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Into the Darkest of Hearts

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Summary: When four Hogwarts students find themselves trapped in a Death Eater’s dungeon they expect a quick death. None of them expected the true horrors that lurk in the heart of their captors. Dark!fic.

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The Prison

Title: Into the Darkest of Hearts
Author: Jmaria
Rating: FR-18
Disclaimer: I own nothing. J.K. owns her people, I just make up the circumstances.
Spoilers: Set post HBP, au!DH obviously (just because the movies are out, you can’t make me believe it’s true)
Summary: When four Hogwarts students find themselves trapped in a Death Eater’s dungeon they expect a quick death. None of them expected the true horrors that lurk in the heart of their captors.
A/N: It gets darker, you’ve been warned.

Into the Darkest of Hearts
Four: The Prison

“Kill you - why would I kill you?” Neville asked, speaking in the long silence her words left.

“Mind you, the gates won’t magically pop open when you do,” Millicent rasped, her head resting lightly on her outstretched arms. “Doubt that’ll happen even if I do give in to the compulsion.”

“Millie, what -”

“I’m not doin’ it so it doesn’t matter,” Millicent’s eyes slanted to Marcus. “Tell him to kill me. There’s a loose stone in the corner of the cell. I carved it loose when Da hid me down here when they first took over.”

“Millicent, you dying is not a better alternative to whatever compulsion they put on you,” Luna still kept her hand outstretched to Millicent, grasping for her.

“You’ll be free soon enough. Blaise’ll come screaming back for you,” Millicent’s words hitched. “Just kill me!”

“I’m not -”

“Mil,” Marcus ground out. “What did that bitch command of you?”

“I’m not saying.”

“Millicent, damn you, just tell us!”

Her body seized up, shaking uncontrollably. Neville dove to keep her head from slamming into the stone floor and her body stilled. Marcus swore colorfully and Luna’s eyes got impossibly wider. Millicent gritted her teeth, her eyes shimmering with tears of pain and frustration as her body turned instinctually closer to him.

“They’ll just get worse until I give in or you kill me,” she couldn’t meet his eyes, which had Neville looking at the other two prisoners.

“Then give in, because what kind of arse would I be if I killed the girl who’s been saving my life since I was taken prisoner?”

“You don’t know what that other shoe is, Longbottom,” Millicent said thickly, her eyes closing in contentment as her exhaustion won out.

“You hold her until she wakes, Longbottom,” Marcus spat out. “You hold her tight if she even starts to shiver.”

“What’s the compulsion then?” Neville demanded, but moved her so her head was resting on his thigh. He would not let his mind wander to anything perverse because this girl had saved his life. He owed her more than his base needs. His Gran would have his head if he did anything less than noble.

“It’s Lefu. What do you think that bitch has planned for the girl who kept screwing with her?” Marcus bit out.

“Marcus would have ended it too quickly,” Luna repeated Lefu’s words. “Either by forcing Millicent to give in to the compulsion or by killing her outright. But Lefu wanted her to suffer. Merlin, I hope she dies a slow and extremely painful death.”

“He’s not killing her,” Marcus’ head snapped back to Neville, glaring him into submission. “You’re not killing her.”

“If it’s what she wants, Marcus -” Luna said shakily. “We owe her that.”

“She can get over it. I’ll do the memory wipe myself. I’m not letting her die,” Marcus growled out.

“Will one of you spell the damn compulsion out for me, because I can’t see what she’d rather not do over dying,” Neville yelled, his hand slipping to Millicent’s shivering body.



“It’s a sexual compulsion spell, Neville,” Luna’s eyes caught his through the bars. “You’ll have to have sex with her to break the compulsion.”


Blaise Zabini was pacing like a mad man. The owl was late. The post was late. Neither one of Millie’s communiqués had reached him. Shit had hit the proverbial fan. Katie Bell was glaring at the window from the safe house they were both in.

“We’ve got to go back and get them,” Katie groused.

“You tell that to those damned bastards in there,” Blaise snapped, glaring at her for a change. “The last I heard Lovegood still hadn’t been found.”

“If anyone could find her, Millie could.”

“Or Lefu did.”

“Don’t even wish that on them.”

“Do I look like I would wish that sadistic pair on either of them, least of all my best mate?” Blaise yelled. “I only left her side because you were injured and Millicent was trying to save Longbottom and Flint.”

“She -” Katie shook her head. “They’ve just got to be all right.”

“We are doing everything that we can,” an older, weary voice startled the two younger students. A scarred and injured Viktor Krum stood just inside the doorway, a heavily pregnant Nymphadora Tonks beside him. Krum had been Flint’s contact and the first one to warn them that something had been off with the Bulstrodes.

“We sent a scout up to the area,” Tonks shook her head. “We’re just spread too thin -”

“Bullshit. Send me back, I’ll go,” Blaise snapped.

“You know too much now,” Viktor stepped forward, his bulk clearly outstripping Blaise’s lean form. “It is too dangerous for you to be let -”

You’re questioning my loyalty now? After everything Millicent and I have done?” Blaise stepped right up to the Bulgarian, his anger burning through the room.

“Blaise was working against the Death Eaters,” Katie defended him. “He helped save me and he was searching for Luna -”

“To what end?” Viktor raised a heavy brow.

“You‘ve got to be joking,” Katie shook her head. “If we leave the girls there much longer, Merlin only knows what that witch will do to them.”

“They don’t care what that bitch does to some ex-Slytherins,” Blaise sneered. “Memory-wipe the location from me if your hideout is so damned important. But I’m going back to get them.”

“No, you’re not, Mr. Zabini,” Remus Lupin said, entering the room. “We’re not sending children back out into the war.”

“We haven’t been children since the war began, old man,” Blaise bit off.


The Lefus were sick bastards. That thought pounded over and over again in his head as Millicent’s body shook against his. She was better when he was touching her, so he’d reluctantly pulled her farther into his lap. The girl who’d watched her parents die hideously at their hands had to be raped by a compulsion spell that would kill her if it wasn’t fulfilled.

And he was the one who had to do the raping? He’d never done it. She’d probably never done it. Luna and Marcus fought constantly on what he should and shouldn’t do. Rape or murder. Either one would rip his soul to shreds.

“Just press your hand against my mouth,” Millicent’s labored words had his head jerking down. Her dark eyes stared up unfocused at him. “It’s better than rape.”

“I wouldn’t rape you,” Neville shook his head.

“No, the spell would make me rape you,” Millicent shivered, the movement unnoticed by Marcus and Luna who were still arguing. “I’m not a virgin. And the spell’s taken care of everything else.”

“I am,” Neville blurted. “I’ve never - Merlin, I’ve only snogged a few times. And there’s nothing to keep from getting pregnant.”

“Then it’s simple. Just put your hand over my mouth and don’t let up,” Millicent gritted her teeth.

“Don’t you even think it, Longbottom.”

“What if it’s deeper than that, eh?” Millicent struggled to turn her head, her eyes locking on Marcus. “Kill him afterwards? Just let him end it, Marcus. Let me go.”

“You are all the family I’ve got left,” Marcus’s voice was absolutely gutted, but his eyes were even more determined when they hit Neville’s. “You will do this and we will live with the consequences.”

The End?

You have reached the end of "Into the Darkest of Hearts" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 11 Jun 13.

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