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Adventures in Absentia

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This story is No. 2 in the series "Metamorphosis". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Buffy Summers best friend is Alexander Harris, after the events of All Geared Up she slowly begins to fear for his very life. In-time she will be abducted into a world not of her choosing.

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Marvel Universe > Transformers > Buffy-CenteredSithicusFR18310,8040105,65314 Apr 1122 Apr 11No

Buffy's Ordeal

Author's Notes: In a few short months we will be privy to another new adventure of the stories about the Transformers. I eagerly anticipate the coming film with excitement and dread, the dread is mostly because it will no doubt introduce another new element that I may have to take into consideration as I work once again on sequels (plural this time.) to my original one-shot All Geared Up.

This story will make very little sense unless you go back and re-read All Geared Up, I have spent most of today editing it to better conform and fit in with certain aspects of existing continuity, including IDW's comic book Movieverse Series. With this brief intro chapter now posted I plan on going back through the first chapter of The Veiled Threat and repairing it grammar and continiuity wise.

A brief Timeline of the events of the Trilogy: All Geared Up takes place perpendicular to the end of the first Blockbuster Transformers. Adventure in Absentia and The Veiled Threat both take place perpendicular to the supplemental stories, The Reign of Starscream, Alliance, The Veiled Threat novel and Tales of the Fallen's first four issues and issue #6, which all take place prior to the events of Revenge of the Fallen. If I can finish up both this story and The Veiled Threat without being distracted this time by other story ideas perhaps I'll eventually get to writing up adventures of the Scoobies in the Revenge/Dark of the Moon portions of the Trilogy.

Anyway... Go back and Re-Read All Geared Up before reading this first chapter please, the New Epilogue added onto that chapter ties in directly with this one.

Disclaimer: All characters appearing in this Fan Fiction are the properties of their respective owners. The Author is not making any profit off of this free story, nor does he claim anything contrary to the above statement. Buffy and all related Characters belong to the talented people working with Joss Whedon the original Creator over at Mutant Enemy Productions. While The Transformers and all related characters are the property of Hasbro Incorporated, the large globally known toy manufacturing company who's bold choice over 25 years ago to take a group of Japanese Toys and turn them into something more has led to where we are today in the Fandom, three live action feature films under our belts and potentially more to come. I look forward to see what the future may hold, for now however, enjoy!

[Cue Theme]

The Initiative – a shadowy organization with military might – they have worked occasionally with the United States Government. However after a failed experiment intended to grant super soldiers to the army the Initiative was shut down by Sector Seven.

This however proved to be only one small arm of the much larger and globally positioned group of humans who were intent on safeguarding the very future of humanity – or at least this is what some members of their organization were led to believe – the head of the organization however had alternative plans.

Plans that ultimately may need to be stepped up now that the presence of the alien Cybertronians is barely considered a secret for many civilians had witness the battle between the Autobots and the Decepticons.

Carter Newell sat brooding in his special room – he was still trying to fathom how these creatures could have eluded the notice of the vast majority of the public – still it did help with them maintaining their secrecy and autonomy since it allowed the Initiative opportunity to further their ultimate goal.

The aged and – some might say – obsessed man noticed a familiar light blinking at his desk. Carefully he established the proper protocols and waited for the transmission to finalize.

Holographic imaging systems created the facsimile that was all too familiar to the aged businessman – steepling his fingers he waited patiently as the signal was crystallized and augmented so that he could properly communicate with the ‘board’ as some had called them.

“This new development is unsettling,” one of the men was saying.

“How so, Doctor Jackson?” Carter demanded.

“The more people are aware of these creatures the more difficult it will be to maintain a semblance of control over them,” Doctor Jackson stated.

“I hardly think that is a problem,” another member of the board informed. “Just so long as we control these creatures we can successfully ensure the public’s safety,” she reminded.

“Safety from what?” Doctor Jackson demanded. “Not those stupid demons again, look what happened to Walsh.”

“That is because we allowed Margaret Walsh to slip from her leash,” Carter informed coolly. “A mistake we shall not make a second time. The United States Government is so full of convoluted plans and bureaucracy that they have failed to realize the full extent of the Initiative and its goals. This is but a minor development, I suggest we curtail thoughts of panic and prepare instead to gain the notes and other paraphernalia necessary to begin project Nefarious,” Carter stated.

“That project can begin within a year, culminating in completion within two years,” Doctor Kirkpatrick informed. “However, I caution you that we will require an abundance of energy and suitable means to harvest same,” he added.

Carter smiled. “That shouldn’t be a problem, we have already accumulated many test subjects. More will undoubtedly follow as our ‘crews’ continue to stalk hidden and forgotten Cybertronians,” he stated. “If we are through with this farce of a meeting, I propose that we resume our initial plans.”

“There is one other matter we need to address, Carter,” Gina Powell spoke up.

Carter frowned slightly. “What?” he questioned.

