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The Essence of The Key.

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Summary: She was alone in a strange place and Buffy could not come to her rescue this time. It was not a Tuesday Scenario; this time she had to be her own hero and save herself.

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Nusta Rhiamon

A/N: Sorry about the unintended hiatus! I lost internet connection for a whole month (Thanks a lot, ISP) and then I kinda got my brain eaten by Persona 4 again….anyhow. My net is back and I fully intend to continue this and my other in-progress fic hosted here. As a little aside, I drew a very scrappy doodle of Dawn’s new outfit. [here] but don’t expect anything amazing, I can’t draw for beans. :D

Chapter Four: Nusta Rhiamon

That night, Dawn was too restless to get her head down properly and after a while of tossing and turning - she simply gave up. Getting out of bed was easy with so much excess energy, she felt the presence of Sora again but this time it was much stronger. Interested by the feeling she had filling her heart, Dawn left the small house and pushed open the door from Zero to Third. She made her way nimbly across the courtyard, having improved enough that she could either avoid the shadows coming up easily or simply destroy them by herself and she found Sora sitting on the wall by the oversized mailbox, looking up at the stars. She watched him for a moment, he was looking intently up at the sky and then as a star blinked out of existence, he frowned.

“Sora?” she asked, stepping forward and it seemed she had caught his attention. He looked over and his face cracked into a wide smile again. Already in their short acquaintance, it seemed to Dawn that this was just how his face was supposed to look. Smiling and carefree. “Mind if I join you?”

In response, he shimmied over a bit and reached a hand down to help her up onto the ledge as well to sit beside him. They sat in silence for a moment, both staring at their own shoes and kicking out their feet a little in nervousness, not even noticing the other mirroring their movements.

“I was a little surprised…” Sora began, causing Dawn to look up and see a very faint blush spread across his cheeks. “When I saw you and felt your heart. From what Leon said, I thought there was only one Keyblade.”

“I’ve been speaking to Aerith about it, apparently there is only one ‘true’ keyblade - yours, Sora. Mine is not as powerful as your’s is but it is still a keyblade. I’m not all that sure about how this all works either. I had this sword in my world before I came here,” she looked up at the stars so she wouldn’t have to look the sweet and earnest boy in the face as she said it. “I heard a woman’s voice and the sword I was holding transformed in my hand into the Twilight Soul…it saved my life and brought me here.”

“Sounds quite a lot like what happened to me without the female voice,“ She looked back down at Sora and he smiled sadly at her. “The Islands were attacked and I fought this huge Heartless but before I could stop it, I was pulled into some kind of swirly dark thing and I woke up in the alleyway over there.”



“You’ve been travelling to different worlds looking for your friends, right? Yuffie told me you are looking for two people…can I ask a favour?” Dawn bit her lip.

“Yeah, what is it?”

“If…If you come across a petite blonde girl who has strength that her frame says she shouldn’t have - tell her I am safe? Tell her I will find her no matter what it takes?”

“I will look for her too, for you, Dawn. What is her name?”

“Buffy Summers. She is my big sister. I have something I need to do here first, I want to help Leon and the others to thank them for their kindness but as soon as I am strong enough, I am going to go and find her. This time she is the one who needs saving.”

“Sora? We’re meeting in the Small House, Third District,” Donald called as the duck came into view.

“I’d better go,” Sora said as he jumped down off of the ledge. “I promise I will look for your sister as well as Riku and Kairi.”

Dawn waved him off and sat there for a while longer, alternately staring at her shoes and then at the sky. The sky seemed kind of empty now that stars had been blinking out of existence even since she had arrived here herself and then she felt a huge source of power in the Third District. Worried for her friends and confused at being able to feel things like this now, she leapt down and summoned her blade to hand, charging through the spelled doors out into the Heartless-infested district.

The first thing that caught her attention was a total lack of Heartless. Surely such a surge of power was a big heartless? They appeared here sometimes, Dawn knew, but if the Heartless had somehow been taken out so easily then where were the victors? She had been fast enough to not give them time to flee…

She was not alone in the district. There was a boy standing there, looking forlorn and just as Dawn opened her mouth to call out to him, a portal that seemed to be made of the same kind of darkness that had brought her from her world to this one materialised behind him and a large female stepped through it and put a hand on the much smaller boy’s shoulder.

“You see? It’s just as I told you.” The woman began and Dawn’s heart leapt into her throat. That voice. It was the voice she heard in Rome, she was sure of it. “While you toiled away trying to find your dear friend, he quite simply replaced you with some new companions.”

