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How to be a Hero

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Summary: As she jumps from the tower Buffy is torn from her reality to encounter a Hero

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Games > Fantasy > FableAndroidKingFR1859,372053,78012 Apr 1115 Nov 11No

Chapter One

Disclaimer- I own nothing here but the idea, and even then that’s a bit sketchy

Now throughout the multiverse their exists every single choice, you had eggs for breakfast in one universe, in another you had toast, in yet another you are eaten as breakfast for an alien species that had conquered earth. This is an excerpt from one reality in the multiverse.

As Buffy jumped from the tower into the eye of the void between realities, the magic from one reality over interfered. Instead of dying she slipped into the between, what some might call the Bleed, the Howling, even Hell. A dark void without substance, yet somehow exists.

Even though it felt like a lifetime to her in the dark, it was but a second to the realities that had intersected.

As she exited the void she crashed to the ground in a heap, alive, but barely. Her vision was blurry yet she could see some colors. She could see blue, the sky, her mind told her, and as the rest of her senses came back she could hear wind, and she could feel cold. She turned her head to the right and she could see white, green, black, and orange. Snow, trees, rocks, and light.

Her vision was becoming sharper, and so was the rest of her senses. She could feel stone under the palm of her hand laying on the ground. She could hear voices. She turned her head to left and became entranced with a blue light that had appeared. Within the light she could see a shape, she focused and what had appeared was a dog, a black and white Border Collie. The dog looked around before its eyes landed on her, it tilted its head, and growled before bounding toward her.

Buffy closed her eyes on instinct waiting for the tearing sound and sensation. After a few seconds she noticed a sniffling, she opened her eyes to see the nose of the dog in her face before it started licking her face. It tickled her and she laughed a bit before a sharp whistle echoed through the air. The dog turned from her back toward the blue light, Buffy followed its line of sight to see large man dressed in red with a sword at his hip standing next to a teenager dressed in an Elegant Suit with a strange gauntlet on his right hand covered in flames.

The teen jogged toward her side before kneeling and looking her over, the older man joined him on her other side. She smiled as the teen spoke to her in a familiar accent.

“Miss, are you alright?” British, she thought, this she could work with, before slipping into the embrace of sleep.

The End

Now it’s probably pretty simple, but I figured it was sort of a springboard to work off of to create something larger. Read and Review.
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