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The Essence of The Key.

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Summary: She was alone in a strange place and Buffy could not come to her rescue this time. It was not a Tuesday Scenario; this time she had to be her own hero and save herself.

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Games > Japanese Fantasy > Kingdom HeartsorganicmagicFR15410,864071,39417 Apr 1125 Jun 11No

Not a Tuesday Scenario.

A/N: The first few chapters will deal with KH1-time line but the bulk of the story will be a heavily altered re-telling of KHII to accommodate Dawn and her unique functions. There will also be worlds that have not yet appeared in the games. Some of KH1 and Buffy canon has been altered as well so this is very AU. There will also be a very different Dawn-Origin story as well.

Also, so that I do not encounter fourth-wall issues or have Dawn knowing far too much about the worlds she will visit (as, lets face it, the stories are different in KH than in their own canon anyway) there is no Disney or Final Fantasy games on Earth. They will be entirely new to her.

Disclaimer: Kingdom Hearts and Buffy the Vampire Slayer, the places, characters and other miscellanea are not mine. I do not lay claim to them - this is merely fan work.

Main pairings: Dawn/Riku, Sora/Ariel. Please note there are other unconventional pairings in this fic but they are not the focus of the story. They will crop up though so if rarer pairs aren’t your cup of tea please be warned. There are Disney and Final Fantasy characters in this that also did not make it into the game as well.

The Essence of the Key.

Not a Tuesday Scenario.

Dawn Summers was bored beyond belief right now. She had woken up in her bed in their little place in Rome and gone for breakfast only to find that Buffy was once again not around. She had likely stayed out all night with The Immortal again. The girl made burnt pancakes and sat down with an orange juice, feeling irritated at her elder sister for being so protective of her in some ways and totally negligent in others. Dawn looked around the little flat they lived in - the place she spent the better part of her time. She was not allowed out without an escort and it was driving her to distraction.

She was half tempted to burst into song and sing ‘Cabin Fever’ from the Muppets movie but remembering Sweet, the idea soured on her almost instantly. There had to be something interesting happening somewhere, surely? Maybe they were showing something on TV, her Italian was good enough now that she understood most of what they were saying.

“My child…” the female voice sounded in her mind as if it had reached her brain without the intervention of her ears. “My child hear me.”

“I can’t hear you. I don’t do disembodied voices.” Dawn protested aloud to the empty flat around her, but she did quickly move for the weapons chest and liberate a short sword from Buffy’s collection. She had always been fond of this sword and had always claimed it as her own if she had needed a weapon.

“You are the wielder of the Twilight Soul, you must come to no harm,” the voice sounded again in her mind and Dawn was getting seriously wigged out.

“If my sister catches you talking at me magically she is so gonna kick your ass, voice,” she snapped. “Or I might!”

“Your sister cannot help you now. Your world is doomed…”

“Yeah, that sounds like a threat to me, lady,” Dawn retorted, not impressed. Just as she reached for the phone to call Buffy’s mobile, an explosion from outside snatched her attention.

“Your world is doomed, Nusta Rhiamon, you must be ready - you must save yourself,” the voice came again more urgently. Dawn wondered why she had been called such a weird name and part of her wanted to heed the words as outside the sky was darkening many hours too early. The winds had picked up and debris was being ripped from buildings and the ground around her and careening into the sky. She saw several of her neighbours get sucked out of their homes and thrown into that black swirling vortex as a multitude of little black creatures with glowing yellow eyes poured out of it.

“Now, believe in me before you are destroyed!” Dawn threw caution to the wind for a split second and to her disbelief, the sword in her hands thrummed and changed shape. It grew longer, the hand guard curled around more and the end sprouted into a key-shape. A key chain erupted from the end and it had a multitude of stars on the end. Dawn lifted the weapon to her eyes and she saw that the tiny silver stars moved by themselves and did not seem connected by anything other than magic to the chain itself. As she was engrossed in taking in the spectacular changes in her weapon, a piece of debris smashed through her window and would have killed her outright she knew, but it was deflected by the sword and hit the floor.

“If you do not believe in me, then believe that you and that sword are meant for greater things. Put your heart into the sword and you will not die this day. Do it now, you do not have long…” the voice warned again.

The skeptical side of Dawn was on the verge of deciding that the whole thing was an illusion when a piece of shrapnel hit her in the forehead and cut her, a trail of blood seeping down her cheek. One of those creatures emerged from the floor of her flat and she swept her blade through it instinctively and it exploded into little black gobs of shadow before disappearing entirely.

