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A webslinger in Smallville

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Summary: A short trip to New York changes Andrew's life and Smallville Warning Andrew/Clark Kent

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Smallville > Other BtVS/AtS Characters
Marvel Universe > Spider-Man > Andrew-Centered
JacobPhoenixFR211853,6005354,17317 Apr 111 Jun 11No

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Chapter One

Disclaimer: I don’t own the Spiderman movies, Buffy or the Smallville series.

Timeline: Around Spiderman 1, post S3 of Buffy, S2 of Smallville before episode ‘Heat.’

Chapter 1

Andrew smiled as he got off the airplane and saw Peter and Aunt May, he rushed over and hugged Peter joyfully; his favourite cousin in, like ever.

Peter hugged him and said, “Andrew, are you ever going to stop looking like you’re sixteen?”

“Yeah, one day,” Andrew said, “What about you?”

“Hey, I don’t get beaten up nearly that often anymore,” Peter snarked back, “But yeah Andrew, how was your trip here?”

“Boys,” May said, “Andrew’s going to be here for two weeks, you can visit at home.”

As they walked down Andrew looked around and muttered, “Where’s Uncle Ben?”

Peter sighed, “He’s at work Andrew but yeah, you and I are going to have fun tomorrow; there’s a big exhibit at the museum and Harry and I gotta get some big city culture in you before you go to, what is it, Hicksville?”

“Peter,” May said, “Gabe and Chloe are being very generous in letting Andrew live with them.”

“Yeah, I know Aunt May,” Peter said, “It’s just a shame he can’t stay here in the big city and has to go to Smallville mom.”

“Peter Parker, Smallville was very nice,” May said, “Just because it isn’t big like New York, you liked it when you went there for the summers.”

“Yeah,” Peter whispered, “Andrew, there’s nothing to do there, nothing but fields and steadily lowering IQ’s.”

Andrew sighed, “It’s not that bad, Peter I mean I’ve never been there but Chloe and Uncle Gabe were nice enough to take me in so my parents could deal with Tucker.”

“About that,” Peter said, “What did Tucker do to get arrested anyways?”

“Something about animal cruelty,” Andrew said, “And him training dogs to attack people going to the Prom.”

When they got in Andrew rushed over and hugged Ben, who grinned and said, “He’s just growing in inches now, isn’t he? But it is good to see you again.”

Andrew smiled at Ben and Peter led him upstairs and said, “Looks like we’ll be sharing the same room Andrew.”

“Yeah, yeah,” Andrew said laughing, “Though are you still afraid of the dark?”

“No,” Peter grinned, “But I wasn’t the one who begged Uncle Ben to rent Dawn of the Dead, remember who wet whose bed that night?”

“It was a joint effort,” Andrew muttered playfully, “You wet your bed that night too, remember when Uncle Ben groaned that night? You thought there was a zombie coming and you dragged me under the bed.”

Peter sighed, “It’s good to have you here Andrew, I’ve missed you. I just wish you could stay here, you’re my best friend other than Harry and oh, you’re gonna love Harry, he’s nice.”

The next day Andrew sighed as they ran after the bus, Andrew yelled, “In Sunnydale they usually stop for us but that could be just a west coast thing.”

Peter yelled, “Don’t worry, it usually stops soon.”

Andrew coughed as the bus finally stopped for them, he looked at Peter and said, “Thanks for getting them to take me on your field trip, I only hope one day I can repay you.”

As they got on he saw Peter look dreamily at a red haired girl and as they looked around for a seat Peter sighed as he looked at her, he whispered, “That’s MJ, I like her.”

Andrew stared at him and said, “Really? I wouldn’t have guessed.”

Peter groaned, “Andrew, when did you become a bitch anyways?”

“When I, the boy with asthma, had to chase a goddamn school bus down,” Andrew said.

MJ looked at Peter and said, “Hello, I’m sorry they did this again Peter,” and froze, “Andrew, is that you?”

