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Infinite Possibilities

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Summary: A collection of mainly Buffy-centered crossovers pieces. Supernatural, Leverage, Mentalist, PotC, HP, Chaos.

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Multiple Crossings > Buffy-Centered > Ficlet CollectionsAzureFR764,062034,49317 Apr 1113 Feb 12No

The One For Him (Chaos)

Fandoms: BtVS (Buffy Summers), Chaos (Billy Collins)

Disclaimer Baring few changed parts everything about the text, including the dialogue, belongs to the creators of Chaos, and as we know Buffy's Josh Whedon's.
Notes: Takes place in the end of 1x02 (Song of the North).

The One For Him

They were sitting at their desks, each doing their own things when Rick suddenly spoke up from where he had been leaning to his computer, "I found her," he announced to the room. "Julie Raines. She lives in Maine, has triplets, a parrot, and likes playing snowshoe softball in the wintertime."

Michael grew curious, "What are you talking about, Martinez?"

"Julie Raines. The girl I would have traded my life for. Something we talked about back in the border, in the wood," he explained to the only team member who hadn't been there for the conversation.

"We shared," Casey elaborated, throwing a significant look at Billy, "two of us did, anyway."

Billy answered his challenging tone by leaned back in his chair. "Fine," he said, getting everyone's attention. "Elizabeth Summers. I'm not allowed to elaborate, other than say that our-" he paused to think of a right word, "bumpy relationship is firmly sealed under the queen and country, not to mention a high-standing international company. But given the opportunity, I'd have happily taken a bullet for her."

"Where is she now?" Rick enquired.

The intense atmosphere Billy had held dissolved as he looked at the one posing the question, seemingly surprised. "Oh, I- haven't the foggiest." He waved his hand dismissing the issue and went back to his work.

Michael and Rick exchanged a look, neither was particularly convinced by the demonstration of Billy's acting.

"Hey," Casey dug something from his desk drawer and tossed it to Billy. "Thanks for sharing."

On reflex Billy caught the chocolate bar tossed in to his way. Shaking his head he wrapped in open and started munching away the treat.

When Rick later looked up the file of one Elizabeth Anne Summers, from the parts of her file that weren't sealed off, he found out she was a co-director for a firm called IWC, wasn't in a relationship, and was currently living in Boston.

The End?

You have reached the end of "Infinite Possibilities" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 13 Feb 12.

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