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Puck Winchester

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Summary: Or how the Council ruined Puck's life, got him a family, a girlfriend and a plan

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Television > GleeShulikFR18511,8023318,37810 Apr 1122 Jun 11No

Chapter 3

A/N: A huge thank you for all the reviews. They keep me smiling and they keep me writing.


The vaguely ominous feeling grows in horrifying proportions as Puck tries to figure out how to best fix the situation he’s in. How to keep it contained from becoming the clusterfuck it could so easily become, what with Evans moving stealthily closer to them- like a Bieber shaped, heat seeking missile and Shue acting like a damn fool at the front of the room.

Shue says something about emoting, waves his arms vaguely around, beams proudly at them all and tries to avoid staring at Faith’s boobs, which he’s so totally failing at, it’s not even funny.

Well it’s funny only a little bit.

“Noah,” someone hisses behind him and Puck doesn’t even have to turn around to know who it is, “psst, Noah!”

“What’dya want Berry?” he whispers back, just loud enough for her to hear but not loud enough for Shue to call him on it.

“Who are these people?” she whispers urgently back, continuing in her usual rambly tone, only whispering. “Because they don’t look like the sort of people you should be associating with. They’re wearing leather Noah, in a school.”

“Berry,” Puck tells her seriously, twisting around and eyeing her seriously, “are you high?”

“Noah,” Rachel sniffs haughtily and crosses her arms across her chest, making her boobs look awesome, “you know that I don’t do drugs.”

“Every day Berry, I kinda wish that you did,” Puck smirks and gives her a wink when she huffs and turns away from him, sneeringly turning her torso in Finn's direction. She’s wearing one of Puck’s favorite skirts today, blue and red checkers and teeny, tiny short- making her impossibly long legs seem even longer.

When Puck turns back to face the front, he feels Adam’s assessing gaze on him.

“What?” he snarls out, because this shit ain’t kosher, intruding on Puck’s life like nobody’s business, introducing themselves as fucking teachers for fucks sake.

“Nothing,” Adam beams back at him, bright green eyes glowing with a suspicious emotion that Puck’s too wired to properly think about. “Just, you know, I didn’t know.”

“You didn’t know what?” Puck frowns, not liking where this is going.

“You know,” Adam waves his hand around vaguely, somewhat horrifyingly in Berry’s direction, “about you guys.”

He gives Puck a grin that seriously makes him want to consider some fraternal violence pronto, “she just doesn’t seem like your type, is all I’m saying.”

“Oh yeah?” Puck would be horrified to discover that he’s growling over Berry, miss diva-fits and complete OCD-freak extraordinaire except that he’s not fully himself in the moment, “and what exactly is my type?”

Adam leans back and the look in his eyes when he studies Berry is enough to drive a lesser man to violence, but Puck’s a stud, and he’s in school and plus- he’s sure that Faith would start smacking heads if he attempted something stupid so he stays put. “Well, someone that sure as hell isn’t her.”

“I’ll have you know,” Puck points out, jabbing a finger at Adam’s chest with the unerring accuracy of an enraged Winchester, “that Berry’s the finest piece of ass in McKinley, she’s got wicked smarts, girl’s crazy like hell but she’s also driven and shit- I still have wet dreams about her cookies.”

“Welll…” Adam draws out and leans against the back of his chair, tilting his head back up at Rachel’s indecently long legs and short skirt, “when you put it like that, I think I see what you mean…”

“Don’t you dare,” Puck warns his brother, not thinking of him in very brotherly terms at all, seething with rage.

And then Adam like amps his shit up, a full on grin spreading across his face as he winks at Puck- “oh I dare.”

And sweet baby Moses, but Puck knows that Adam and Dawn aren’t really in the stage where she’s likely to castrate him for looking at someone a little too steadily (cough*Faith*cough), but does life really have to hate him that much that his brother starts liking Berry now too?

Wasn’t it enough that Puck’s best friend was pretty much in love with her like only last year?

“If you ladies are bored,” Faith leans over and hisses threateningly at them, “I’m sure you can start comparing dick sizes out in the hallway, but some of us are actually here to learn and shit.”

Puck makes a face of revulsion because ewwww and it’s totally alright that he’s channeling Sarah at this horribly distressing mental scenario. In fact, he shudders as he scoots his chair away from Adam’s, he’s probably traumatized from this, thank you Faith very much.

Of course, because the universe hates him and he must have offended Jew God earlier in the day-Shue chooses that moment to clue in that Puck’s going through a horrible mental trauma.

“I’m sorry Puck,” Shuester cocks his distressingly curly head at him and prompts with one of his gentle smiles, “did you want to share something?”