“Illusions don’t cut,” she realized, speaking aloud as had become her habit when she was lonely. She squeezed her eyes shut and put her heart into the weapon. She felt a tugging and her ears popped as it felt like her world had just squeezed in around her. She risked peeking one eye open and saw she was careening through space, the stars twinkling around her and she slammed the eye shut again, terrified. After several minutes of it making her feel very nauseated, she began to slow down and she saw she was heading for a small world that appeared to be made up of a single town. She started to believe she would slam into the ground and be Dawn-paste but then she slowed more dramatically and finally touched her toes to the ground as lightly as a ballerina.

“That was way trippy,” she muttered as she looked around. Her arrival was met by sad looks from the people around her but no one seemed to be shocked that a girl had just come from space without even a spaceship. Spotting a woman leaning up against the side of what appeared to be a café, Dawn approached her and asked the only question in her head right now.

“Excuse me, where am I?”

“Traverse Town, did you lose your world to the darkness as well?” she responded.

“I think so. Everything broke up and went into this dark vortex,” Dawn nodded.

“Then it is lost. You can’t go back - you might as well make yourself a home here like the rest of us refugees.” The woman turned and walked away, leaving Dawn frightened. The voice had been right, her world had been doomed. What had happened to Buffy? They might not be as close as they once had been any more but she was still her sister and she loved her. What had happened to Willow, Xander and Giles? What had become of Janice? The girl felt tears welling up behind her eyes but she blinked them away furiously.

She was alone in a strange place and Buffy could not come to her rescue this time. It was not a Tuesday Scenario; this time she had to be her own hero and save herself. She steeled herself.

“Food, place to sleep, water.” She muttered to herself and she took her first tentative step on her own. Whether she was here a day or a year or the rest of her life, she needed those three things. She walked into the shop next door and got the shock of her life when she encountered three duck boys.

“Welcome to Huey, Dewey and Louie’s item shop!” they quacked at her, but Dawn did not stay, she almost tripped over her own feet as she back peddled from the store and caught her breath just outside. Did she just have three talking duck boys welcoming her to their store?! This world was freaky-deaky and she did not like it so far.

A hand tapped her on the shoulder and Dawn whirled around, bringing her sword to bear but it was countered by a huge blade that appeared to have a gun on top of it.

“Are you lost?” a deep, soothing voice asked and Dawn blinked a little. His voice had the same kind of effect on her that Angel’s had always had and she found herself relaxing out of instinct. He was quite tall and had fairly shaggy loose brown hair and an awful lot of unnecessary belts on.

“Yes.” She replied simply, confused by the aura of safety this man gave off. She felt less scared now that he was there but she still did not want to trust him fully just yet - he was still a stranger after all.

“I’m Leon,” he said. “Welcome to Traverse Town. You’re safe now, in the First District but be very careful if you go into the Second or Third Districts, they can be dangerous as they have not been secured.”

“What is going on?” she asked, “I just got here, some woman told me I was a refugee and my world is gone and then I just walked into a store with three talking ducks. I wanna go home!” she heard the whine in her voice but she didn’t care at this moment.

“This world is almost like a crossroads,” he explained and ushered her towards the café she had seen earlier and sat down. She followed him, they were in a public place so she figured she’d be safe enough. “There are many worlds out there, all of them contain a Heart just as you or I do. Did you get attacked by shadow creatures?”

“Yes, this little black thing came out of my floor so I killed it with this,” she lifted her sword again and Leon studied it with his eyes very critically.

“Your sword…it feels…special,” he said “May I?”

Dawn was a little hesitant, but she allowed him to touch the weapon. He seemed to be concentrating and then gave it back to her. Whatever it was he seemed to be looking for he did not appear to have found.

“Well, as a newcomer to Traverse Town, I would like to formally welcome you. We have no Mayor or government officials or anything to help you out but my friends and myself try to be a sort of welcoming committee and help people to settle in. I can get you a room in the local inn but it is in the Second District so you will still have to be on your guard.” He gave her a very tiny smile that was quickly over. She was not the person he was looking for, she knew. There was someone he wanted to find, someone with a special sword he was expecting to appear here; still just the moment of comfort he had imparted meant a great deal to her.

“Just point the way, I’ll get myself there,” she said and he nodded, pointing to a large set of doors on the upper level of the District. Dawn thanked him and stood to leave.

“I didn’t catch your name,” he suddenly realised.

“Dawn. Dawn Summers,” she replied with a smile and she headed for the alleyway, jumped on the boxes and heaved herself up onto the upper level before pushing the huge double doors open and entering the Second District. This area was completely different to the region she had just been in. This seemed cold and forbidding with all the dark blue and the shadows compared to the browns and earthy hues of the other area.

