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A pit stop in the Underworld

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This story is No. 3 in the series "Dawn and Richard's Awesome Adeventure". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: In which Dawn and Richard make a brief stop somewhere normal. Normal for them at least. Written for amusewithaview because she got it stuck in my head.

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Anita Blake > Dawn-Centered > Pairing: Richard
Movies > Underworld
DearestDrusillaFR1311,125181,92722 Apr 1122 Apr 11Yes
((I do not own BTVS, ABVH, or Underworld, each belongs to their respective company and creator, I am simply borrowing them. Likewise, I do not own Twilight. I would sooner slit my wrists in a vampire nest than publish anything that horrible.))

“I can't believe we were stuck there for a goddamn year.”

Richard sat down on the ground, not entirely sure where they were now, but entirely too glad he wasn't around angst ridden...sparkling...vampires.

“Well, on the upside you got to take them apart a lot and hang with some decent shape-shifters. I got stuck with a slightly more sane version of Drusilla.”

“That's not even funny.”

It was true. The place they'd gone to was completely small town hick-ville. Everyone knew each others business, everyone knew there were shape-shifters and vampires -even though said beings didn't know the humans knew- and everyone knew that Richard and Dawn weren't normal. It was Sunnydale in reverse, from behavior to businesses! There was maybe a gas station and a camping store, other than that, it was trees, dirt, and a whole lotta rain.

Dawn's hair was still frizzing out from the humidity.

“When we have kids...”Richard trailed off, still angry.

This discussion had come up multiple times over the year they were stuck in that damp, sparkling, hellhole, but every time they tried to leave something came up, threatening the townships very existence and preying on Dawn and Richard's sense of right and wrong. So of course, they had to stay, pick apart the plans of attack made by idiot kids and rework he entire thing. Of course, there was the added bonus of Richard getting into a fistfight with nearly everyone in that universe.

A bunch of testosterone filled males who all thought they were right? Yeah, bad mix in any universe. Especially when one of them was something they called a...what was the word...tyee? Yeah. And of course they had to fight over who got to be tyee and Richard just had to compete and win. Stupid men.

“Who the bloody hell are you people?”

About that time, Richard and Dawn realized the were in a very big stone room. Cold and medieval, it was an ominous structure filled with sorrow and twisted emotions. A man was kneeling, chained to the ground with a flayed back while directly across from him, a female was chained to a post. Both had dark hair, though the woman was so pale...

“Vampire,” Richard grunted in a 'I didn't notice, how interesting' sort of way. He looked over to the man on the ground. “And a lycan....” With that he rushed over to the kneeling man, pulling at the chains until they groaned and began to snap from where they were bolted into the ground. “Dawn, get her loose.”

The ceiling above them creaked and a sense of panic filled both prisoners with a sense of dread, urging the young goddess into action. One thing could be said about their year in hell, Dawn had managed to learn a few tricks. Such as unlocking things with a touch.

“The sun will still rise!” The lycan male shouted.

“Then think of someplace dark and safe!” Richard shouted right back.


“These are the creepiest sewers imaginable,” Dawn grumbled as Richard helped her through the tunnels. The walls were singed and the acrid smell of gunpowder filled their noses. “And I'm getting covered in who knows what!”

“Keep your voice down,” Lucian grumbled to the girl behind him. She'd saved their lives, the girl in white. No sooner had he thought of the sewers than they were in them, plodding their way through quietly in hopes of escape. It was an odd feeling, moving through time and space.

“I promise I'll take you dancing,” the lycan behind him consoled her. A large man with ginger brown hair and manners befitting a knight. He seemed to be in love with the woman, though he couldn't for the life of him figure out what she was.

“And?” she asked softly, expectantly.

“And...I'll find a place for you to go shopping.”

Sonja beside him snickered. “I am afraid we do not yet know your names.”

“My name is Richard, I'm the Ulfric of the Thronnos Rocke clan, this is my Lupa, Dawn of Castle Summers, first born of Angelus.” The burly man introduced himself and his companion to Lucian, keeping his lupa beside him as he did so.

“I am Lucian, first born lycan...I do not remember changing you.”

“We appeared out of thin air and your questioning the validity of our claims?” Dawn asked, eyebrows raised and arms crossed. “We didn't question if you'd broken any laws when we freed you. How about a little Faith?”

Sonja placed a hand of Lucian's arm. “Come, we must find shelter until night fall.”

“Whats happening at night fall?” Richard asked, following the two once more.

“My pack will attack the castle under the light of full moon. We will be free.” Lucian heard the two behind him stop in their place, Dawn sucking in a breath. Lucian wondered if perhaps they might just rest with all the stopping they were doing. “Is something wrong?”

“No, we just came from a full moon back in...well, long story short, we'll be gone as soon as Richard shifts.”

Back in their year long hell, Richard had always been forced to maintain human form, the situations they ended up in had always called for Richard needing hands and a mouth. He'd always been protecting some ninny and Dawn from certain death and despite absolutely hating the inhabitants of that realm, except for maybe two people, his white knight nature demanded he protect.

“You have done enough as it is,” Sonja smiled at them. “You have saved three lives this day, and your actions will free many more.”

Richard could only smirk as Dawn began to coo over the prospect of a child. Rattling off questions a mile a minute and hooking her arm around Sonja's, his tiny goddess began making her way through the tunnels without a single complaint.

“Baby crazy,” Richard shook his head.

“You and your mate have no children?” Lucien asked as they followed.

“We're waiting until the curse wears away. Once it does, we'll stop bouncing across the multiverse, find our way home, and be happy.” Richard looked at Dawn for a moment. “Maybe even have children if she wants them.”

They were certainly going to have a wedding.

((It didn't quite follow what muse wanted, but it just sort of came out. Also, There will be No Twific, only references to their time in hell. Also, been through Forks on the way to visit family. Its boring as all hell.))

The End

You have reached the end of "A pit stop in the Underworld". This story is complete.

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