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Revenge of the Vampire

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Summary: Xander seeks revenge against Buffy and the group for exiling him and turning him into the thing he hates the most.

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BtVS/AtS Non-Crossover > Dark > Xander-CenteredRazialFR181032,85756128,17810 Apr 1121 May 12No

Chapter One

Revenge of the Vampire

Author: Razial

Beta: Hawklan

Disclaimer: I do not own Buffy the Vampire Slayer or any other characters from the show. I also do not own any of the connected media they belong to Joss Whedon and anyone else who owns the rights.

Pairing: Xander/Tara

Summary: Xander seeks revenge against Buffy and the group for exiling him and turning him into the thing he hates the most.

Notes: This is AU for Buffy. Angel did not leave for LA and is now human thanks to Buffy and Amy doing a spell that switched his vampiric body with Xander's human one. Amy is not a rat, but a part of the group since the episode where the parents tried to kill their kids. Faith is also still a part of the group having been redeemed before the battle with the Mayor. Tara is slightly different than in canon to fit the story, in this she is bi and not a straight lesbian.


A big thank you to cloudleonsgurl for her fanart. You can find this one and other great ones here:

Chapter 1

(Sunnydale Wilton Graveyard, Night Time)

Xander Harris leaned against the tree he was currently perched on and watched as Buffy Summers and her friends patrolled the graveyard they were currently in. He recalled how he used to be a part of the group doing all he could to help them. But not anymore, now he was a damn vampire and it had not been by choice or even just cause he had been stupid and gotten caught out late. No, magic had turned him into a vampire. Magic controlled by Amy Madison and ordered by Buffy herself.

It had all started during the damn crisis with Angelus when he had been forced to lie to Buffy to ensure the world kept spinning, Buffy had finally found out about it and gone mad, but in time it seemed she had come to terms with his choice and realised he had done it for the best. How wrong he had been, how stupid he had been to think she would let it go so easily and forget. As the next year progressed he had noted her attitude towards him had worsened and she had begun to push him out of the group. She saw him as useless, a liability at best. Giles, Amy, Oz, Cordelia hell even Willow had all agreed with her and aided her, saying they wanted to protect him from being hurt. Faith the new Slayer who had arrived to help them was the only one who did not think such things. He had grown friendly with her and even lost his virginity to her.

But she had a bad life, even worse than his own and by sleeping with her, he had cemented in her mind that he was like any other guy and after only one thing. Thus he was not able to stop her from her descent into the darkness after she had accidentally killed someone. This was after Angel had somehow returned from hell and Buffy welcomed him back as if nothing had happened.

Of course the others all fell into line and accepted this and after a brief attempt by Faith and himself on his life they had backed off as well. That was when, unknown to him at the time, Buffy, Amy and Giles had found an ancient scroll in a tomb that had been ransacked by some vampires. On the scroll was a spell of great power, it had the ability to transfer energy from one body to another. This included things such as vampirism and even disease, Buffy of course only had one idea for this spell and that was to turn Angel into a human by transferring his vampirism to someone else and thus make them into a vampire. Giles had refused to aide her and left, foolishly thinking that without his help Buffy would give up her idea. Of course he was dead wrong and Buffy had convinced Amy to aide her. Amy had begun to misuse her magic and had started to get corrupted from her exposure to black magic. Not surprisingly Buffy ignored the danger so consumed that she was by her need to have Angel as a human lover.

The fact she had chosen him to be her sacrifice was not really any surprise these days, he had been doomed from the moment she had learned of his lie. From what he had learned Angel had been all for it, seeing it as payback for his time in hell. The pain the spell caused him as it ripped his humanity from him was unlike anything he had felt before. He had suffered for what felt like hours, finally he had blacked out and when he had woken up he had found himself a god damn vampire. Unused to the new feelings cursing through his system he had ended up draining his father dry right in front of his mother. He had then done the same to her ignoring her screams of mercy. He had slept then only to wake that morning horrified by what he had become. He had hidden the bodies and then waited for it to go dark before going to see the gang. He had found Buffy and Amy waiting for him and from them learned of what they had done, he was then told to leave town and never come back or he would be staked. He had fled, during the next couple of months he had grown used to being a vampire and now he was back for revenge.

