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Into the Darkest of Hearts

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Summary: When four Hogwarts students find themselves trapped in a Death Eater’s dungeon they expect a quick death. None of them expected the true horrors that lurk in the heart of their captors. Dark!fic.

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Harry Potter > Non-BtVS/AtS StoriesJmariaFR1854,826043,2948 Apr 1111 Jun 13No

Three: The Consequence

Title: Into the Darkest of Hearts
Author: Jmaria
Rating: FR-18
Disclaimer: I own nothing. J.K. owns her people, I just make up the circumstances.
Spoilers: Set post HBP, au!DH obviously (just because the movies are out, you can’t make me believe it’s true)
Summary: When four Hogwarts students find themselves trapped in a Death Eater’s dungeon they expect a quick death. None of them expected the true horrors that lurk in the heart of their captors.
A/N: Adult themes ahead!

Into the Darkest of Hearts
Three: The Consequence

Another heavy slap jerked Millicent’s head to the left. Her throat was raw from screaming, but her eyes were bone dry. No way in the seven hells would she cry in front of these degenerates. She’d let herself bleed dry first.

“Hmm, whatever shall we do to our little toys down in the chest, dearie?” Madame Lefu admired her handiwork and tipped her head in her son’s direction.

“Bind the little bitch and breed a full blood on her.”

“That would solve one problem.”

“You think you have that much time?” Millicent laughed at him. “He needs a mother’s love to get that useless prick of his up, don’t he?”

Derrial’s face went purple with outrage, but Lefu cackled. She let his wand do more damage to Millicent, his fists pounding against her flesh when that wasn’t a visceral enough punishment for her words. Then she crooned to her little pit viper and gave him a incestuous and nauseating kiss.

“My boy’s made after his own father’s image, and he had no trouble in that department, I assure you,” Lefu’s eyes were heated as she dragged a finger down her son’s chest. Millicent gagged at the sight. “But no, darling. I don’t trust you in the cage with that little cunt.”

“Spoil all my fun?” Derrial’s pout was even more nauseating.

“Oh, never, dearest. But she’s right, we haven’t much time left in our little love nest,” Lefu smirked. “And I’ve a better punishment for this little bitch.”


“She’ll get to be with her precious little troupe. But not without a hex to keep them occupied.”

Millicent stiffened as Lefu turned to her, wand outstretched.


The last shriek of pain was cut off abruptly, and all three heads in the dungeon swiveled to face the stairwell. Luna’s hands tightened around the cold bars, her fingers turned white with the pressure. Neville let his head dip down in defeat. Marcus’s hand smashed against the heavy stone wall in frustration.

Less than ten minutes later, they heard the door to the dungeon creak open. Marcus leapt forward, yanking Luna back and behind him in their cell. Her fists balled against his back, out of reflex or need to do some damage, he wasn’t sure. The same spell of stillness snapped the three prisoners stiff as they heard Derrial’s heavy steps on the stairs followed by an ominous thud. Moments later, they realized what it had been.

Derrial came to a dead stop in the doorway, his arm stretched back behind him. Millicent was dragged into view, Madame Lefu smiling cruelly down at her victim. She turned that venomous smile on the other prisoners while Derrial dealt with the keys.

“My, my, look at my handiwork. I did a marvelous job, didn’t I, darling?” She nodded to Mr. Bulstrode’s body.

“Yes, Mother.”

“Now, how shall we play this?” she clapped her hands together and turned back to her live victims. “I do like the rooming situation as it is. Well, bind her hands to the bench in Longbottom’s cell, Derry.”

“Not the other’s?”

“Merlin, no! He’ll spoil the fun too quickly, won’t he?”

“Hmm,” Derrial shrugged, unlocking Neville’s cell. Millicent finally reacted, her hands jerking out to grab onto her father’s bars while she lashed out at Lefu with her feet. Derrial roared as his mother pranced away from the blow, his fist beating down into Millicent’s face. “Stupid little cunt! Don’t sully your betters.”

Marcus’s body shook with impotent rage, nearly throwing off the spell as Luna whimpered behind him. Neville couldn’t believe the blows the man rained down on the girl who’d tried to save his life. Her body shook with pain and Neville wished the spell would just pop free for a second so he could snap up the blade on Lefu’s belt and gut the both of them.

“Enough. Bind the silly bitch and end this, son!” Lefu commanded.

Derrial yanked Millicent’s arms up and bound them with heavy iron shackles. Then the cruel bastard dragged her into Neville’s cell by them. Her hip slammed into the door, catching her up for a moment. Soon she was out of the line of sight of her fellow prisoners. He spelled the chain into the stone of the bench and let her arms drop heavily to the ground. He muttered something too low for the others to hear and then slapped down heavily on her crotch. Millicent shuddered and slowly curled in on herself as he slammed the cell door shut again.

“Well, you’ve all been most entertaining, but I’m afraid I can’t stay in this provinceal little haven any more. Enjoy your little time bomb,” Lefu cackled as she followed her son up the steps again, the spell dropping from the prisoners the second the heavy door slammed shut.


Her body shook with the compulsion but she was too fucking exhausted to carry out the twisted command. She’d spent so long fighting against them that she had nothing left to fight on. She flinched when Longbottom, who’d been rising from the bench crashed back onto it, jarring her arms.

“Millie!” Luna cried out, crouching down on the dank cell floor, her slender arm snaking through the bars to reach out for her. But Derrial had placed her out of reach of the neighbors in the other cell. That way, any decision that had to be made about her would rest solely on Longbottom’s shoulders. “Merlin, what did they do -”

“I’ll slit him open with a dull knife,” Marcus growled out, his eyes catching on his cousin’s. “Did he -”

“Couldn’t stop fondling his mother long enough to do it,” Millicent rasped out around her bloodied lips. “Got Bell and Zabini out.”

“Damn fool, should’ve gotten you out too.”

“Couldn’t. Luna was still missing.”

“Help her up, Neville,” Luna still had her hand out to Millicent, trying harder to reach the injured girl.

“No!” Millicent shrank from his touch.

Neville had risen from the bench by then, his hand hovering over her body. Marcus’s jaw tightened as he shared a look with the younger man. Luna’s hand stilled.

“Time bomb. What did she do to you, Millie?” Luna asked quietly over the growing silence.

“Would’ve been better in your cell,” Millicent muttered against the stone floor. “Would’ve ended it quicker.”

“Millicent - what did -”

“Longbottom’s got to kill me.”
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