Richard held his stomach.

“Stop,” he got out, “Jesus...oh god....You've been living in a castle way too long.”

“I blame the schools,” Dawn grinned at him. “After all, I only graduated this year.” Richard choked on his beer and Dawn had the feeling she might have said something wrong.

“You're how old?”

“Seventeen, well, technically this body is three and my essence is eons old,”

“Seventeen...” Richard leaned back in his seat. His eyes were wide and a look of shock and guilt was writ across his face. “a kid...”

“I'm not a kid!” Dawn shouted. The diminutive goddess fixed the ulfric with a look of fury to make phobos cringe. “I haven't been a kid in my entire existence! Even when I was borne from the cold womb of Nyx I was never a child.”

“But you're body-”

“Is three years old,” Dawn cut him off. “I have seventeen years of mortality to my name, and yes, my body looks seventeen, but it's going to look that way for the rest of eternity because it's looked that way for centuries!”

“So you're going to be a kid for the rest of our lives?”

Dawn threw her napkin down in a cold fury and stood from her seat. “Fine, if I'm just a kid then I'm going to throw a childish fit and go back to the room. Then again 'Dawn' isn't even real so you shouldn't care too much, should you?”

Richard was slightly stunned as Dawn walked out of the restaurant and into the moving throng of people. Willow was right, men were idiots. God what a jerk! Pushing her way through the crowd, Dawn had to curse at a few people to get them to move, one man in particular being especially stupid as she stormed through the crowd.
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