He had found an old Egyptian wizard who had helped him cement his soul in place as well as allow him to venture out into the sun for a few hours at best. He had also found another wizard this time a Chinese one who had found a way to ensure anyone he turned would keep their soul as well and this would be very useful in his revenge. He wondered why other vampires had not looked for such things before. Most likely they were already overcome by their blood lust due to the demon inside them. He was far more in control of himself than the demon, most likely due to the fact he had not been turned the normal way.

However he was no longer a nice guy, what had happened to him had burned away the goodness he had once had and he now planned to take control of Sunnydale, but only after he had dealt with his betrayers. As he watched the group fight two newbies he was surprised to see Faith join them with another girl and felt like he had been punched in the gut. That girl was beautiful. He had no idea who she was. She was not someone he had known before, but whoever she was he liked her. He watched as the vampires were staked and the group talked. He guessed Faith had been redeemed whilst he had been away.

He watched as the girl seemed to be very friendly with Willow and Faith, he wondered if he could use that to get close to her. Because if there was one thing he knew it was that he wanted that girl to be his, as the group moved off he followed, knowing neither Slayer would detect him thanks to the amulet he had purchased which kept his presence hidden even from magical means of detection.

On the ground Buffy listened as Faith told her how her patrol had gone with Tara, she was still uncertain around he fellow Slayer and was always wondering if she could actually be trusted. Giles and the others seemed to think she had redeemed herself after her fall last year, in which she helped the Mayor fight them. Angel at least listened to her and agreed to keep an eye on her. Sometimes she still could not believe he was human again, that the spell had worked way beyond what she imagined. It had also got rid of Xander who was now probably hiding somewhere afraid of her threat to stake him. When asked by Amy if she regretted what she had done to her former friend, she had turned and looked blankly at her and replied that she had done the right thing for her Angel. Amy had just nodded and walked away.

She looked at the group she led and wondered what they would say if they knew the truth about what she had done to make Angel human, Giles of course would have let the truth out of the bag had Amy not altered his memories. Tara and Willow would argue about the consequences of using such a spell, as well as the cruelty involved in inflicting vampirism on someone else, not that she cared about how Xander felt after he had made sure Angel had to be sent to hell. Faith would probably play hell as well as she had been friends with Xander and she still disliked Angel, even now that he was human. In the end she guessed it was best that only she and Amy knew the truth.

"Hey Buffy, you ok?" Willow inquired as she noted the distracted look on the blonds face. "I'm fine Willow, just a little tired," Buffy lied and only glanced at her friend. "I guess we better wrap this up before we head home," she decided. "Remember we have a long day tomorrow. All those damn test at the University," she reminded her friend.

"I remember, it should be fun," Willow gushed, looking forward to proving her intellect. "Geek," Faith teased, before pausing and glancing uneasily around, but she saw nothing. "You see something Faith?" Tara asked noting her friend's look. "No, but I have this gut feeling something is watching us," Faith replied as she kept looking around, but it was too dark.

"You're seeing things Faith," Buffy told her. "Let it go and keep going," she added with a shake of her head.

Up in the tree's Xander watched them walk away and as surprised Faith had sensed him even with the amulet. He would have to be careful around her from this point. He wondered why her senses were sharper than Buffy's before he remembered Faith was the active Slayer, no matter what Buffy thought she was only a ghost of the Slayer spirit. He should be glad Oz had left Sunnydale a month ago. He doubted it would work against werewolf senses considering how Faith seemed to pick him up. He followed the group to the end of the graveyard and watched as they split up, from there he found himself following Willow and the new girl as if drawn to her. They walked all the way to the University dorm. He had to kill another vampire who seemed intent on making them a snack. He broke the vampire's neck before punching his fist through its stomach. It dusted as he began to pull its heart out. Neither Willow nor her friend noticed him, as he wiped the blood of his hand and watched as they entered the dorms. He smiled as a plan began to form in his mind. Turning he headed back to the warehouse he had made his home, tomorrow he would ensure he met up with this girl and see if he could get close to her.


(Sunnydale Dorms, Next Morning)

Tara Maclay exited the dorm room she shared with her friend Jessica Nelson hoping to pop into town and get some things before classes began. The patrol the night before had run a little later than normal. Willow had kept her up for another ten minutes wanting to chat about magic after they had finished the patrol. Sometimes she wanted to tell her to just give the subject a rest, but she would rather Willow came to her for lessons than Amy, who gave her the creeps due to the heavy residue of black magic she could sense on her. She had tried to discuss this with Giles, but to very little affect. The close knit group would not hear her concerns.