Powell did something the others could not see – as the holographic capabilities – while beyond state of the art – were still limited. An image of a familiar building in Ohio appeared in the center of their holographic gathering. “She is still a possible security issue,” Powell stated.

Carter sighed. “Then I suggest we deal with this,” he said. “Or rather, you deal with this, Gina,” he ordered.

Gina smiled darkly. “Consider it dealt with, provided I can have access to one of the… Assets currently located in Cold Storage,” she elaborated.

Carter frowned slightly, but thought nothing of the request. “I will instruct Ingrid and Woolf to prepare a suitable asset for your needs,” he informed.

The AllSpark watched cautiously as its attacker slowly approached – the female unit had yet to speak, but the male had – the AllSpark still did not know what to call this one, but he knew he would need to dispatch them quickly if he was to revive his fallen creations amongst the Autobots.

“No words, Autobot,” the male stated. “Not even in the face of imminent defeat?” he chuckled.

The female paused when the AllSpark tilted its head to one side in brief and obvious confusion. “What is this?” she demanded. “Defragged scrap?”

“I am merely attempting to put a name to your faces,” the AllSpark said lying to them. “I don’t recognize either of you,” he added.

The male smirked again his long hook-hand coming up briefly to wag in the air at him. “Didn’t think there was an Autobot still around who didn’t know me on sight, name’s Lockdown, guess you could call me a Bounty Hunter.” Lockdown pointed to the female unit. “Slipstream here on the other hand is a refugee of sorts – not welcome amongst the Decepticons these days – so she’s palling around with the low-life until she can get a better deal,” he elaborated.

“Lockdown,” Slipstream said warningly.

“What? No harm in letting him know who we are,” Lockdown observed. “So, who are you? And more importantly, who should we notify to collect on your head?”

The AllSpark pursed his lips briefly in thought – calling upon the knowledge he possessed and then smiling briefly. “I wouldn’t be so quick to assume victory yet, Decepticon, and my name is Hot Rod,” he said raising his arm and converting it into weapon mode.

“A fighter, perhaps we’ll have some fun after all, Slipstream,” Lockdown said with a smile.

“We’ll see about that,” Hot Rod muttered to himself drawing upon the Xander side of his personality to give the appearance of confident assurance. After all – this was the AllSpark’s first actual combat – it had never needed to fight before. It had never needed to do anything before – now however was the time for the past to remain buried.

Firing on Slipstream first – Hot Rod dove to the nearest Autobot and briefly placed his hand on the exoskeleton of the unit – in a pretense of dragging the fallen soldier behind some cover it began imbuing him with the restorative powers it possessed.

Lockdown’s optics narrowed as he aimed his weapon on the apparently brash young Autobot. “Slipstream, let’s end this quickly, wouldn’t want to miss out on this chance for those Upgrades,” he said.

Slipstream only shot Lockdown a glare in response and started firing her weapons – even as she activated twin jets on her back and took to the air.

“A pity Xander’s charm couldn’t be used to sway her to my side,” Hot Rod muttered to himself as he felt the life spark of the Autobot beside him strengthen at his machinations.

“What in the AllSpark hit me?” Smokescreen wondered as he began to come back on-line.

“Off hand I’d say one of Starscream’s missile salvos,” Hot Rod said with a slight smile.

“Who are you?” Smokescreen wondered suspicious of this new Autobot.

“Hot Rod,” the younger Autobot replied. “Was in the sector when I detected a distress beacon, next thing I know I’m trying to help you guys get fixed up when these two Decepticreeps show up,” he added emerging briefly from cover to fire on Slipstream.

Smokescreen frowned slightly and then shook his head. “I could have sworn I’d gone offline permanently,” he said.

“Maybe you did,” Hot Rod returned cryptically. “Think you can keep those two occupied while I go for your pal over there?”

Smokescreen smirked. “Easily.” Standing up he triggered two ports in his chest armor to open up and a thick cloud of smoke began pouring out.

Hot Rod smiled and charged out from behind the rocky terrain keeping them partially obscured and rushed towards the closest Autobot.

“Those will come in handy,” Lockdown mused to himself as he targeted the smoke generating Autobot.

Slipstream wasn’t taken in so lightly – she knew a bluff when she saw one – triggering her optic sensors she shifted to a thermal viewing mode and noticed the one called Hot Rod making his move. She also noticed something else about this mysterious Autobot. “He’s giving off an awful lot of residual energy for a mere ‘bot,” she muttered.

Hot Rod reached the fallen Autobots – somehow they’d wound up close to each other despite being in different areas of the fight – sadly one of their number was too far gone even for the AllSpark itself to repair, much less what one might liken to an Avatar form. Bypassing the fallen flyer he approached the mostly red unit and placed a hand to his temple – a spark jolted through him and his injuries began to re-knit and repair themselves.

Slipstream noticed the strange surge in energy, but couldn’t figure out what it was from her current altitude. “Slag it, I’ll just frag this guy and figure it out later,” she decided aiming on the Autobot. A blast struck her in the back knocking her off balance.

