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Summary: Buffy jumps into the portal for Dawn and finds herself in...Hogwarts?

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Harry Potter > Buffy-Centered > Theme: Hogwarts TeacherScathachFR1554,31402910,68216 Apr 1110 May 13No

The Beginning

Disclaimer: Unfortunately Buffy and friends belong to Joss Whedon, while, equally unfortunately, Harry Potter characters belong to the wonderful, amazing J.K. Rowling.

After I untied Dawn from the pole she was bound to she scampered away from the edge of the scaffolding we were standing on. Truthfully I don’t know why she did it. Despite the fact that the ball of energy hovering beneath me was meant to destroy this world, it was oddly hypnotic, beautiful. Looking down at it I realized that I got here too late. Hell was coming whether we were ready for it or not. I looked back at Dawn and it hit me: she is made of me. That means my blood will also satisfy the portal’s need for the blood of the Key. Dawn must have seen something in my face because she whitened further and said,

“Buffy, no! After mom…I can’t lose you too!” Tears began streaming down her face and I felt terrible, but if I didn’t do this, one way or another Dawn would die. I smiled at her gently and said,

“I’m sorry. Be strong. Live. For me.” With that I turned and jumped into the blazing ball of energy below me. I smiled, and then everything was black.

I was comfortable. I felt a smile stretch my lips, and then fade. At first I had thought I was in heaven, but I don’t remember enough about it to compare it with anything. All I remember was that I had loved it. This wasn’t the same feeling that I remember. I raised a single eyelid and saw…white. At first I thought maybe I was snow blind for some reason, but then I figured out that it was just the room. The walls were white, the bed was white, the sheets were white, and the gown I was wearing was white. The only spot of color was standing in the center of the room, wearing the most horrifying outfit I have ever seen in my life.

“Well, well, well. Do the Powers have something else for me to do? I can’t imagine what it would be; currently I’m not in love with anyone, so asking me to kill them would be out of the question. Need me to stab someone in the back for you?” Whistler’s half smile made me want to smack him, and I really hoped it showed on my face.

“Naw kid, you got it all wrong. I’m here doing you a favor.” I raised a skeptical brow and pursed my lips, remembering the last time he had said that. He seemed to recall the same thing, because he winced and said, “It’s different this time, see. After all your years of service the Powers are giving you a change of scenery.” I narrowed my eyes, not liking how he had phrased that.

“That’s it? No strings attached, just a nice vacation and a change of scenery?” Whistler looked down and scuffed his shoe against the perfectly white floor, clearing his throat.

“Well kid, I didn’t quiet say that.” I waited for him to tell me what he wanted me to do. When he didn’t say anything I cleared my throat pointedly and said,

“So, what do you want me to do?” he scratched his neck nervously and said,

“Well, you know how there are alternate dimensions?” I nodded; I knew all too well that there were other dimensions. “Well what you may not know is that there are other humans in some of the dimensions. There is one dimension that mirrors our own almost exactly, except that one: there are wand wielding wizards, two: they no longer have Slayers, they died out for some reason there, and three: right now they really need a Slayer.” I already knew that I would help these people, but only if they could take care of my friends.

“How are you going to take care of the Hellmouth without me?” Whistler nodded, as if expecting the question.

“Faith has been going through rehabilitation and is now cleared for duty, as it were. We’re getting her back there within the week.” I nodded, glad Faith was better.

“All right, I’ll do it.” He nodded solemnly, and my vision began to fade to black. The last thing I heard was,

“Good luck kid. You have no idea what you’re getting into.”

Sorry, I know this chapter is short, but it's my first story so give me a break. I'll write the next one soon, and it'll be longer, promise. :)
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