As she entered town she began to grow aware of someone watching her, taking a quick look around her she soon noted a man about her age on the other side of the street. He was wearing a black trench coat, black jeans and t-shirt, had short black hair and brown eyes. Something about him sent a chill down her spine, but she couldn't tell if it was a good chill or a bad chill. She locked eyes with him for a few seconds, seconds in whom she saw pain, anger, and desire. Yet she did not look away because she also saw something else, she also saw wisdom. She finally looked away and entered the coffee shop to get a coffee and a sandwich, she failed to see the stranger cross the road and take up a position near the door.

Xander waited, knowing he would have to play this carefully if he wanted to get close to the girl, he also had to ignore the glare of the sun which irritated him, but thankfully the magic from the Egyptian wizard protected him from burning and would hold for at least five hours. He had to stop himself from moving from one foot to the other as he was nervous for the first time in a long while. What was this hold she had on him, he had only seen her for the first time last night and yet it was like she now clouded his mind. He shook his head and reminded himself he was here for revenge. He would have to keep his focus on that or he might end up being staked. Sudden movements at his side made him turn to see the girl pause at the door and take notice of him before turning away. However he noted a small smile pass her lips as she did so.

Tara felt the young man follow her and she headed for the magic shop for a few supplies, he was clearly interested in her and that sent another shiver down her spine in anticipation. It had been a while since she had a date, due to getting involved with Willow and her friends with the Slaying had taken a lot of her time. Maybe it was best to spend some time on herself for a short while before she burnt out. Glancing back at the young man she noted his eyes run up and down her body and a slow smile graced his features. This clearly told her he liked what he saw and that gave her a thrill of pleasure, she liked knowing she was attractive and whilst she was still skittish around men due to her background she did like guys now and again.

Finally she came to a dead stop just a few shops away from her destination and turned to face the young man who also came to a halt and looked slightly surprised. "Can I help you?" she inquired, doing her best to keep a smile of her face.

"I guess I deserved that after following you," Xander responded, letting out a small laugh and shaking his head. "I hope I did not make you nervous, but ever since I saw you last night I've been wanting to get to know you," he informed her.

"And when did you see me last night?" Tara asked put on guard by that statement, before relaxing somewhat when she remembered it was early morning right now and he was standing in front of her and suffering no ill effects from the sun.

Realizing his mistake and cursing his slip up Xander quickly thought up a cover. "I was walking home from the bronze, a little drunk when I saw Summers and her group walk by and there you were next to Rosenberg and it was like I had been hit by a truck," he told her. "I was going to try and talk to you right then, but considering it was night time I figured you might mistake me for something else and left it for today," he finished with his most charming smile.

Tara was surprised by the elusion to vampires as Buffy and the others always seemed to think people in Sunnydale were clueless to the truth. Clearly that was not the case and it was clear Buffy's group was known to some of the people in town. She wondered how many knew the truth.

"I see, and you would be?" she finally responded.

"My name is Alexander or Xander for short," Xander replied noting the slight frown this brought to the girl's face and wondered how much she knew about him and his past with the group if anything.

Tara found it odd for her suitor to have the same first name as Willow's former friend and what was even odder now that she thought about it was that he looked like him too. She had seen a picture taken during Buffy's first year in Sunnydale which he featured in. However, according to them, Xander had been a victim of a vampire, due to his own stupidity in trying to play the hero one night during patrol. She looked the young man over and noted the similarities between them. Yet how could he be the same person? As this guy was standing in broad daylight. She decided it must be just one of those things that happen in life. She had seen plenty of people who resembled other people, so she guessed this were just one more of those.

"My name is Tara," she finally told him, missing the relieved look that passed over his face. "So Xander, what do you do?" she inquired as she turned and headed to the magic shop, indicating he should walk beside her which he did.

"I'm in construction at the moment. Still learning the trade, but it's interesting," Xander lied easily having grown used to having to lie to people enough that he did not give himself away. "I didn't have the money to go to University and I didn't want to stay with my parents due to some bad history," he explained.

Tara almost came to a halt again as he let that bit of information out. It seemed that he might have had a similar experience as her own childhood. She glanced at him before she entered the magic shop and Xander followed her, missing the fact that Buffy and Angel were across the street walking towards Giles house. Neither saw the other as Buffy was too busy talking to Angel and Angel only missed him due to Buffy drawing his attention back to her as he looked around.
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