He looked at her and she smiled, “Sorry, you might not remember me; I think your brother put some spiders in my hair and I screamed ‘I hope you never get a girlfriend.’”

“You might want to know that your wish came true,” Andrew said, “And his luck with women hasn’t changed at all.”

MJ looked confused and said, “What do you mean?”

“Umm,” Peter said, “Tucker’s in jail for training dogs to attack prom goers.”

“Oh Andrew, I’m sorry,” MJ said, “And if it helps, I was eight at the time.”

Andrew smiled and said, “Well I’m going to be living in Kansas afterwards, my mom and dad decided that being the brother of the crazy guy would be too hard for me to deal with.”

“Yeah,” Peter grinned, “He’s going to Smallville: land of the inbred.”

“Peter!!” Andrew said, slapping him on the shoulder, “I thought you were supposed to not be a smartass, isn’t that what Uncle Ben said before we left?”

MJ smiled and she sighed, “It’s good to see you Andrew, even if it’s for a short time and I am sorry that you won’t be staying with us.”

“It’s alright Ms Watson,” Andrew said smiling.

She grinned at him and sat next to Flash and Peter groaned, “That’s the longest she’s ever been near me, maybe you could stay; you’re a chick magnet or at least a Mary Jane magnet.”

Andrew sighed as they finally got to the museum; it looked nice better than the one in Sunnydale at least, when he saw a sullen looking boy get out of a car.

Peter waved him over and said, “Hey Harry.”

The man gave them a wave as he walked over; he looked at Andrew and muttered, “Pete, who’s this kid? Your baby brother?”

“No, you’ve never met him, he’s my cousin,” Peter said, “He’s only here for a couple of weeks then he’s going to Smallville.”

Harry raised an eyebrow and said, “Hey, if you see a bald man looking snobby and like he has permanent stick up his ass, tell him he owes me two hundred dollars.”

They looked at each other for a bit and Andrew smiled, “It’s nice to meet you Mr Osborn.”

Harry said, “Call me Harry, alright Andrew?”

Norman walked out, held out his son’s bag and said, “Won’t you be needing this Harry?” He looked at Peter, nodded and said, “Hello.”

As they walked in Andrew looked at Harry, “Who’s the bald guy that you want me to tell him that he owes you?”

“Lex Luthor,” Harry grinned, “We met in private school before I was expelled, he’ll know you’re talking about.”

Andrew stared at the spiders and watched Harry talk to MJ, when Peter sighed Andrew patted his shoulder.

As Peter was about to take the picture of the lecture neither noticed a small blue and red spider landing on Peter’s hand, it crawled on him and suddenly bit.

“Ouch!!” he yelled as he suddenly flinched, causing spider to fly and land on the back of Andrew’s neck and bit him there.

Andrew felt a piercing bite on the back of his skull as the spider bit him and crawled away.

Andrew groaned in pain as they got in the bus, he looked at Peter and said, “Thanks for flinging it on me Pete; I was just thinking that I needed to be bitten today.”

“Sorry Andrew,” Peter groaned, “I didn’t even see it land there.”

“It’s alright,” Andrew groaned, “I’m feeling kinda woozy right now.”

“Know what? So am I Andrew,” Peter moaned.

Ben looked at the two boys coming in and grinned, “How was your day today Andrew? You two enjoy your trip to the museum?”

Andrew groaned, “Feeling woozy, sleepy,” as he crawled upstairs.

Ben frowned, “Don’t you two want to get a bite to eat?”

Peter moaned, “We already got bites, both of us,” and crawled up after Andrew.

Andrew was already unconscious on the bed when Peter collapsed on him and while they both slept their bodies were both going through some changes.

The next morning Andrew moaned, “Pete, get off me.”

Peter whispered, “Andrew, take your shirt off, I need to check something out.”

Andrew looked at him and groaned, “That sounds like a come on.”

“Just do it Andrew,” as Peter took his shirt off and said, “I thought so Andrew, look in the mirror.”

