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Second Chance

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Summary: After their parents are killed by Angelus, Xander and Willow are taken in by Xander's biological father, Jack O'Neill, and head off to Colorado Springs, prepared to accept life away from all things that give you a Wiggins. Well, that was the plan.

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Stargate > Willow-Centered
Stargate > Xander-Centered > Theme: Xander's Real Family
RivanWarrioressFR153585,85434692230,82015 Apr 117 Jan 13Yes

Chapter 18

Xander was startled awake when the cell door opened and heavy footsteps marched into the cell that he and Willow were in. He rolled over and found that his gaze was focused on a large foot, standing directly in front of his face. He felt a rough hand grab at the back of his jacket, hauling him upright. From where he stood, he could see that Willow was being pulled up in a similar fashion.

The men who were surrounding them were wearing some sort of strange armor. Xander had never seen anything like it and most of them were carrying long sticks that Xander guessed were some form of weapon. He didn’t particularly want to find out though.

Xander and Willow were pushed from the cell, surrounded by more of the men, who formed up around them. One of them pushed Xander hard in the back, nearly sending him sprawling. The message, however, was clear.

“Alright, I’m moving, I’m moving,” Xander said to their captors, taking Willow’s hand as they walked, surrounded by the men, towards wherever it was they were being led to. He glanced sideways at Willow, catching her eyes and squeezing her hand reassuringly when he saw the fear on her face. Willow was frightened and Xander didn’t blame her, he was freaked out too. With no Buffy to save them, Xander knew they had little chance of survival.

At least, Xander found himself thinking, with Buffy probably never going to return, she would never have to try and deal with the loss of Xander and Willow and Xander and Willow would die together, neither one of them being forced to live with out the other. Xander didn’t think he’d be able to live without being around her and Willow had once told him, not so long ago, that she didn’t want to have to leave him. They were brother and sister, best friends. Xander knew Willow was thinking along the same lines because she looked over at him, her green eyes filled with tears, which she blinked back.

“Together,” she said softly. Xander nodded and tightened his grip on her hand. Side by side, their heads held high, they marched to their almost certain death.


Jack waited impatiently at the bottom of the ramp leading up to the Stargate for the rest of his team to appear. Teal’c was ready, as was all of SG:10 and half of SG:2.

Not even half an hour ago, a MALP had been sent through the gate, destined for the address that the techs had been able to determine using the video footage. The gate address connected up with a ship of some sort, almost definitely Goa’uld in design. It had been proven when a patrol of Jaffa had discovered the equipment and had promptly destroyed it, but not before they’d got a look at the symbol the soldiers carried on their heads.

Jack wasn’t at all surprised that Ba’al was responsible for the kidnapping. The system Lord always seemed to enjoy rubbing Jack the wrong way. The bastard had, however, gone way too far this time. Nobody messed around with Jack O’Neill’s kids; whether they be his team or his family, they were not to be messed with.

Jack didn’t want to think about what a sadistic bastard like Ba’al would do with two teenagers who knew nothing of the Stargate, or the SGC. When torturing them for information would prove to be useless, Ba’al would become angry and it was highly likely that he would kill one or both of them.

Or worse, make them hosts. A sudden mental picture of Xander and Willow, their eyes glowing golden, came to Jack and he couldn’t control the shiver that went down his spine. The movement did not go unnoticed by Teal’c.

“Are you alright, Jack O’Neill?”

“Yeah, T, I’m good or at least, I will be when Carter and Daniel get their butts here,” Jack said in a low voice. Thankfully the rest of his team arrived a few seconds later, along within the remaining half of SG:2, ready for action.

“You have a go, good luck,” Hammond said from where he stood. Jack watched as the gate dialed and stabilized. On the other side of that was his worst enemy and his kids. Jack wasn’t going to let them down. Drawing his weapon, he looked at the rest of the group he was taking with him, nodding before they strode up the ramp and through the Stargate, ready to shoot at anything that stood in between them and the two teenagers being held against their will on the other side.


Xander let out a low whistle as they were led into a large chamber. The walls were made of some form of metal and the lighting was definitely modern, although the room was kept dim. Along one wall there was some form of screen. There were more guards standing around in the chamber, with a throne-like chair positioned in the middle. A tall man was sitting in it, his short hair almost black in color with a short beard as well. It was unlike either of them had seen during their experiences in Sunnydale.

Willow was eying the screen, frowning. Usually vampires weren’t the biggest fans of technology. Most demons weren’t either, which was what made the chamber and the lair as a whole (from what she had seen) rather unusual.

“Ah, I see our young guests have arrived,” the man (he bore no obvious indication that he was something else) said, rising from his chair. Willow and Xander were shoved to their knees in front of him, the guards that had fetched them melting back into the shadows. The other guards had moved, forming a circle around them, empty save for the man, the chair and the two teenagers.

“I have a bad feeling about this,” Xander said softly to Willow, who couldn’t help but nod, keeping her head down and hoping to avoid making the man angry. The man’s attention, however, was focused on Xander, reaching out his hand and raising Xander’s chin so Xander was looking up at him. Xander glared back at him, refusing to break eye contact. The man smirked.

“You are very much like your father, Xander Harris, or rather, Alexander O’Neill, in both appearance and in attitude.” He sneered. Xander pursed his lips.

“What does my father have to do with this?” The man let out a low chuckle before his expression turned serious.

“Everything,” he said.

Xander glanced over, catching Willow’s eye. She saw the fear in his eyes and knew that her own face reflected her own fear. This was not what they had expected. This went beyond their area of expertise. It sounded like this man and his goons were of human origin, and Xander and Willow’s kidnapping had some sort of military purpose.

