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Cursed in Hollywood

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This story is No. 2 in the series "Dawn and Richard's Awesome Adeventure". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Not only did they hop an ocean, Dawn and Richard hopped a dimension as well! Can they find their way back home? Either home?

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Anita Blake > Dawn-Centered > Pairing: RichardDearestDrusillaFR1545,8892185,4807 Apr 1115 Apr 11Yes

Chapter One

((I do not own B:tVS, AB:VH, Wes Craven's Cursed, or any other part of pop culture reffered to in this work of fiction. I do own Brent and Butterfly.))

Dawn recognized this park now.

It was in Batman and Star Trek and all sorts of other films. It was also in Los Angeles, California as opposed to Castle Summers, Scotland! Dawn decided to let out a sigh as Richard took her deeper into the Bronson Caves. On the upside there wouldn't be any hapless humans around. The park closed relatively early, but this was LA and there might be a film crew somewhere in the park or drug dealers or any manner of things.

Finally Dawn was dumped onto the ground by the primal wolfman.


He-Wolf looked at her for a few moments before sniffing the air once more. He didn't seem very concerned with the comfort level offered by dirt. Stupid boyfriend with his stupidly pretty coat dumping her on the stupid ground and then running off like a stupid.

Wait...why did he run off?

“What the hell?” Dawn asked as she stood from her spot. Richard had taken off like a rocket over something leaving her all alone in the dark creepy cavern. It hadn't been so creepy when she had a scary monster to keep her safe, but now that he was gone she was downright terrified. There were bugs! And snakes and bats and all manner of gross! And bums might be just outside, waiting to come in and make her feel bad or Jehovah's witnesses standing just outside with angry looks or-

“Richard!” Dawn may have overdone it when she tackled the recently returned werewolf.


Dawn opened her eyes and sucked in a breath.

There was a man fast asleep beside her. A very handsome man with soft brown hair falling over a sculpted face and tanned skin. One of his arms was thrown across her waist and a leg was tangled in between her own.

“What the hell?” she whispered, poking said man in the forehead. He was real alright.

“Quit it,” he mumbled. The handsome man had Richard's voice. Dawn poked him once more before lifting one of his eyes lids. It was glaring at her slightly. “Quit it.”

“Richard?” Dawn asked.

“Sleepy,” Richard grumbled, trying to blink his eye.

“Richard,” Dawn spoke in her most teacher-y voice. “You are people shaped.”

“What?” Richard asked, finally managing to shut his eye.

“You appear to be human!” Dawn shouted finally. “As in you have hands and furless skin and a human body!”

Richard bolted up from his spot and looked at Dawn for a sleepy moment before looking down at himself and his very human hands. He blinked several times with sleep furrowed brows before looking at Dawn and blinking once more.

“I'm human?”

Dawn had to smile, leaning forward and placing a hand on his cheek. He had stubble from a month of not shaving, though his skin was warm as he pressed his face into her hand.

“You're human shaped,” she smiled. “You've always been my Richard.”

A lecherous grin spread across his face. “Well since I'm human shaped...”


“Thank you, so much,” Dawn gushed. She and Richard had been lucky to run across two campers when they finally exited the cave. And after some quick thinking on Richard's part, they'd come up with the story that they're friends had stolen all of their gear in the night.

“Ah, not a problem tiny D,” Brent the surfer boy smiled goofily at them. “Butterfly and I are happy to help fellow nature lovers.”

“Totally,” Butterfly smiled. “May the goddess be with you on your journeys.”

The two hippie-surfers bowed in a prayer before walking away. Brent playing his guitar as Butterfly danced and sang a funny sort of song. Dawn smiled at the two, wishing them safety and health on their journey, then she looked at Richard and tried not to giggle.

“Shut up,” Richard grinned when she broke into full blown laughter.

He was wearing a pair of floral surf shorts covered in pink and white hibiscus flowers. Thankfully they were set against a black background, giving him some sense of masculinity. But he was also wearing a baby blue surf shirt with a large smiley face on it and a pair of baby blue flip flops. The clothes smelled greatly of pot, but they were in good shape all things considered. Richard had even been given a band to keep his hair out of his face. Thankfully it had been a brown one that blended in with his hair.

“At least you match,” Dawn snickered.

“So says the worlds newest fairy,” Richard smirked as he looped an arm around Dawn's waist and pulled her over to his side.

Dawn wasn't wearing a whole lot, but it had a bohemian feel to it rather than the BDSM look Richard had been used to for so long. A spring green skirt hung in great sweeps from her hips, showing off Richard's attentions from earlier, before bleeding to forest green the closer it got to the ground. Dawn's halter top was a glorified scarf, tiny mirrors glinting in the sunlight as they walked while tassels tickled her skin.

Butterfly had also decided to braid a few beads and feathers into Dawn's hair when she politely declined her shoes. Butterfly had only smiled and nodded, understanding Dawn's 'need to be closer to mother'. Brent meanwhile offered Richard a bottle of water and some organic granola bars, telling Richard how to get back to the main road and pitying them for having such 'bogus hombres'.

“So, when we get back to the main road, we bum a ride off of the first people we meet and get our bearings. After that, we find some sort of job and rent a room from a hotel?”

“Right,” Dawn nodded. “Failing that, we go find Butterfly and Brent.”

“That's not even funny,” Richard grumbled as he scooped Dawn up. “I see the road, I'm gonna dash us over.”
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