Andrew stared and muttered, “What the hell!?” as he saw lean muscles over his body, he stared at Peter and said, “The muscle fairy loves us?”

Peter shrugged, “But yeah, I gotta get to school, you stay and do whatever you were going to do today.”

As Peter ran out to go to school Andrew flexed a bit and muttered confused, “Is there something in the water here?”

After he got dressed he walked out to the kitchen and saw Ben, Ben smiled and said, “Andrew, it’s been a pleasure to have you stay here, I just wish you could stay for a while longer as Peter’s heading to college soon.”

“Yeah, well Uncle Gabe apparently wants me there,” Andrew said, “And about last night, sorry about everything, I was just a bit under the weather.”

May nodded and said, “Don’t let Peter’s joking get to you, he loved visiting Chloe and Gabe, he’s just been going through some bad times right now.”

Andrew smiled, “Yeah but I’m looking forwards to it, I really want to see Chloe and Uncle Gabe.”

“Good,” she smiled and said, “You just relax for today.”

As Andrew relaxed he reached for a book on the shelf when a thread shot out of his hands and pulled the book shelf towards him.

He stared at the shelf when May yelled from the kitchen, “Andrew, what happened? Are you alright?”

“Yeah Aunt May,” Andrew said panicking, “I don’t know what happened.”

“It’s alright,” May said softly, “Just be careful.”

Andrew stared at the silk thread that was coming out of his wrists and he shook his head, ‘No way, no way, no fucking way!!’

“Aunt May,” Andrew yelled, “I’m going outside for a bit.”

She looked at him and smiled, ‘He seems a bit more energetic, that is good to see,’ she thought, ‘He looked way better than he did last night.’

Andrew wondered as he got in the back alley and suddenly jumped up several feet and landed on his feet, he was grinning as he walked out.

Peter rushed home and said, “Andrew, can you follow me?”

Peter crawled up a nearby building and Andrew put his hands on the wall and started to crawl up with him, Andrew grinned, ‘This is actually getting to be cool.’

“Come on Andrew,” Peter yelled as he jumped from a building to another building, “I’ll catch you if you don’t make it.”

Andrew looked unsure ‘But hey, Peter could catch me.’ he thought as he ran after Peter and suddenly jumped as far as he could only to land on the other building, he stared at the distance and yelled, “Cool, this is so cool!!”

Peter nodded and said, “Race you,” and started to run.

“Hey!!” Andrew yelled, “No fair, I didn’t have time to prepare,” and leapt from building to building, chasing after Peter.

“All’s fair in races,” Peter laughed as they leapt from building top to building top, Andrew grinned as they kept running and jumping.

Andrew froze; he wasn’t panting, he wasn’t having any stitches in his side and his asthma wasn’t there anymore.

When he caught up to Peter he saw Peter looking at the billboard and was trying to activate those web things, he looked at Andrew and muttered, “You learn how to do this yet?”

“It was accidental with me,” Andrew muttered.

“Okay,” Peter said, “Webs go? Umm, up, up and away webs?” Until Peter touched his palm and a sliver thread came.

He showed Andrew how to do it and Peter shot a web to the other side and swung to it, Andrew quickly did it too and followed Peter and yelled, “Peter, how are we gonna stop?” when they both hit the billboard.

Andrew groaned as Peter grinned at him and said, “We need to practice.”

“Yes,” Andrew moaned, “Practice, for the love of god.”

Later that night as they walked home Andrew groaned, ‘Super powers, I have super powers, when did I get so damn lucky?’

Peter sighed as they came back into his room and said, “Andrew, would you like to make some money?”

“We aren’t robbing a bank are we?” Andrew said smirking.

“Nope, this Andrew,” Peter said as he pointed out an ad in the paper.

Andrew stared at him and muttered, “Are you kidding me? Wrestling?”

“Three thousand dollars Andrew,” Peter said, “All we have to do is make costumes for ourselves.”

“Okay but no pink for me Peter,” Andrew said, “This isn’t going to be like that Halloween.”

