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New memories

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Summary: Willow finds out her father isn't human.

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Movies > Labyrinth > Willow-CenteredAnnieharpFR71213,58102013,49219 Apr 115 Mar 12No

NOTE: This chapter is rated FR13

chapter twelve

Sorry I haven't updated in awhile I've been really busy. So enjoy the story, and please leave a review. Also I don't own any thing from Labyrinth and Buffy the vampire slayer.

Angel sat at the bar in the bronze. He had a shot of vodka in his hand. He was thinking about what had happened in the cemetery. He had been surprised when Willow had sent him flying. He knew that she wasn’t human, but he hadn’t thought that she had powers like that if he could bring her over to his side he would be unstoppable. If her were that her powers were that strong now, he wandered what her powers would be like in a few years. What he needed was someone that could tell him what she was, Drusilla hadn’t told him exactly what race Willow was from. He couldn’t think of anyone that had that kind of information, unless you counted the watcher. He was sure that the watcher has all sorts of books on different creatures, He knew for a fact that if anyone could find out what Willow was, it would be him. Maybe he could have a minion, or two, stay outside the house, to see if he does find out what Willow was. He was sure that as soon as she could Willow would tell the watcher, and he would start looking up information in his text books. The man could never leave a puzzle unsolved.

He downed the vodka in one quick gulp and looked around, he was hungry he had come here so that he could grab something to eat. He had hoped to get someone who was close to the slayer or her friends, but he didn’t see any one. He saw a girl head towards the door. She was alone and on her cell phone. not paying attention to anything around her...perfect. He put his glass down and followed her out the door

Once outside he followed her in the shadows, he waited and watched patiently, looking for the perfect time where he could grab her. He watched as she stopped in front of an alley, as she finished her call. He grabbed her from behind and pulled her into the alley, putting his hand over her mouth so she couldn't make a sound, he quickly bit into her neck.

Spike was sitting in the great hall by the fireplace. Once Dru had left he told the minions to go out and eat, that way there were no witnesses to tell Angel where Dru had gone. He hoped that she had been able to help the girl. She was his only hope to walk again. Even with all his encounters with the slayer, and her friends he couldn’t remember the red head’s name, all he could remember was that she was named after a flower or was it a tree? Angel would know her name, because he had been friends with them, for almost two years. Which is why he hoped that Dru was able to help her. He knew it would be difficult to get her to trust them, since they had tried to kill her a few times. Maybe if they proved to her that they didn’t want to hurt her she would trust them better.

Spike looked at the clock, he saw that a hour had passed, since Dru and Angel had left. He didn’t know if Dru had been caught or if she had been able to help the girl. He heard the door to the mansion open, and sat up straighter. He hoped that it was Dru and not Angel, if it was Angel he didn’t know how he would explain where Dru was. He heard the footsteps getting closer and closer. He was thinking of a lie he could tell Angel, when he heard someone say his name. He wheeled around towards the doorway.

“Dru your alright.” Spike said.

“Of course.” Drusilla said. She had a smile on her face. “Why wouldn’t I be?”

“So did you find her in time?” Spike asked. The smile on her face gave him hope, that she had gotten to her before Angel.

“No.” Drusilla said. “Angel got to her first.”

“Then Angel killed her.” Spike said sadly. He had feared that would happen. Now he would have to live in his wheelchair, never to walk again. He would have to listen to Angel calling

“No he didn’t.” Drusilla said.

“But you said-” Spike started, but then he was interrupted.

“I didn’t get there in time to stop him from getting to her, but she was able to help herself. Dru said. She walked closer to him.

“What do you mean pet?”

“She was able to protect herself.” Dru said. “Her powers are starting to show themselves.”

“So when will she be able to heal me?”

“Not for awhile.” Dru said

“Why not?” Spike asked. “The longer it takes to heal me, the more danger she’ll be in from him, and even after she heals me he’ll kill her”

“You must be patient.” Dru said. She leaned down and put her arms around his neck. “She is just learning about what she is. As soon as she finds out what she is she’ll be able to help us, and Angel won’t be able to touch her.”

“What are you talking about?” Spike asked.

“You’ll see.” Drusilla said. “Now are you hungry?”

“Yeah, but what about Angel?” Spike asked. Drusilla had walked around his wheelchair and grabbed the back, and started to wheel him out of the room. “Daddy won’t be back until later.” Drusilla said. “He went to where all the loud music plays. So we have time to go out.”

“Are you sure pet?”

“Oh yes. Now how does a stroll through the park sound?” Drusilla asked, as she rolled him out of the room.

That actually sounds like fun. Spike said.

When Angel came back to the mansion it was quiet. He walked towards the great hall, he was hoping that he could find a minion so that he could send them to watch Giles, but it looked like that their was no one here. He walked into the great hall and saw that Spike and Drusilla were gone.

‘Guess I’ll deal with those two tomorrow.’ Angel said to himself. He started up the stairs, towards his room. He wondered where the minions were, they were usually hanging around where they weren’t wanted now that he did want them they were nowhere to be found. Angel walked into the dimly lit room of the mansion which had served as his bedchamber, and went straight towards the bed. He sat down and took off his shoes, and socks He laid down on the bed, and clasped his hands behind his head. As he laid on the bed he thought of everything that Drusilla had said about her vision. He knew that she had lied to him about who she had seen in her vision, but that also made him wonder what else she had lied about, had she told him everything about her vision or had she left something out. He would have a talk with her tomorrow night, he decided. He closed his eyes and drifted off to sleep.

Spike and Drusilla came in through the front entrance just before two, in the morning. Both of them were in a good mood after their walk through the park. While on their stroll through the park they had found a young couple, that were kissing on a park bench. It had been easy to sneak up behind them and kill them. After that they had just walked around talking about the old days, when Angel hadn’t been around. They hadn’t wanted to return to early, in case Angel had come back early.

As they walked towards the stairs they looked in the lounge and saw that most of the minions were back. Most of them were on the couches, or the floor, passed out.

“I see that the minions are back.” Spike said. “I thought that they would stay out longer.”

“Angel is back too.” Drusilla said quietly. As soon as she and Spike had entered the mansion she had sensed him. She was able to sense him because she has been sired by him. “I think it would be best if we stayed out of his way for the next few days.”

“Why pet?” Spike asked as she wheeled him into his room. His room was on the ground floor, so that he wouldn’t have to go up the stairs.

“Angel will be mad because he didn’t get the little flame.” Drusilla said as she stopped in front of Spike’s room. “He will also want to know everything about my vision.”

“You mean you didn’t tell him everything?” Spike said as he opened the door. Drusilla pushed him towards the bed.

“No, I told him exactly what I heard from the stars, but he won’t believe me since I lied to him. “Drusilla said she put the wheelchair next to the bed and helped Spike onto the bed.

“Stay here the night then.” Spike said. While Spike took off his shoes, Drusilla moved his wheelchair away from the bed, closed it, and put it in between the night stand and the bed..

“Alright,” she said. She then walked around the bed, took off her shoes then slipped in between the covers, next to Spike. She wrapped her arms around his waist, while he wrapped his around hers.

The End?

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