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A family of Angels

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This story is No. 2 in the series "Buffy as an Archangel". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: The lead up to Halloween and what happens next! Currently on hiatus while being edited!

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A family of Angels

Author Note:

Well since I do listen to my reviewers this is a series of short stories with Buffy as an Archangel. I also just thought that it would be interesting to see how the BtVS series would go with Buffy as an Archangel.

They aren’t about Supernatural, I like what I have seen about the series but I really haven’t seen that much about it so I wouldn’t be able to do the boys justice.

Disclaimer: I don’t own BtVS, Supernatural or any other Fandom that just might happen to be mentioned in this fic. As I do often a second Disclaimer will be added to the bottom of this story to list any surprise Fandom’s and Cameo characters.

Title: The Halloween Buffy went as an Archangel.

Short Story 1 Summary: This is how not just Buffy but also Joyce and Dawn ended up as Angels for that fateful Halloween!

Buffy hadn’t had enough money to buy anything too fancy for her Halloween costume. She hadn’t planned for it at all, not like what seemed to be everybody else in Sunnydale. It seemed that Halloween was a really big thing for this town, a lot more then it was compared to her old place in LA.

Another quirk was that they all seemed to feel the need to hide what they were going to be for that Oct 31st unless they were collaborating for matched costumes or parents were getting costumes for their young children.

So Buffy had no idea what her friends were going to go as.

Which didn’t help at all as she really, really, really had no idea what she could go as that would look good and she could afford.

It was frustrating.

She looked through first one costume shop and then another and then another looking for inspiration.

And then it hit her while she was in Ethan’s.

If she just got that and that and then she could get that from Giles and then get the basic materials from the craft shop and the other costume shop to add more to it then she had the perfect costume, she could do it! And wearing it she would also be able to protect herself if need be.

With a spring in her step Buffy didn’t notice the salesman’s creepy gleam in his eyes as he watched her bounce out of the shop as she left with the cheap angel outfit with flimsy wings and Halo. She’d gotten it not for the wings, but for the white tunic and pants provided.

From one of the other costume shops she had gotten a breast plate that had once belonged to a Joan of Arc costume, and which fitted comfortably around Buffy’s petite frame.

Then she dropped them off at home with the sword and scabbard which she had stopped by the library to grab which would fit comfortably around her waist. She had told Giles that she needed it to compliment her costume and to make sure that she was ready for trouble if any should occur.

Buffy’s final stop was to the both the Hardware and the Craft Shop where she got the materials and tools to create a proper set of wings that would both be comfortable but also be able to retract out of the way in case of a fight and would also look as realistic as possible.

As she was leaving the craft shop with beautiful yet surprisingly cheap bags of feathers she was unaware of the blonde man who had slip another feather in the bunch that had been hanging from a thread around his neck.

Once she got home after gaining all of her supplies Buffy set to work in creating her costume using the skills that she used to use in creating personalized outfits for herself when she lived in LA.

It was a handy skill that she had since used to prepare her clothes that had gotten damaged in the course of her slaying duties.

It felt great to use them in the way she used to.

First she used the wire to create frames for the wings, focusing on both the keeping shape and the retractable aspects of them and making sure to wrap each piece with a tough hard to ruin material. Then after she created a netting of material in the frames spaces Buffy began threading the feathers through it all making sure that each feather was of a necessary length before attaching it. There was no need to have lopsided wings after all.

Finally after several hours of work she was satisfied with the final affect.

And then Buffy just had to try on the whole outfit to make sure that it was all done and didn’t need any more adjustments.

So she donned the loose white cotton pants and tunic, followed by the wings, then the breast plate and then finally attached the sword and scabbard before she looked carefully at her reflection in the mirror.


She had this sudden sense of Déjà Vu!

Before she could think anymore of it though there were a couple of gasps from her bedroom door and Buffy whirled around to see her mother and little sister staring at her with amazement.

She twirled around to show off, much like she used to when she was younger, and asked them “Well what do you think?”

Dawn clapped “It’s great!”

“It’s lovely Buffy” Joyce commented “and I’m glad to see that you still have that creative touch.”

Buffy jokingly bowed with the wings dipped down at the same time creating the illusion that the wings actually shifted as if they were real “Thank you, thank you, thank you!”

“Can you make me a costume too?” Dawn pleaded.

“I’m sorry squirt but I don’t actually have enough money to make one for you as well!”

Dawn pouted with disappointment at her before turning the full force of her 10 years old pout and puppy dog eyes on her mother and pleaded, “Mom! Please!”

Joyce’s eyes danced with amusement “Alright Dawn.” She looked back at Buffy. “How much would you need to make a similar costume for both your sister and me?”

“For both of you?” Buffy asks for confirmation and receives an agreeing nod in response, “It depends on how complicated that you want it.”

“Not too complicated Buffy, just something that looks good.”

“Yeah I could do it,” Buffy agreed “I have most of what I need here; I just need to restock the feathers, which will cost about $15 and we need to find or create an outfit to go with the feathers.”

“Yes!” Dawn jumped up and down with excitement squealing, “I’m gonna be an Angel, I’m gonna be an Angel.”

Buffy and Joyce couldn’t help but laugh at her excitement.

End of the First Buffy as Archangel Short Story!

Second Authors Note: I already have plans for Xander’s and Cordelia’s Halloween Costumes but I would like your ideas on what you want any other BtVS characters costumes to be. Particularly the following:

* Willow
* Amy
* Tara
* Faith
* Giles
* Andrew
* Oz
* Wesley
* Spike
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