Peter grinned, “I thought you looked good as the pink power ranger.”

“People threw things at me Peter,” Andrew said darkly, “And do you want me to see how strong I am?”

Peter hugged him and said, “Don’t worry; manly colours for my favourite cousin.”

Andrew grinned as they drew costume ideas, Andrew muttered, “No capes, I think they’d get in the way after a while.” They both picked out red suits with touches of blue while Andrew chose a bit more red for his costume.

“Tomorrow Andrew,” Peter said, “I’m going to make three grand, get a car and maybe the girl.”

Andrew nodded as he went to sleep, tomorrow would be fun, he hoped at least.

The next day Andrew was woken up by Peter who said, “Come on, we have to get ready for the library.”

“Is that what we’re calling it?” Andrew said with a grin.

As they were driven to the Library by Ben, Andrew sighed, ‘Uncle Ben looks like he has something to say.”

Ben sighed, “Peter, Andrew, I want you to listen to me, I know you’re both going through changes right now; I mean puberty and being a teenager can be hard.”

‘Changes?’ Peter thought wryly, ‘Not what Andrew and I are going through.’

“But Peter,” Ben said, “You and Andrew are doing these weird experiments and you told your Aunt May you were exercising without your clothes and you Peter, getting into fights at school.”

Andrew looked at Peter who looked embarrassed and snapped at Ben, who finally let them leave.

Andrew sighed, “Peter, I know you were getting a bit upset but.”

“I’ll say I’m sorry later Andrew,” Peter said, “Now let’s get ready,” as they walked to the arena and changed into their costumes.

In the arena Andrew was getting a bit nervous, he wasn’t ready for this, he knew he was strong now but inside he felt he was still the same weak little kid.

Peter grinned, “Andrew, we’re going to be awesome and don’t worry, we practiced and everything.”

Andrew nodded a bit uncomfortable still as they signed the waivers and walked down into the arena, as they walked Peter whispered, “I’m the Human Spider and you’re the Spider sidekick.”

“Oh goody,” Andrew mumbled, “I’m the Spider Sidekick; I will get you for that one someday.”

Peter laughed as they walked down and the announcer said, “Ladies and gentlemen, we got two kids here from parts unknown to take the challenge of a lifetime!!”

The guy looked at them and said, “Names? I need names?”

“Umm,” Peter grinned, “The Human Spider and the Spider Kid.”

“Really? No way,” the man said, “It’s the Spiderman and his friend the Scarlet Spider.”

Andrew grinned, “At least it’s better than the Human Spider.”

They both looked at the muscle bound man who looked at them and, as they backed off, the cage dropped down. Their opponent said, No way, I got you two geeks for three minutes of Me time.”

Andrew and Peter jumped up together and crawled up the cage, staring at him. He yelled, “Git yourselves down here for your beat down!!”

Peter snarked, “I think not you psycho. And by the way I love your suit, your husband get it for you?”

The man rushed towards the cage to try to knock them down.

Andrew yelled, “I don’t think his husband gave him the suit, maybe his mom. After all you have to leave home to get married to anyone, right?”

“You don’t talk shit about my mom!!” the wrestler yelled angrily.

They managed to knock him out and as they went to collect the money Andrew wondered if this guy would pay them as it wasn’t exactly three minutes.

The man gave them each a couple hundred dollars and said, “It was for three minuets.”

Peter walked away angry, followed by Andrew, who looked a bit disappointed but he would pick up some things for the trip to Smallville, when a man rushed by and was holding a bunch of bills, they heard a yell, “He stole my money, catch him!!”

When Peter didn’t move and the guy got past them Andrew growled, “Why did we let him escape?”

“Because Andrew,” Peter said, “It’s not our problem.”

As they walked outside Andrew whispered, “Lets swing there, I’ll race you.”

Peter shrugged and chased after Andrew, swinging through the streets. When they got there Andrew noticed Uncle Ben was talking to someone and froze as he had a gun.

Andrew yelled, “Uncle Ben?”

