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Into the Darkest of Hearts

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Summary: When four Hogwarts students find themselves trapped in a Death Eater’s dungeon they expect a quick death. None of them expected the true horrors that lurk in the heart of their captors. Dark!fic.

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Harry Potter > Non-BtVS/AtS StoriesJmariaFR1854,826043,2948 Apr 1111 Jun 13No

The Sacrifice

Title: Into the Darkest of Hearts
Author: Jmaria
Rating: FR-18
Disclaimer: I own nothing. J.K. owns her people, I just make up the circumstances.
Spoilers: Set post HBP, au!DH obviously (just because the movies are out, you can’t make me believe it’s true)
Summary: When four Hogwarts students find themselves trapped in a Death Eater’s dungeon they expect a quick death. None of them expected the true horrors that lurk in the heart of their captors.

Into the Darkest of Hearts
Two: The Sacrifice

Millicent’s body shook on the rack as the whip slashed against her skin. Blood seeped from the wounds that had been kept from healing naturally by the magic spell the Lefu bitch had cast upon her. A sharpened fingernail dragged through the blood welling from the most recent lashings. Millicent ground her teeth together at the painful stab.

“Tsk, tsk, little half-breed, I can taste the filthy mudblood in you,” Madame Lefu spat Millicent’s blood back at her, the nasty mix slowly dripping down her chest.

“Let me guess, it tastes like chicken?” Millicent sneered, pretending as if this wasn’t the most pain she’d ever been in.

“Brave words. Surely, you must have gotten them from your pathetic Momma? I did enjoy Emilia’s screams. But I must say, yours are much more satisfying,” Madame Lefu traced her bloodied finger down Millicent’s cheek. When she tried to jerk her head away, Lefu dug her nails into Millicent’s cheek and chin, keeping her head facing the mad woman. “Now, we wouldn’t want our actions to reflect badly on your little friends in the pens, would we? Such a shame it would be to sully ourselves with the blood of those most pure.”

“You’re just scared of Marcus,” Millicent spat, jerking her chin free. Four new bloody welts appeared across her chin and cheeks, and she didn’t even wince. “And Luna’s a spitfire, if Derrial’s dangly bits and improved walk prove anything.”

“And wittle Longbottom? Is he such a threat?”

Millicent only glared at the bitch. She wasn’t going to give in so easily. Not to the woman who had tortured her mother to death in this very home - in her family’s ancestral home. This bitch had stolen everything from her. Her father’s sanity, her mother’s life, her home. Lefu had imprisoned Millicent’s only reliable relation, the girl Millicent had sworn to her best mate that she’d protect, and the boy she’d secretly watched with fascination for the last two years.

“Ah, no stunning words of praise for the inept son of such great heroes. That’s very telling,” Lefu snickered.

“He’ll gut you with a spoon if he gets the chance,” Millicent narrowed her eyes. “Not that you have to worry about him.”

“Oh, you’re going to be the one to end me, hmm?” Lefu smirked, and Millicent felt her stomach drop. “I do think the two of you will be too occupied for that to come to pass.”


Another round of screams jolted Neville out of his disjointed sleep. Luna pushed harder against her cage’s bars, and Marcus paced like a trapped beast.

“They should have gotten their kicks by now and tossed her down with us,” Neville murmured. “We weren’t up there that long before they got bored with us.”

“That’s because she was doing forget-me spells on you and distraction spells,” Luna whimpered, slamming her fist against the bars. “Damn bars!”

“It doesn’t make any sense.”

“She’s getting louder,” Marcus grunted. “Stubborn idiot.”

“Take that back,” Luna whirled on him.

“She’s egging them on, Lovegood. Telling them how clever she was and how stupid they are,” Marcus growled. “She’s still buying us time! Even after what that bitch did to her mother, Millicent is still protecting us from that!”

“I don’t understand.”

“Millicent’s a half-blood,” Luna glanced over at Neville. “Her mother was a Ravenclaw and rich. Her father needed the money to fix this place.”

“Aunt Em loved him, and Millie. He knew what the plan was for the muggle-born and half-bloods. He had a plan of attack, but Lefu escaped whatever hellhole she was in and struck first,” Marcus glanced over at the cell across the way.

Neville hadn’t even noticed it until that very moment. An older wizard sat hunched over with his hands at his sides. His wrists were dark, and two pools of congealing liquid brushed his knuckles.

“They killed her in front of him, didn’t they?” Neville stared at the lifeless body of Mr. Bulstrode.

“They raped her first,” Marcus murmured.

“Oh, gods,” Neville shut his eyes.

“He lost his damn mind, and Millie made sure he forgot it all. She snuck in here and did so many damn forgetfulness spells that he was a shell. And she did her forget-me spells on him so they wouldn’t hurt him any more.”

“So when you two were captured, she did them straight from the start,” Luna said quietly.
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