A woman screamed and Dawn looked up, she was a matronly looking woman who was clearly terrified. Dawn lifted her sword as three of the shadow creatures attacked her. The girl dived in, sword swinging but she was too late; she looked on in horror as the creatures made the woman disappear excepting a glittering heart that floated up into the air and then vanished into a miniature dark portal.

The shadows turned their attention on Dawn and she yelled, swinging her sword at them. The first she struck right through it’s face and it exploded into those little shadowy gobs as the second took her foot in it’s face. She had gone into fighter mode - very glad she had watched Buffy surreptitiously for all those years. The third got too close and scratched her across the thigh, tearing her skinny black jeans and she winced before bringing the sword down through it’s skull and ripping it to pieces. The critter left behind some little glowing green orbs and some huge blocks of gold. Dawn looked quizzically at them for a moment, then stepped towards them. As she did so, the things all swirled around her - the green orbs absorbed into her skin and her wound healed instantly and the huge blocks shrank and slipped themselves into her pocket. She heard a commotion from the First District behind her and she felt the urge to go back through the doors as if something was calling to her. She peeked back through the doors and saw two huge anthropomorphic personifications and slapped her hand over her mouth to stop herself from screaming. She had seen weird gooey demons, Hell Goddesses and weird shit in general; but nothing prepared her for seeing a dog walking on its hind legs like a human in clothing nor the duck wearing a shirt but no trousers that were strolling nonchalantly through the district.

She quickly slammed the door closed again and spotted the inn. With a sigh of relief, she walked towards it. Once inside she was attacked again and she dispatched these ones a little more easily as she felt she was starting to get the feel and weight of her modified sword a bit better and by the end of the fight she was stunned to find that she could tell how much of a beat-down each foe needed before they would be destroyed. That gave her a feeling of accomplishment and she went to the kiosk.

The man behind the counter came out, trembling with a cudgel in hand and looked relieved when it was a regular person at his desk.

“I was told I could get a room for the night here,” she said and the man nodded mutely. “…so…how much is it?”

“Three Munny for the cheapest room. None of those Heartless can get into the rooms but they can get into this corridor and the balconies so I’d recommend you stay in there.”

“What is Munny?” Dawn asked, thinking that if this was what they called their currency then it was a really very stupid and literal name.

“Those gold things,” he replied, eyes too busy scanning the hallway to really pay attention to her. Dawn sighed and pulled three of those huge gold blocks from her jeans and they expanded again in her hand.

“Do you mean these?”

“Yes, those are the small ones, they’re one Munny each.” The man took them and handed her a key.

“These are the small ones?” Dawn asked, wondering why anyone would use such ridiculously sized money but she guessed whatever spell was on them to make them shrink came in handy.

“Yes, your room is the next door. Sleep well.” The man retreated back into his cubby and disappeared.

“Not likely but I’ll try,” she told no one in particular but when she heard the door at the other end of the hallway creak open, she looked up. Leon and a young girl were carrying an unconscious boy into another room.

“Yuffie,” It was Leon’s voice so she guessed that was the girl’s name. “you’ll bump his head if you do that.” he rebuked.

“So what? You already fought him - and lost by the way ~” the girl teased as she bashed the door with her hip and opened it “so hard he ended up passing out. What is another bump goin-” the door closed again and Dawn entered her own room.

She felt a connection to the unknown unconscious boy but decided getting some sleep was in her best interest. She locked the door behind her and the connecting door as well to the next room and flopped on the bed.

“Today has to be the worst day in the history of ever,” she told the empty room. After a few minutes, she sat up and looked around the room in the quest for a toilet, a toothbrush and a hairbrush. Only the toilet was located though. Looking in the mirror gave her a shock so hard she looked behind her thinking there was someone else in the room. Her hair while still it’s same colour and length now resembled the choppy locks of the scarred man, Leon. Her face had changed slightly, her eyes still as huge and expressive but again it looked more like the people she had seen here than the eyes that had peeked back at her for so long.

“Great. No toothbrush, crazy Heartless things apparently attacking people, unconscious boys and talking dog and duck thingydoos. I’m having either the best or the worst hallucination on record.” She muttered to the mirror before giving up and flopping on the bed. She would have to deal with finding the things necessary to a teenage girl in the morning. Her stomach growled fiercely and she groaned.

“I’ll feed you in the morning,” she moaned as she drifted off to sleep.
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