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Different Dimension

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Summary: What if instead of Quor'toth, Connor was sent to a different dimension. One where he grows up to be considered a hero? What will happen when Angel finds him? Will he want to go with his father? Will Dumbledore let him go without a fight?

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Harry Potter > Angel-CenteredXanfanforeverFR1578,97312811,4178 Apr 1129 Dec 12No

Chapter 7

Twenty minutes later, the gang, plus Harry, were all sitting down to breakfast. Wesley had a map in front of him. “English, what are you doing?” Gun asked.

“Well, I figured the best place for us to start looking for Holtz and Connor would be where they ended up, so I’m searching the map for Godric’s Hollow,” Wesley said.

Harry immediately stopped eating and dropped his fork. “Godric’s Hollow?”

“You know where it is?” Angel asked.

“Well, not really, but I’ve been there. I lived there when I was a baby, before my parents died. You’re going there?” Harry asked.

Angel nodded. “Yeah, it looks like it. We have reason to believe my son was there at some point.”

“Would you… I mean, if it wouldn’t be too much trouble, could I go with you?” Harry asked hopefully. He’d always wanted to see the only place that had truly been his home and where his parents were buried. He would finally have the chance to say goodbye.

Angel hesitated. He wasn’t sure that was such a good idea. If he found Holtz in Godric’s Hollow, there was a good chance he would kill the man. The kid didn’t need to see him like that. But the desperate look in Harry’s eyes was breaking his heart. He simply couldn’t say no. “Sure.”

“I don’t think this is such a good idea, Angel,” Cordelia said as the gang walked back to Angel’s room. Harry had gone off to explore the hotel. “If we find Connor and Holtz, there’s bound to be some supernatural stuff revealed. Do you really think this kid can handle that?”

“Cordy, I couldn’t say no. Did you see the look in the kid’s eyes. He needs to do this. He needs to say goodbye,” Angel said.

“If you’re sure,” Cordelia said unconvincingly. It wasn’t that she had a problem with Harry getting this closure. She was just worried about what could happen if they found Holtz and had Harry with them.

“Well, I’m not, but like I said, I couldn’t say no,” Angel said as he opened the door to his room.

“So do we have a plan?” Fred asked as they all walked inside.

“Yeah. I’ll take Harry to say goodbye to his family and then we’ll find Holtz and Connor,” Angel said simply.

“That’s a plan?” Gun asked unimpressed.

“You got a better idea?” Angel asked before backing up right into Harry’s trunk and falling over it.

The others laughed at him.

Angel glared at his friends. “Oh, yeah, let’s laugh at the vampire.”

“Sorry, Angel, it’s just not often that we see you hurt yourself so easily,” Fred said still giggling.

Angel scowled before pulling himself up off the floor. He then picked up Harry’s trunk and began putting the things that fell out back in. Cordelia and Fred helped.

Cordelia came to a photo album that had fallen open. It had had a picture of a couple with a baby in it. The interesting part though was that the people In the picture were moving. “Um, okay, I may not be an expert, but I’m pretty sure pictures aren’t supposed to move.”

They all went over to her and watched in awe as the picture moved. “Okay, that’s weird,” Gunn said.

“It looks like I might have been a bit off when I said that maybe this world didn’t have the supernatural,” Wesley said.

“Yeah, this definitely looks supernatural,” Gunn said,

“Harry, might not be too bothered by the whole portal thing after all,” Cordelia said before closing the photo album.

Angel continued gathering Harry’s things up until all that was left was a stick.

“He carries a stick around?” Cordelia asked perplexed.

Angel picked it to see what it was when some sparks came out of it,

“Whoa!” Gunn yelled as he and Fred jumped out of the way as the sparks headed straight for them.

Cordelia regarded Angel cautiously. “Okay, Angel, just put the stick down.”

Angel slowly placed the stick on one of the beds. He too had been a bit startled by it.

Just then Harry walked in. His eyes widened as he got a look at his wand on the bed. “W…where’d you get that?”

“Angel tripped over your suitcase and it fell out. What is it?” Fred asked.

“N…nothing. Just an old stick. It’s a good luck charm,” Harry lied. He knew it probably sounded stupid, but they would believe him. There was no way of them knowing what it really was.

“A stick that shoots sparks of light out of it?” Gunn asked skeptically.

Harry’s eyes widened again. They’d used his wand? How could they? They were muggles, weren’t they? Had he trusted the wrong people? Could they be death eaters? No, that didn’t make sense. They wouldn’t have admitted to using his wand if they were trying to trick him into thinking they were muggles. Besides, they seemed to be surprised by what they did with it, though that didn’t make much sense. How could someone be magical and not know it?

“Harry,” Angel called, pulling the boy out of his thoughts.

Harry went over and picked up his wand. “Which one of you used it?”

“Angel,” Fred piped up.

Harry looked at Angel in awe. “You’re a wizard.”

“I’m a what?” Angel asked in shock. He’d heard him, but he knew there was no way he was a wizard.

Harry smiled. “That’s the same thing I said. You’re a wizard. Only witches and wizards can use wands.”

“Is that what that is?” Gunn asked.

“Okay, there is no way I’m a wizard. Wesley?” Angel asked. He figured if anyone would have any idea what was going on with him, it would be him.

“It’s possible that this world has a different effect on you, just as it did in Pylea,” Wesley said.

“What’s Pylea? What’s going on?” Harry asked.

Angel sighed and explained the situation to Harry. He figured there was no point keeping it a secret from the kid now. He obviously wasn’t a stranger to the supernatural.

“So you’re all from a different universe?” Harry asked in awe. If he were anyone else, he probably wouldn’t believe it, but he’d learned not to be surprised when strange things happened. His entire life was strange.

“Yeah. We came to find Connor and bring him home,” Fred said.

“Connor? That’s your son, right?” Harry asked Angel.

“That’s right,” Angel said with a pained look on his face.

“And you think he’s in Godric’s Hollow?”

“Well, that’s where English here said he landed, so we decided to start there,” Gunn said.

Just then an owl flew through the window and went straight for Harry.

“Okay, what is with the owls?” asked a startled Cordelia.

“It’s how we send letters in the magical world,” Harry said before taking the letter and watching it fly away. He immediately opened the letter and began to read it. Unsurprisingly, he found it to be from the ministry. “It’s another ministry letter. I’m not supposed to use magic outside of school.”

“Sorry,” Angel said guiltily. He certainly hadn’t meant to get the kid in trouble.

“It’s alright. There were already going to expel me anyway. Though if I don’t get out of here soon, they’ll find me and snap my wand for sure,” Harry said.

“Let’s go then. We’ve got places to be anyway,” Angel said.

Cordelia nodded. “We’ll go get our things and check out.”

The others nodded as well and followed her out.

The End?

You have reached the end of "Different Dimension" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 29 Dec 12.

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