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How to be a Hero

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Summary: As she jumps from the tower Buffy is torn from her reality to encounter a Hero

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Chapter 5

Sorry about the long wait, I was hit by the Writers Coma hammer, it made me stop writing because I couldn’t think of what to write. Here’s chapter five.

James was lost in his own mind as they left the academy, seeing his own brothers madness took a toll on him. Samuel was surprised by the appearance of the Prince, Buffy, and Charlie, and was excited at their appearance until he saw how morose everyone was. Buffy led the threesome as they headed down to the town center to head to Inn to get some rest. Buffy looked back at the Prince who stopped and sat at a bench to watch a group of children play a game of tag with a thoughtful look on his face. Buffy came to sit next to him while Charlie laid at his feet with his head on his paws. Buffy watched the children with James for a few minutes before he started to speak.

“When we were younger my brother and I would play tag in the gardens until he had to go back to work, he was so different to what he has become. Over the years he kept me in the castle, the only people who even tried to show me what my brother had become were Walter, Jasper, and,” Here he took a pause as he lowered his eyes to the ground. “Elise.” She could see a deep sadness in his eyes.

“Who’s Elise?” He continued to stare at the ground.

“She was the woman I loved, I met her when I was eleven and I snuck out of the castle. There was a crack in the wall barely big enough for me to slide through, and when I came out the other side I was in the Market district. I was amazed at what I saw, people shouting and hawking their wares, children playing in the street, I loved it all. As I wandered the streets I came upon a strange scene, this slightly older boy was trying to kiss this beautiful girl.” At this the prince started to smile and chuckle.

“I was filled with an incredible wave of indignation, so I pulled him away as I yelled ‘You have insulted this maiden’s honor.’ So this boy punches me and knocks me off my feet, and this girl falls to her knees and cradles my head.” His chuckles become a full blown laugh, his good mood was infectious causing Buffy to laugh as well.

“So this girl, who I just met, smiles down at me and thanks me before she kisses me on the cheek where I got punched. As she helps me to my feet she tells me her name is Elise, and she blushes as I tell her that her name is beautiful. I tell her my name and ask her if she wants to play a game, she agrees and we play together all day until she has to go home. She kisses me on my cheek and runs home as I blush.” His smile fades a bit.

“When I came back to the castle my brother was so angry, he forbade me from leaving the castle ever again, and made me show him the crack in the wall so he could have it repaired.” He sighed. “I told both Walter and Jasper about Elise every day afterwards. I didn’t see her for months, until one day I woke up and found her sleeping on my bed. When I asked how she got in the castle she told me that Walter dad come to her and asked her to come to the castle. When he showed her into my room she immediately ran to me and fell asleep on my bed next to me. I was so overjoyed, we went out a played all day, and when she had to return home she promised she would return tomorrow. Over the years friendship became love and I had intended to ask her to marry me.” He looked up again at the kids.

“My brother didn’t have any problem with it at the time, he even appreciated having somebody else for me to play with so he could continue to work as King. It was only years later that he regretted letting Elise come to the castle to play with me.” His smile became a grimace. “It was only a week ago, I woke up thinking it was going to be the greatest day ever. I met Elise in the gardens, she was so beautiful, she told me about the unrest in the city, how people were talking of revolution. The castle staff were restless and she followed me to the kitchen to address them. I assuaged their worries and convinced them to settle down, and Walter came in from the main doorway telling me he had heard the entire speech, how I didn’t sound like a king, and how proud he was.” His smile grew.

“He took me to combat practice and Elise went to see the leaders of the protesters. During that practice I actually cut the blade of his sword right off at the handle. Walter was impressed with my battle prowess, but before we could continue Elise broke into the room telling us how my brother planned to execute the leaders of the riots.” Buff’s eyes widened, as the Prince’s voice started to turn bitter. “Walter left us to talk with Logan, and Elise convinced me to go with her to listen to the conversation just outside the door. We arrived to hear my brother ordering his guards to round up the leaders and when Walter tried to stop him he threatened to execute Walter. With Elise encouraging me I broke into the room to confront me brother.” By this point James had lost his smile.

“He was astounded at my impertinence, and had his guards bring us to the throne room, where the leaders of the riot were already huddled together in fear.” Tears started to leak from the eyes of the prince as he spoke. “It was there my brother made me an enemy, he gave me a choice, Elise or the leaders, the woman I love or complete strangers.” Even though he was crying and his voice started to break he started to smile again. “I was frozen, but Elise she just kept telling me to choose her, to sacrifice herself. It took what felt like forever, but finally I chose her.” He started to break down even further, Buffy reached out to grasp his hand. “I chose her, but she wasn’t angry, she wasn’t sad, she was smiling. She was proud of my choice, I could see it in her eyes as they dragged her away. The last she said was that she loves me.” The Prince started to sob openly, and Buffy, feeling the raw emotion and knowing the power of sacrifice held him in her arms, as Charlie had started to whimper and lightly scratch the pant leg of James. Minutes later when he had settled down he had noticed a slight tugging on his pants, he pulled away from Buffy to see a boy, with an inquisitive look grasping his leg.

“Are you alright?” James smiled at the question and nodded. “Are you sure? Because your still crying.” James took ruffled the kids hair.

“I’m fine, you should go back to your friends and play.” The child ducked out of his hand and smiled back before running off to continue playing. Buffy smiled as she watched the Prince looking aft the boy.

“Remind you of somebody?” He looked back to Buffy.

“A little, but every kid reminds me of myself at their age, hopefully I can help make this world a better place for all children.” What went unspoken was the fact he thought he would never have kids of his own. He slapped her knee and stood to his feet. “Let’s head to the Inn and get some rest.” He started to walk toward the hill down to the entrance of the town. Buffy watched him for a few seconds before smirking and racing after him. As she reached his side she lightly tapped him on the shoulder before racing off, and all the prince could hear were her laughing and one sentence.

“You’re it.”

A good place to end it for now, I needed to get the exposition out of the way so I can concentrate on the next chapter dealing with the mercenary’s and Saker.

The End?

You have reached the end of "How to be a Hero" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 15 Nov 11.

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