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Identity crisis

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This story is No. 1 in the series "Dopplegangers". You may wish to read the series introduction first.

Summary: Leverage- ATS cross over. Eliot is a captive of Wolfram and Hart, used as a stand in for Lindsey McDonald. Will the team save him? Will Angel Kill him? Why is Tara already on the scene?

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Chapter One

A/N these are not my toys, I just borrow them from time to time. No offense is intended to original creators, nor profit to be made from writing this story. It was fun to write,and hopefully fun to read.

He was tired. It had been a long week and he was glad to be back in his apartment, sliding into his own bed. He loved his job. He loved helping people as much as he loved hurting them. Although thoughts like that made him wonder if he were as crazy as Parker.

His eyes closed, then opened again and he turned over to beat his pillow as if it were the cause of his discomfort. He closed his eyes once more. He slowed his breathing and could feel the tendrils of sleep finally come up to pull him down into his usual ninety minute oblivion.

His nightstand began to buzz at him. He opened one eye and groaned. He had put his phone on vibrate earlier. He reached out to grab it and for a moment contemplated throwing it against the wall instead of answering it. But it might be one of the team. “This had better be good.” he growled into the phone as he sat up and put his feet on the floor. Sleep wasn't coming any time soon. He might as well get up.

“Is that any way to greet an old friend.” the voice on the other end was female, cold, with an educated affluent air about it. It was also unpleasantly familiar.

“How the hell did you find me?” he demanded standing up and beginning to pace.

“I wasn't aware that I had ever lost you.” She said, amusement tingeing her tone.

“What do you want?” he pulled on a pair of sweat pants and reached for a shirt.

“Oh not that one. Green was never your color. Try blue. It brings out your eyes. “ She said, and the line went dead.

Eliot looked down at the shirt in his hands. A faded green tee shirt. His heart beat faster for a moment and then anger took over where the split second of fear had been. Anger had always had a stronger hold on Eliot than anything else.

He tossed the shirt aside, as if it burned him and pulled another from the drawer. Purposefully not a blue one and headed out of his apartment and down the hall to Hardison's. He banged on the door forcefully. “Hardison get out here. Someone's hacked your security system. “ he said sharply. Then his eyes widened “ And I am so going to kick your ass for putting video surveillance in my bedroom.”

The hacker opened the door, “What have you been drinking? I do not have video feed anywhere in your apartment. The last thing I want to see yours naked ass bobbing in the air. “

Eliot grabbed the man by his shirt collar and pulled him toward his apartment as he told him what had just happened. Leaving out that he knew that voice. That it always heralded trouble. And that it at once infuriated him on some visceral level, and twisted his gut in knots like nothing and no one else had ever done.

“Aw HELL no. You didn't just drag me out of my bed and down here because some girl guessed what color of shirt you were puttin' on.” he said, and winced as Eliot's cell phone hit him square in the chest.

“Find out where she was calling from. “

“Now you want me to track down a booty call.” Alec said incredulously.

“No. I want you to track a crazy bitch that's been stalking me so I can put an end to this and finally get some sleep.”

Hardison raised an eyebrow at that and started flipping through the phone “you know this would be easier if you would get a real cell phone.”

Eliot growled and pushed past him to go into his kitchen. He opened the fridge and took out an armload of things. “And find out where she was getting video feed from.“

“Eliot... there hasn't been a call made to this phone since seven o'clock tonight... no, no make that last night. Seein' as how its 3am and all.”

“Bullshit. I am telling you that I got a phone call.”

“Man, its been a rough week, and a long ass day. Maybe you dreamed the call. How long has some chick been stalking you anyway?” The evidence might say there was no phone call and logic said there was no way anyone could break in and set up video in one of their apartments, but he knew Eliot. If he said someone was stalking him, it was the truth.

“Four, maybe five years.” He said turning his attention back to the food on the stove. He chose to ignore what his friend had said about dreaming it all.

“And you're just now getting around to telling us?” He said and put both hands up at the look Eliot gave him. “Alright... look... what Ever it is you are making, make enough for two. I'm gonna go get my gear and we'll see what we can find out.”

“Thanks, man.” Eliot said.

Hardison returned with his laptop, a scanner to detect bugs, and a fresh two liter of orange soda. He set things down on the counter and went to work with the scanner.

“Okay, spill it.”

Eliot wasn't one for spilling things. He liked his past to stay in the past. “nothing to spill I get phone calls. Sometimes photos sent to me... sometimes demands to work for her. “

“So you actually know this woman.”

Eliot shook his head as he slid the Omelet onto a plate and pushed it in front of Hardison.

“So you turned down the jobs.” he said, made sense really. Eliot wasn't someone you could really force to do something he didn't want to do. Not without... well... leverage.

“I try to.” he admitted as he put his own food together, and poured a cup of coffee.

