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My Soul to Take.

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Summary: Cora Potter thought it was over but betrayal and obsession comes back to bite her years latter. What happens when trying to get away leads her into the arms of a stranger in the City of Angels?

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Harry Potter > Angel-Centered > Pairing: OtherLilyErisCullenFR1812,1910042423 Apr 1123 Apr 11No
A/N: So my new story which is a HP crossover. It is also a FEM!HARRY. Now just because she is a female Harry doesn't mean she'll be just like him, and she may be considered Out of Character at times. Also this is a Angel/OC pairing.


My Soul to Take.

Chapter 1: Cora Potter

May 3rd 1998:

“Is it really over?” Hermione asked as they all sat in the infirmary. Just under twenty-four hours ago they had been in a life and death battle with the darkest wizard of the century and they had survived. Some by the skin off their back, but then some of the best people had lost their lives in the battle. Collin Creevy, Professor Filtwick...Remus and Nymphadora Lupin. The last two deaths had hit her best friend and sister – adopted or not - hard. Cora looked at her two friends on either side of her and sat up with a wince of pain. Her straight black hair falling to just past her mid back and her eyes a wide almond shaped emerald green. While she did looked like her father, she was almost the spitting image of her mother.

“Yep, I'd say he isn't getting back up again,” Cora joked, grinning the famous Potter grin. Ron chuckled and winced as it jarred his ribs which were not quite mended yet. Hermione sighed, her wavy brown/blonde hair falling over her shoulder as she shook her head.

“Really Cora, must you make jokes at a time like this?” she scolded but there was a ghost of a smile appearing on Hermione's face as she did. Cora smirked, her green eyes bright.

“I'm afraid so, a necessary evil they say. I think we should celebrate, I mean we survived. After seven bloody fucking years we've done what a group of adult wizards could not. We killed snake-face!” Cora said and they all laughed in the irony and humor in that accomplishment.

“So what do we do now?” Ron asks, as they all leaned back against his bed. Hermione sighed and Cora shrugged.

“I don't exactly know. Teddy will be safe here, with Andromeda. I really don't kno...” it was then Cora was cut off by an owl flying in and dropping a letter on her lap. This letter was different though, it was written by a muggle which was obvious form the muggle paper. Cora instantly recognized the handwriting as Petunia's. Opening it she took out the letter and looking to her friend read aloud.


I know Vernon and I have no right to ask anything of you, but this time it is not about what we want per say but what I think is best for your cousin. Now I don't mean Dudley – god forbid I mean my darling didy-dums. No I mean your newest cousin, who is of now unnamed. Yes, that means I was pregnant when we left last summer, she was born on April 30th 1998.

Your probably wondering why she doesn't have a name or why we are contacting you. That is a simple question to answer, not long after she was born she began to cry as all babies do and the room began to combust, items in it that is. I had seen Lily do it many times before. So I know what this means, my daughter – though I dread to call her that – is a freak much like yourself.

Me and Vernon wish nothing to do with her and have decided instead of putting her up for adoption for some other poor soul to raise we should give her to you. You are her family and of age, all we need is for you show up in London Hospital as soon as you can.

You have three days before we put her up for adoption or in a orphanage.


Cora snarled as she crumbled the paper up and laid back against the bed. She couldn't believe this, she had a baby cousin just like her and her aunt and uncle were threatening to send her to an orphanage? It didn't seem right and if she ever questioned before the existence of their hearts she knew now they didn't have one.

“I can't believe this,” Hermione muttered as she shook her head.

“Bloody muggles,” Ron agreed sneering at the thought of them. Cora growled again, her inner animagus coming to the surface.

“Those bloody fuckin' bastards!” she yelled out and her green eyes darkened. Hermione and Ron winced and Cora closed her eyes and sighed.

“I guess were going to London,” Cora finally said, smiling mischievously at her two best friends. Cora was decided, she'd take in her cousin, raise her as her own. She'd be the first Potter of the next generation – and possibly the only Potter considering she couldn't exactly give any children by her her maiden name unless it was a middle name.


London, England;
May 5th, 1998:

Cora blanched as she stumbled through the after effects of apparition. Looking to her side she saw Hermione and Ron steadying themselves as well. It had taken them all of yesterday to convince Poppy they were well enough to leave the hospital wing and with only one day to spare. Smoothing out her black zipper cardigan which was left open to display her dark red corset top and her light pair of blue jeans. She kicked her left heel a bit as she walked forward on her favorite black leather boots with four inch skinny heels.

“Damn, almost broke my heel,” she muttered and looked around the area. She realized almost instantly she was about four blocks from the hospital.

“Where are we exactly?” Ron asked, looking around and blinking at the muggles walking around with little boxes to their ears.

“We're almost there Ron. Come on we can be there within twenty minutes if we walk fast,” Hermione said, knowing the way as she had been there before when her grandmother died.

“What are we going to do after we get your cousin Cora?” Hermione asked as they walked. Cora shrugged, she wasn't really sure. She knew she wanted to search her family history, on both her mother and father's sides but she wasn't sure on how to go about it. She also didn't want anything to do with the Wizardry World for now, the betrayals and deaths were to fresh for her to stay.

“I'm not sure. I figure I'll rebuild the house in Godric's Hollow and live in another of my properties the goblins talked about until Lily is old enough to travel.” Hermione looked at her friend in a bit of shock before smiling.

“Lily? Is that what your going to name your cousin?” she asked and Cora nodded.