The man looked at Andrew and fired the gun, as the bullet passed through Andrew’s shoulder he collapsed, looking at the blood oozing from the wound he giggled nervously, ‘Not bulletproof.’

Peter rushed over and yelled, “Andrew!!” He stared at the man who backed away and ran with Peter chasing after him.

“No Peter,” Ben yelled as he saw Peter rush after him, he looked at Andrew and whispered, “Andrew, are you alright?”

Andrew stared, it hurt but the hurt was going away slowly but surely, he thought he’d be bleeding for a bit longer but he wanted to get up.

Ben stared, “Andrew, don’t get up, you’ve been shot and you need to rest.”

As they waited for the ambulance Ben sighed, “Andrew, I know you’re going to live as you seem better already. I’m proud of you and Peter, just promise me one thing Andrew?”

“What?” Andrew asked confused.

“I know you have a tendency to hide from the world in your imagination,” Ben smiled sadly, “If May and I had raised you that wouldn’t be the case. When you get to Smallville promise me you’ll make friends, promise me that you’ll leave your room and not hide from the world and let your personality shine.”

Andrew nodded as the ambulance came for him, Ben got in with him and whispered, “I won’t leave you, I bet this is going to be scary for you.”

At the hospital the doctors were amazed that the wound wasn’t as bad as they thought, he wouldn’t even need a cast.

Peter came in after he had found the crook and realized who it was. Ben looked at him disappointedly and said, “Why’d you run off Peter?”

“I wanted to get the guy who hurt Andrew,” Peter growled.

Ben shook his head, “Peter, Andrew’s going to be fine but it could’ve been worse, a lot worse. You need to think about the consequences of your actions now, its not me you owe an apology, its Andrew.”

Peter walked in and saw Andrew on the bed, looking at him puzzled and smiled weakly, “You get him Peter?”

“Yeah,” Peter grumbled, “I got him, but Andrew it was the guy from the wrestling arena, the one I let get away.”

Andrew sighed as Peter told him what had happened and suddenly Peter whispered, “What if he had killed you or Uncle Ben? What would happen then?”

“It’s alright,” Andrew muttered, “I think the Spider powers made me better.”

Peter smiled softly, “So I’m off the hook with you but not Uncle Ben, he’s really disappointed with me.”

Andrew nodded, “But maybe you can use these powers for some good, I mean I’m going to the county of the boring, probably not much chance of me fighting, right?”

Two weeks later Andrew was packing when he saw Peter with a present, he looked at him and said, “What’s this for?”

“It’s for you; I have something to show you, Peter said, “Follow me.”

As Peter walked out of the closet and showed himself in a red and blue suit and said, “I’m going to use my powers for some good. Now open yours Andrew.”

Andrew opened his present and saw red spandex with the same white eyes that Peter had on his except it had a blue shirt on the chest with a black Spider on it. He looked at Peter’ who whispered, “You can always be the Scarlet Spider Andrew.”

As Andrew put it on he looked at himself in the mirror and muttered, “I look cool, I guess.”

“Totally,” Peter said, “Totally cool and like I said; manly colours for my favourite cousin.”

When it was time to go Ben looked at Andrew, he smiled at him and said, “Remember what I said, alright Andrew?”

Andrew hugged Ben, as he and Peter got into the car and he looked at Peter and whispered, “Send me any newspaper clippings of you, okay?”

“Only if you do the same for me,” Peter said, “I don’t want you to let your gifts go to waste Andrew.”

As they hugged each other in the airport before he got on the airplane to Metropolis Andrew grinned, ‘Smallville is going to be boring, most things I’ll stop will be cattle rustlers or something like that.’


AN: The pairing will be Andrew/Clark eventually.

The Scarlet Spider costume Andrew is wearing can be seen on or the Marvel wiki.

How will Smallville react to have a new hero in town? Is there any Spiderman villains that you want to see come to Smallville to fight Andrew? How will Chloe react when she finds out that her two cousins have super powers?

Please rate and review.
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