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Summary: Anita has to deal with an annoying messenger

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Anita Blake > General > HumorKyrissaFR131222023,50017 Dec 0317 Dec 03Yes

By: Moria

Summary: Anita has to deal with an annoying messenger.

Notes: 227 words. ~indicates thoughts~


"So, what message has your master sent?" Anita sighed in annoyance. The latest minion that Jean-Claude had handed off to her was really getting on her nerves. And if she didn't answer the question soon, Anita was likely to act on her dismemberment fantasies.

"Well, really, um....he didn't quite say. He just gave me the letter."

~The creature speaks. I wonder what else it can do.~ she thought snidely.

"Then why are you here? Couldn't he have just mailed it?" Anita asked with barley surpressed aggitaion, carefully pronouncing each word in an effort to not slaughter the dimwit.

"I was told that there was going to be a fancy party, duh! And Angel said that he wanted someone really talented in social situations to take care of this."

~And that nominates you how?~ If Jean-Claude hadn't insisted that this contact was important, this idiotic vampiress would have been dust long ago. It was really a surprise that she had managed to live past her first week. ~Shame, that.~ After an already hard night of work, Anita was in no way willing to deal with this. She just wanted to go home, shower, and sleep. Hopefully in that order. She put on her best smile.

"Well Ms. Kendall, he certainly picked the right person. Now, just where is that letter?"


The End

You have reached the end of "Annoyances". This story is complete.

StoryReviewsStatisticsRelated StoriesTracking