Dawn got closer so that she could see better. She silently climbed the steps so as not to interrupt what The Voice was saying to the boy and she peeked around the corner. Her heart dropped from her throat down into her stomach somewhere as she took in what was being said and the fact that Sora, Donald, Goofy and the others were all palling around in the Small House. Had Sora really betrayed this boy? He just didn’t seem like the type to her…

“Evidently, now he values them far more than he does you.” The woman took her eyes off of Sora and looked down to the silver-haired boy beside her, whose eyes were still fixated on Sora.

“You’re better off without that wretched boy. Now think no more of him,” The Voice stooped and almost put a comforting hand on the boy but not quite close enough to actually do so “and come with me. I’ll help you find what you are searching for…”

Dawn suddenly realised both The Voice and the boy were going to leave and if they left, she might never get a chance to ask why and how the woman had saved her life.

“Wait!” she called out, jumping out from her hiding place and causing them both to turn and look at her. She noticed the boy’s face turn back to stare at Sora once more but the woman smiled and Dawn realised she looked a bit creepy, her pale pallour (or very thick weird make-up) making her look like she had never seen an hour of sunlight in her life and the horn hat-thing looking kind of devilish - but that smile did impart a bit of warmth to her face. Maybe she was just unfortunate-looking? Anyway, she had saved her life, Dawn reminded herself, no time to be stupid. If Sunnydale had taught her anything it was not to judge by appearances.

“You’re the one who saved my life…” Dawn began, feeling a bit stupid now, but she barrelled on. “I heard your voice speak to me and tell me to trust in my sword.”

At these words, the boy suddenly turned, his eyes had before been hard and yet with pain swimming underneath the steely gaze he had fixed on Sora and now they were wide and innocent-looking, filled with surprise.

“You saved her?” he asked of the woman.

“Yes, my dear boy, I saved her the way I did you. You and she were meant to be great warriors of the Keyblades - I can explain more when we return to Hollow Bastion.”

“I’ll come with you,” he said and Dawn noticed that he did not even glance back towards the Small House.

“What name did they give you when you lived in that world?” the woman asked of Dawn.

“Dawn Joyce Summers.” She replied. “Dawn because my Mum said I brought sunshine into her life and Joyce was her name.”

“Named you for the Dawn when you are the wielder of the Twilight, almost right” the woman said, her voice with a note of mirth. She lifted her hand and a portal appeared again. “Riku, take Dawn’s hand and guide her through.”

So the boy was called Riku, huh? Nice sounding name she thought and she stepped forward and took the offered hand.

“Don’t worry, it doesn’t hurt, it is just dark so hold on,” he told her and she stepped through with him, hoping she could make her disappearance up to Leon and the others once she had found some answers. As her grip on his hand tightened in the darkness, she felt something thrum from her fingertips and through straight to her heart. It was not as intense as it had been with Sora; but perhaps this Riku boy held some of the keyblade’s power as well?

The pitch darkness was suddenly shot through with purple and then a pinprick of light zoomed towards them and Dawn found herself standing in a very large bluish room with staircases winding up both sides of the room up to a doorway up above.

“Are you okay? The first time you go through can be a little scary,” Riku said and Dawn blushed, realising they were still clasping hands. She let go and nodded.

“I don’t really like portals,” she admitted with an almost-whisper and then she stood and took in a deep breath as she looked around but before she could get a good look, the woman came through behind them.

“Welcome to Hollow Bastion, Dawn. This world is your world. I am Maleficent and I have much to tell you about your origins and why you possess the power to wield a key blade, but first I want to tell you the truth of your parentage.” She effectively had both teen’s attention at this pronouncement.

Dawn shuddered a little, she knew where she had come from but she hoped that the woman, Maleficent, would not blab in front of Riku. She barely knew him and though he seemed alright, she had a morbid fear of people knowing her status as The Key. It only lead to badness, blood and pain.

“Your birth name is Nusta Rhiamon. Your true mother gave you this name but because of the power you held, she was forced to hide you on the world you knew as Earth and conceal your powers and your parentage.”

“Joyce Summers is my mother,” Dawn argued. Kind of. She was the mother who counted, anyway because she loved me the way a Mum is supposed to.

“Your mother is a very powerful faery-witch from a Forest World and your father is a powerful magic-wielding King of another world. A child of two mages, a child of two worlds - such was never supposed to exist. The powers of the world divisors is within you.”

So I’m still a bloody wall-tearing, lock-unlocking key, she thought to herself.

“Once you have truly harnessed the power you hold in your veins you will be a witch with power to rival myself and Merlin the wizard. Perhaps even Yen Sid - you must be trained in combat and in spell work to bring your powers under your control.”

“How do you know all this?” Dawn challenged.

“I know this, child, because I am your mother.” Maleficent said, her eyes sparkling and her lips set in a smirk.

The End?

You have reached the end of "The Essence of The Key." – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 25 Jun 11.

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