“Try?” Hardison asked eyes wide. “What the hell, man. You gotta give me more to work with here. “

“Well I don’t have it, alright.” He said dropping his plate on the island heavily. “I don’t know anything more than I told you. I've never met her, never seen her that I know of. But I know that voice. “

“Okay... well then we start with that. “ Hardison said as he began to work on Eliot's phone in between bites of food. “I'm gonna put a recording device on your cell. Its possible that she has a tech guru almost as good as me that managed to hide her tracks on your phone. Highly unlikely” he said then caught Eliot's look. “But we're gonna go with that idea “ he closed up the phone and started to type on the lap top. “Don't make any calls you don't want recorded man. The last thing I want to hear is you calling 900 numbers or something' “

“Seriously” Eliot said “You're way too vocal about not being interested in my sex life. Its creeping me out."

It was Hardison turn to give the look. “Next time she calls it will upload to my computer and I can start tracking her. “

“Thanks man.” Eliot said with a sigh. “Look, don't tell the others about this.”

“Nuh uh. No can do. “ He said “This is serious. Especially since you only seem to be able to 'try' to tell her no.”

“I'm thinking about taking some time off.” Eliot told him.

“no. you are not gonna run from this.”

“I don't run.”

“sure looks like it from here. Come on, Man. You aren't going to protect anyone by taking off. Let us help you. “

“I just want to find her. That's all. I don't want anyone else on her radar. “ Eliot said quietly.

“Alright, tell you what... if nothing else happens, I'll keep my mouth shut. But she starts harassing you, and I will know, all bets are off. She asks for you to do a job... all bets are off. This is some serious shit. Stalkers aren't something to ignore. People die. Horror movie slasher flick die because of stalkers. “

“If she wanted me dead, I would be by now, stop your bellyachin'. “ Eliot shook his head. He knew what Hardison said was true but he couldn't let himself think along those lines.

“Yeah cause you drug me outta bed at three in the morning 'cause there's nothing to worry about.”

“I'm not arguing with you about this.” Eliot said, and frowned as all the lights went out.

Hardison looked down at his laptop now operating on its battery and began to type “okay, now we've been hacked. “ He said frowning angrily at the computer screen. He put the ear bud in. “Better go wake up Nate.” he was glad Sophie and Parker lived elsewhere.

It was starting. She wasn't wasting any time this time around.

“Yeah.” he said “I'm on it.” Eliot's heart was racing, adrenaline pumping. He left the apartment, closing and locking the door behind him.

Hardison continued working, loosing track of time as he chased the virus that had invaded his system. Twenty minutes had passed when he looked up and realized there was no chatter on the com line, no Eliot and no Nate. He took out his cell and dialed Nate's number. It rang several times before a groggy Nathan Ford answered the phone. “We got a problem.” Hardison told him.

Eliot awoke feeling like he had gone ten rounds with a gorilla and lost. His head pounded, and his ribs ached. Those were the places he could isolate. Everything else more or less throbbed with his heart beat.

He tried to pick his hand up to wipe away whatever was covering his face but found that he couldn't move. He growled and struggled against whatever it was binding him. It moved and scraped the floor. A chair. He was tied to a chair. "let me out of this" He said, some of the menace of his tone lost in the cloth folds of the hood. Was there someone else in the room or was he alone?

"Ah," Came a voice, that woman's voice. "I don't think so. Not yet."

"you finally have the guts to talk to me in person and you keep me hooded? Come on... live dangerously. Let me see you."

Some one behind him pulled the hood from his head and he blinked against the light. The woman before him was attractive.. if you liked ice queens or aging models. She had light brunette hair, green eyes and wore a tailored suit that would rival some of Sophie's clothing choices.

"Changed my mind, you can put it back now." Eliot was thumped in the back of the head for his trouble and growled as he pulled at the arms of the chair. The guards took a step back as the chair creaked under the strain.

The woman laughed softly. "The voice is right" She said. "Even in person, Its uncanny. If I hadn't seen the son of a bitch in hell myself, I'd actually believe it was him. He'll do nicely."

"He is sitting right here. So why don't you tell me what it is you want so I can tell you to go to hell and be on my way." There was the unfortunately familiar feeling of some ones hand against the back of his head "If you hit me again, I will end you."

She motioned for the men to back away. She leaned against her desk, long legs crossed in front of her. "you bear a strong resemblance to a man I used to work with" She said "An attorney. who is blissfully dead. Unfortunately Circumstances have made his presence necessary."

"Lady do I seriously look like a lawyer to you?"

"You will when I am done with you. "She told him with a smile "I'm sure you will clean up nicely. "

"Yeah.... this is that point I mentioned before. You know where I tell you to go to hell and walk out the door" Eliot said as he pulled his arms free from the chair. He wasted no time laying out her guards

"you could do that. But you won't. She really is a pretty thing... in that country bumpkin kind of way. "

He moved quickly to stand in front of her, nose to nose.

Lilah Morgan had stood nose to nose with demons, wizards, hunters and souled vampires. Eliot Spencer wasn't going to intimidate her simply by closing the gap between them. "Its truly tragic, the accidents that can happen on a horse ranch. So many ways to wind up hurt. Or Dead."

With that Eliot took a seat in an unbroken chair." What do you need me to do?"
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