Willow had a sudden mental picture of the hostage situations she had seen play out on the news, where prisoners, often westerners and particularly Americans, were held by terrorist cell. She thought of the times when hostages were executed while they were being filmed and the resulting footage being put up on the Internet. She didn’t want to die like that. It would be horrible for everyone that she was leaving behind. Xander, if he survived, Jack, Giles, Oz, Cordy, Buffy if she came back, Joyce, Cassie, Janet, Sam, Daniel and Murray. She trembled slightly but resolved that she would stay strong. Jack wouldn’t be scared if he was in this situation and even though she wasn’t his biological daughter, Willow wanted him to be proud of her.

Willow took a deep breath and summoned up the most determined resolve face she had ever used before, letting the mask slide over her features, figuratively speaking, before looking up at the man, hoping to the God her parents had tried to force her to believe in, that her fear was not showing.

“What makes you think that we’d tell you anything? Who do you think you are?” she asked, doing her best impersonation of Buffy. Beside her she saw the look of surprise that flashed across his face, the look of awe that showed on his features, before he quickly hid the surprise, instead imitating her look of steely determination.

“I? I am God, the great system Lord Ba’al,” Ba’al replied.

Xander snorted softly. “Right, and I’m the Governor of California… Ba’al? Really? Nice name, did your mother not like you?”

Ba’al hissed at that, his eyes briefly glowing gold, before returning to their usual dark hue.. It was enough to unnerve Willow slightly.

“What are you?” she asked.

“Pah,” Ba’al scoffed, “as if you have not already been told.” At that particular moment he looked at them both, looking from Xander’s face to Willow’s and back again, studying them closely.

“Or perhaps you have not…” Ba’al smiled shrewdly, “Perhaps the famous Jack O’Neill has not seen fit to inform you of the truth behind what he does every day. Perhaps he does not trust you, perhaps he does not think that you are mature enough to cope with the news. The Tau’ri are very protective of their youths… perhaps a little too much so.”

Xander and Willow kept their resolved faces up but their minds were spinning. Willow was trying to remember if Giles or Jenny had ever mentioned the word Tau’ri. She couldn’t remember it and she’d never read it in the research books that Giles had given her to read. Willow did remember reading something about someone whose name was Ba’al in a book about old mythology. If her memory served her well, Ba’al was a title for a lord or someone with a high amount of power. She even recollected the title popping up in the holy books her father had read to her as a small child.

Xander was missing Buffy and knew that, had she been there, the smirk would have been wiped of Ba’al’s face well before now. Not for the first time Xander rued his status as a mere human. While he disliked the supernatural when they were evil, it would be cool to have some form of special power, other than food run boy. Of course, it would have come in handy in this particular instance.

Ba’al’s smile grew and Willow realized that her resolve face was slipping. She took a deep breath to steady herself.

“I’m sure Jack has his reasons,” she said. “Everything he’s done since we met him has been for our own good. Besides, if it was going to get us kidnapped, then it’s a good thing that he didn’t tell us. Now, since we know nothing, I ask that you release us.”

Ba’al actually laughed at that. “I am afraid that is quite impossible. You see, you are much farther from your home than you realize.”

“How do you know where we live?” Xander glared.

“I am a god and gods are all knowing. It is of no importance to me whether or not you know anything. You will both become my servants regardless.”

“What makes you think that we’ll ever serve you?” Xander asked. Ba’al smirked, holding out his hand, which had a strange metal device attached to it. Willow gulped, having seen pictures of similar devices in some of Giles’ books. They never had friendly purposes.

The orb at the center of the device, situated on Ba’al’s palm, began to glow before shooting a light out, hitting Xander. Xander curled in on himself, biting his lip tightly. Willow knew he was in serious pain, fighting to contain his screams, refusing to give Ba’al the pleasure of making him scream in pain. Willow sobbed as she watched Xander suffering, knowing in her gut that nothing would stop a sadistic lunatic like Ba’al from hurting Xander. He was like Angelus, in an obscure way, sharing membership of the being insanely mean demon-with-mostly-human-appearance club. Of course, Willow didn’t know if Ba’al had once been a good guy, like Angel, prior to going evil, but he was definitely evil now.

“Stop it,” she screamed, unable to watch Xander’s body jerk in pain as he lay on the floor, curled up in a ball trying to ease the pain he was in. Ba’al simply turned to her and smirked as he moved his hand, obviously shutting off the power that had tortured Xander. Xander’s body relaxed as he tried to regain his breath.

Willow tensed, knowing what was going to happen next… She knew it was going to hurt when the center of the device began to glow again, pointed at her this time, but nothing she had ever experienced before could even come close to comparing with the fiery pain that coursed through her body. Even though she’d braced and prepared for it, Willow couldn’t suppress the scream that escaped from her mouth as she fell to the floor, curling into a ball and willing the pain to stop. She clawed her hands, gripping onto her t-shirt, trying to make herself as small as possible, the pain coursing through her entire body. Every part of her body felt like it was on fire. Willow wondered if the torture she was experiencing was a similar to how it felt to be burnt at the stake. It even felt like her insides were burning. Willow took a shaking breath and continued her screaming, unable to comprehend anything else that was happening around her.

‘Oh, please just let it end. Buffy… Giles… Jack… Somebody… Help us!’ Willow mentally screamed.

A.N. Well, more angst for Xander and Willow. Can someone please tell me if i am getting Ba'al's sentence structure fight, because I'm finding him kind of difficult to write. Thanks for all the feedback I've been getting from you all, it means alto to me that you take the time to review, or just to read my stories.

The next chapter is already started, and hopefully it will turn out alright. A warning, I'm not so good at writing action, just so you know in advance.

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