“Stinkin’ ‘Cons!” a voice shouted from somewhere below.

Lockdown spun around and shot a glare at the new arrival. “Brawn,” he cursed.

“Hello, Lockdown, did you think you’d ditch me so easily?” the Autobot in question asked as his weapons continued to glow with power.

“I should have known,” Lockdown stated.

Slipstream shook off her injury and shot a glare at the Autobot who had fired on her. “Blazemaster,” she noted with a slight curl of her lips.

“Hey, toots, miss me?” Blazemaster asked with a friendly smile and a lecherous wink.

“If only,” Slipstream complained.

“Slag that smarts,” Cliffjumper moaned as he came back online and noticed the mysterious stranger hovering over Camshaft. “What do you think you’re doing?” he demanded.

The stranger frowned slightly and reverently turned Camshaft’s head aside. “Couldn’t save him,” he said obviously upset.

Cliffjumper studied him closely. “You were trying to help us? What happened to Arcee? Where’s Starscream?”

“My guess would be Cybertron, they used that space bridge or warping device to take their ship somewhere and I think Arcee was with them when they took off,” the stranger explained.

Cliffjumper got to his feet and noticed Brawn and Blazemaster with Smokescreen’s help chasing off the would-be bounty hunters. “Brawn, you old warhorse!” he greeted with a warm light in his optics.

“Red Bee!” Brawn said teasingly.

Cliffjumper groaned. “I’ve told you not to call me that, Brawn,” he reminded.

“I know,” Brawn said with a chuckle. “Who’s this?”

“He said his name was Hot Rod,” Smokescreen said as he joined the others who had gathered around Camshaft’s fallen form. “We got handed our afts,” he surmised.

“Well we were dealing with Thundercracker and Starscream, if Skywarp had been around we probably wouldn’t even be online to beat ourselves up over it,” Cliffjumper said. “Just hope Arcee makes it out ok.”

“What are we going to do now?” Smokescreen wondered.

“I’m still going to follow that bounty hunting trash,” Brawn informed. “Someone has to put a stop to his desecration of fallen Autobots,” he added clenching one hand into a fist as he holstered his pistols.

“Sounds like a plan,” Cliffjumper said. “Got a feeling he might try and hit up Earth?”

“That’s where he was heading before he was sidetracked here, must have picked up the signal from Starscream’s ship,” Brawn guessed.

“I take it you plan on pursuing this Bounty Hunter to Earth then,” Hot Rod said.

“Yeah, kid, you thinking of tagging along?” Blazemaster wondered. “Heard Prime’s message and came running?”

“Something like that,” Hot Rod said thoughtfully. The AllSpark knew his other aspects were still active on Earth and it would be better to stick close by them – on the off chance that something happened to any of them – so he shot the group a winning smile. “What are we waiting for? Let’s go kick some Decepticon aft,” he said pumping his fist into the air.

Brawn and Cliffjumper shared a bemused look.

Blazemaster laughed.

Smokescreen however remained content in his silence.

“Come on, our ship’s this way,” Cliffjumper told the group as he converted into his Cybertronian vehicle form and started off across the red planet’s surface.

Located on one of Saturn’s many moons – possibly Io – the being stirred briefly from his current resting place. Unable to move as he was still weak after numerous years of being imprisoned – the progenitor of the Decepticons still could detect the residual traces of the AllSpark. It was the only thing he could sense in this miserable sector of space.

The silent one approached and bent to one knee. “You summoned me, my master?” he spoke.

“I did. The AllSpark has begun its fragmentation and transformation… Now is the time to begin once again that which we attempted so long ago,” he told his acolyte.

“What are your orders?” the silent one asked.

Leaning forward into the light The Fallen’s face contorted into a dark and cruel expression. “Stalk him, tear him apart, and bring the pieces to me,” he instructed.

Sideways smirked cruelly. “Consider it done, my master,” he whispered one hand clenching as he rose from his supplicant position and readied himself for a trip to Earth.

Buffy Summers awoke from her dream in a cold sweat – flicking the lights on briefly she made her way into the attached bathroom – being senior Slayer had its privileges. She began to wash her face as she tried to put a name to the feeling she was experiencing in the pit of her stomach.

She had experienced Slayer dreams since she was Fifteen, but they had never been so vivid, so close – as if she was actually there when that creature – that Cybertronian thing – spoke to his subordinate… And the others battled on what had to be the Martian surface.

Staring at her reflection she noted the haunted gaze – the gaunt appearance – ever since Xander had become involved with those mechanical aliens she felt this overwhelming sense of dread and despair for the well being of her closest male friend. She didn’t want to lose him. Already it felt as though he were slipping away.

“What do I do?” she whispered. “What does it mean?”

But for Buffy – the answers were not readily in coming – the Powers kept their secrets and her nameless sense of impending doom continued to gnaw at her very soul.

To Be Continued…
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