“I think it's appropriate. Not only will it be in honor of my mother but it'll piss Aunt Petunia off as well.” Ron laughed at his friend and adopted sister's logic and almost ran into Hermione's back as they came to a stop in front of a large building, similar yet very very different to St. Mungos.

“We're here, come on Ron keep up,” Hermione said as they began walking after Cora who hadn't even let Mione finish her sentence. Hermione didn't blame the brunette girl, she knew the one thing Cora had always wanted was a family to love and that loved her. The Weasleys were the closest thing she had but now she had a real blood relative she would get to raise as her own. Hermione wasn't stupid she knew Cora was adopting her cousin as her own daughter, it was simply something the Girl-Who-Lived-to-defeat-the-Dark-lord would do. Or as they joked, The-Girl-Who-Lived-to-have-to-many-hyphenate’s.

“Hello, I'm Cora Potter, I'm looking for the Dursleys,” Cora said as she stood at the front desk. The petite older brown haired muggle nodded and began typing on a flat thing with buttons that Ron had no idea what was.

“Petunia Dursley, right?” she asked and Cora nodded.

“She is in room 122, down that hall and to the right.” the woman said and Cora nodded and turned to her two friends.

“Hermione, Ron why don't you to stay out here. Hermione can show you some muggle soda and candy's while you wait,” Cora said pointing to a vending machine. Hermione smiled and nodded, liking the idea already. Cora didn't wait for much else before heading toward the room where she would find her Aunt. Entering she knocked as she opened the door and was almost shocked to see her aunt in such a disheveled state. Her hair was a mess and her skin was slightly more pale then she remembered. Her watery blue eyes didn't show much else other then disgust upon seeing Cora. She wasn't surprised.

“Cora,” Petunia said, her tone neither nice or rude.

“Aunt Petunia, how are you?” she asked, trying to be polite. Petunia snorted and shook her head pointing at the bassinet in the room where Cora was sure her cousin soon to be daughter rested. She moved forward without asking and looked in at the baby girl. She was beautiful, a bit chubby but she didn't look like a beach ball like Dudley had. What shocked her was the little turf of red/auburn hair and eyes just like her own. She smiled and ran a finger over the tinny babies face before looking at her Aunt who was staring at the display in hate and disgust.

“She's just like you and my sister it seems. I don't understand what my parents were thinking, being proud of having a witch in the family but I won't have it. Not again!” Petunia exclaimed, her blue eyes hardening as she glared at Cora and the baby. Cora sighed as she turned back to the baby who was staring up at her with watery green eyes. She had a heartbreaking suspicion the baby understood at least the emotion behind its biological mother's voice.

“I understand Aunt Petunia. I am prepared to take her in, I just don't know how you plan to give me custody? Do I sign something?” Cora asked and Petunia glared and huffed before leaning over to the table beside her and lifted a clipboard with papers on it.

“Just sign these papers and you'll be free to take her home today,” Petunia said. Cora nodded and looked over the papers, one was a adoption paper and the other was a information paper on where she'd be living and what not. She sat down in a chair beside the bassinet before looking at her Aunt.

“Aunt Petunia, may I ask why your still in the Hospital if she was born on the 30th?” Petunia rolled her eyes at her niece and glared.

“There were complications because of my size and a breach birth. I also started hemorrhaging so I won't be able to leave until next week. Blasted freak, should have gotten rid of her,” Petunia spat and turned away again. Cora sighed and gritted her teeth at the harsh words. She had finished with the top paper and was simply filling in the other. Her birth-date, the things which made her a citizen of the UK and then she got to where she'd be living. She wrote down her temporary address which would be a home her mother had left her in her will in Galway and on a slip of paper made note that they'd be moving sometime in the future to a different address which she listed.

“Okay Aunt Petunia, I'm going to turn these in...” Cora trailed off and got up to leave but as she got close to the door she was stopped by Petunia voice.

“Cora, what do you plan to name her?” she asked.

“Lily, Lillian Rowan Potter,” Cora replied and Petunia had to force a small smile away from her face.

"Ironic, that was the only name that would come to me, Lily's I mean. Take care of her Cora, cause we both know I can't,” Petunia muttered and Cora smiled softly and nodded. Petunia might actually have a little heart after all.

Two hours latter:

Cora smiled as she stared down at Lily as she sleep in her arms. The baby was beautiful and didn't seem to take much after Vernon except for her slightly chubby body and short limbs. Never let it be said Vernon Dursley was a tall man, no he was lucky to be 5'6.

“She's so cute, she's beautiful. Hello Lily I'm Hermione,” Hermione said as she leaned over the baby from Cora's left side. Ron smiled at the red haired baby and chuckled, he always knew Cora fit in with the Weasleys even if she didn't have red hair. It didn't matter, with Cora's mother having red hair he shouldn't have been surprised that little Lily had red hair as well.

“She looks like you, mate,” Ron said.

“She looks like my mother. Lily, these are your godparents, Hermione and Ron,” Cora said and Hermione and Ron looked at her in shock before chuckling and they made their way out of the hospital and into the cab that had been called for them. As Cora fastened the baby into the car-seat bought by Hermione she couldn't help but think about how things would change from here.

Cora Potter's outfit

The End?

The author is currently looking for one or more beta readers for this story. If you are interested, please email the author or leave a private review.

You have reached the end of "My Soul to Take." – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 23 Apr 11.

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