Sometimes Puck thinks that Sylvester has a point whenever she says that Shuester’s looks like a retarded golden retriever. It’s especially evident whenever he gets on one of his ‘benevolent teacher’ kicks and tries to like make the world full of sunshine and puppies.

“Yeah Puck,” Adam slants his head in what is clearly a parody of Shuester and smirks, the bright eyed bastard, “share with the class.”

Ohhhoho, there’s going to be Nair in someone’s shampoo tonight Puck thinks vengefully and sneers back at Adam before turning to Shue and shaking his head, “nah Mr. Shue, it’s all good.”

“Alright then,” Shuester nods before narrowing his eyes at Adam and Faith, who looks busy with adjusting her bra and simultaneously trying to text someone, “which school did you two say you were from again?”

“IWS Academy,” Faith says in a bored drawl, “we’re based in England but we’re building satellite schools all over the world.” She holds up her Blackberry, “You should google us.”

“No, no,” Shue shakes his head, looking a little bit like he’s afraid of offending her (good man), “I’m sure it’s a very good school… Just…. If you could refrain from distracting my students please? We still have Regionals to prepare for.”

“No problemo Teach,” Faith grins at him and slips her Blackberry out of sight before pushing her boobs out at him, “I’m just here to listen and learn,” she purrs.

Double ew, Puck mentally amends, watching as Shuester turns a bright red so fluorescent he probably glows in the dark. “Alright then,” he sputters and waves a hand in the air, “back to the plan.”

“Mr. Shue!” Rachel raises her hand and like bounces in her seat, “I have a question regarding the duet portion of the competition.”

And then she’s off, pittering high pitched about whatever’s got her all crazy and whatever. Puck lets the familiar sound wash over him.

“Dude,” Adam leans over again, “now I get it…” He tsks, “she’s certainly, perky- isn’t she?”

Puck fists his hands, so as not to throw down in the middle of Glee, especially with his brother and most definitely not over Rachel freaking Berry. It’d be ridiculous and unjustified, and most of all- it wouldn’t be him, so he doesn’t. Only bares his teeth in a faint approximation of a smile, more like a snarl really and tells Adam- “You lay one finger on Berry and I’ll make hamburger patty out of you.”

Instead of looking pissed like Puck knows he would be, or hurt or confused like Finn’d be- Adam instead looks just damned happy. Like Puck’s proven his point or something.

“Sure Noah,” Adam clicks his tongue and throws him a faint thumbs up, making sure that Shue still can’t see what they’re up to behind Mercedes’s back. “I won’t touch her,” he nods his head over behind them, “but can you guarantee that others won’t either?”

When Puck’s whirls around, it’s strangely enough Adam’s hand that keeps him from jumping up and yelling that not again, it’s not fucking fair and didn’t they just do this?

Finn’s got his arm on the back of Berry’s chair, leaning in slightly and whispering into her ear while Rachel’s just bending her head to him, dark hair falling forward and obscuring everything but the flush of her skin.

Goddamn it, didn’t she learn from the last time they did this? Didn’t she learn that nothing good ever came out of their little Finnchel episodes? Didn’t she just fucking learn?

“Come on man,” Adam murmurs low beside him and lightly bumps his knuckles against Puck’s shoulder, “you’re staring so hard, people are going to start noticing soon. Just look away and we’ll figure this shit out later.”

And then Faith flings her arm around his shoulders in a very uncharacteristic show of silent support. (He’s learned at least that much from knowing her for this short while, she’s not into the emotional form of PDA and while she may climb Sam up and down like a frigging trellis whenever she gets bored, it takes her at least a bottle of tequila to start holding his hand and two to start brushing his shaggy hair in public.)

She’s still looking straight ahead as she gives him her own, awkward version of a hug but her arm is tight and reassuring and her fingers are almost bruising. It’s one of the best hugs that Puck’s ever had.

And when Puck turns to look at Adam, raising his eyebrow in silent surprise- he sees his brother grinning widely in return, his regular smile, none of that bullshit Winchester smirking that they’re all so proficient in.

For the first time since meeting his brothers, Puck wonders about his dad. His real biological father- John Winchester.
It’s probably normal that Sam and Dean are so alike in their fucked-upedness. They’ve grown up together and from everything that Puck’s heard about their childhood- it wasn’t exactly a very Brady upbringing they had.

Still though, it accounts for the way they sometimes finish each other’s sentences, how comfortable they seem to be with one another, how much they rely on each other.

Hell, even most of their facial expressions tend to mirror each other.

But Puck and Adam? They didn’t grow up under Big Daddy Winchester’s proud parenting skills, they didn’t grow up with their brothers.

Hell- they didn’t even know they had brothers.

And yet, the more time they spend with each other and their older, much crazier siblings? The more Puck realizes how much of his little quirks and, he’ll kill himself before admitting this to someone else, but how much of their collective badassery has the same origin point.

Their father. The only parent all four of them share.

Puck loves his ma to death, but sitting in that moment with one of his recently discovered brothers on one side and a real life superhero on the other- he kind of wishes that he knew his father.

He wishes that he could have known the man that gave them all their sense of loyalty, their bullheadedness, their determination, their badassery.

Plus, Puck smirks to himself, if his sons are anything to go by- then John Winchester must have been one good looking motherfucker. (Literally.) He gets a sudden mental picture of bringing his whole, freakishly good looking family to glee- the chicks would probably swoon and shit, hell Hummel would definitely swoon if his reaction to Adam is anything to go by.

Somehow, this calms him down a bit and he manages to he sit through the rest of glee without strangling Finn and when Shuester gives them their assignments- he’s one of the first out the door, followed closely by Adam, Faith and an excitedly chattering Brittany.

“Noah!” he hears a painfully familiar voice behind him, all excited and shit and Puck maybe speeds up a little bit. He can’t watch her get all excited again, hopeful about her and Finn’s future together, waiting for the moment when Finn finally steps up and becomes the leading man that Rachel so desperately needs him to be.

“Noah, wait up!” There are oofs and grumbles now, like Rachel’s taken to using her bony elbows in order to get through the throngs of people in the hallway and Puck adds a little more speed because he’s probably having an allergic reaction to that Big Mac he had for lunch because he’s got a lump in his throat the size of a golf ball and he’s feeling a little dizzy with the need to get outside. Away from everyone and especially away from Rachel Berry.

“Come on dude,” Adam grabs his elbow and steers him through the doors and behind him, he can hear Rachel’s loud exclamation of surprise and Faith’s strident tone as she intercepts Crazy-

“Excuse me, are you the Rachel Berry? The Myspace star, future Broadway legend and future Tony winner?” It’s pretty obvious how thickly Faith is laying it on but Rachel’s never been one for catching blatant lying to her face, exhibit Jesse St.Douchebag, so she of course falls for it completely.

“Oh,” she titters and Puck can just imagine the dark flush working its way up her cheeks, “I wouldn’t call myself a star…”

And then he’s outside, blinking dazedly at the bright sunshine and trying to get that damn allergy thing under control.

“You alright?” Adam asks from beside him.

“Don’t be a pussy Milligan,” Puck says tiredly, without any real rancor, forgetting the almost twenty minutes of barbed insults that he and Adam had flung at each other back in the practice room, “this isn’t a chick flick moment.” He's just so exhausted of trying to be good enough, trying so hard and failing every damn time. First with Quinn, now with Rachel- he's just never going to measure up. He's never going to be Finn, no matter how hard he tries and he's just so tired of pretending not to care.

Adam chuckles at his remark, low and amused as he swings a friendly arm around Puck’s shoulders- “You know,” he says bemused, “you really remind me of Dean.” Then, he abruptly changes the subject- “hey, you have fake ID right?”

Puck gives him a long, hard look but Adam isn’t Sam and Dean’s working tonight so it’s most likely not a trap. Still though, can’t blame him for wanting to be careful after what happened last time.

“Why?” he asks.

“Well,” Adam rubs at the bit of stubble on his cheeks absentmindedly, “I was just thinking that there must be a bar in town where they won’t know that you’re in high school,” he gives Puck a considering stare, “and you do look like you’re in your twenties…. You wanna get drunk?” he finishes brightly.

Puck doesn’t even think about it before he answers “Hell yes.”

“Good man,” Adam laughs and opens the door to his truck, already smirking at all the possibilities probably going through his horrifically demented mind, “tequila my friend, will solve all your problems.”

Hopefully, Puck thinks but doesn’t say anything, just nods and closes his eyes, leaning his head against the window as Adam drives them to Dean’s. He’ll call his ma and tell her he’s staying at Dean and Sam’s tonight, this isn’t the first time he’s done it and she’s generally okay with him staying with his older brothers- after some long, considering talks with Sam and after witnessing a couple of Dean’s mama bear episodes- she trusts them with her son.

His phone vibrates in his pocket and as he pulls it out, the screen glows with a bright blue notification that he got a text message from Berry.

This isn’t over Noah. I still need to talk to you.'

He deletes it without a second thought. They have nothing to talk about, she has her Prince Charming and he has his brothers. They have nothing in common and Puck shouldn’t have been stupid enough to think that they ever would.
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