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The Outsiders

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Summary: In a world of horrors and marvels, a group of extraordinary young people combine to make the world a better place.

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Prologue: Last Minute Rescue

I don’t own Buffy the Vampire Slayer or the Outsiders. They belong to Joss Whedon and DC Comics respectively. I also don’t own Darkwing Duck. It belongs to Walt Disney.


September 20th 1998

Diana Dormer winced expressively. It was not pain, per se, that caused her to do so. On the contrary, she couldn’t feel anything below her waist at the moment. No, her wince had more to do with the position that she and Faith were currently in. Diana herself was currently laid out on a table, her legs were in pretty bad shape from the handiwork done to her thus far and the metal implements next to her strongly suggested that her future was going to be very painful and both shorter and longer than she might have liked. Shorter because Diana did not expect to survive this encounter, and longer because Diana suspected Kakistos intended to make this last.

As she glanced at her charge, Diana knew it was going to be worse for Faith. The girl was going to watch Diana tortured to death whilst being able to do nothing to save her. After that Diana did not want to imagine what would be happening to her slayer. All she knew is that it was likely to be even worse than what Diana would experience. Vampires didn’t like slayers except for their blood.

Kakistos offered a death’s head grin to the helpless watcher before picking up a nasty-looking curved knife. “Do you have anything to say before you start screaming, Watcher?”

Diana reached into her vast intellect for something suitably pithy and demeaning so that she could steal Kakistos’ moment of triumph and perhaps even allow Faith a reason to smile when she remembered this soon-to-be grotesque scene. Nothing would come. She simply couldn’t think of anything to say that would do the job right.

It was then that Diana saw some form of smoke bomb hit the ground and her world was covered in smoke. In the midst of the smoke, a fourth silhouette joined those of Faith, Kakistos and Trick. And then the voice came, “I am the terror that flaps in the night…”

Diana choked back a laugh at the line being spoken. Faith had forced her to watch enough American cartoons that she was well able to identify the line. Even funnier was the look on Mr. Trick’s face as the smoke cleared. Apparently the vampire was familiar with it too. Finally he couldn’t hold his peace any longer. “You’ve got to be kidding me.”

The young man coming out of the cloud of smoke was a lithe specimen, his body encased in a light red armour with various green accents (boots, gauntlets, belt and domino mask) and a bright yellow cape. A distinct R sigil was branded into the left upper chest of the lad’s armour. Most notable was the assortment of weapons at the boy’s belt, though. A pair of short, curved, hacking blades were supplemented by what looked like custom-made shruiken and a foot-long piece of metal pipe. A smirk appeared on the youth’s face. “Yeah pal, I’m joking. And the joke’s on you.”

The pained gasp behind her caused Diana to spin her head just quick enough to see Trick dissolving into dust along with the arrow that protruded from his chest. It was impossible. The young man that had made the dramatic entrance hadn’t even moved, nor was he carrying a bow or crossbow of any type. She turned back to double-check her analysis, only to note the smirking of the youth had increased. “Nice shot, Arsenal. I didn’t even see you.”

Another young man’s voice echoed down from the rooftop. “Not a problem, Boss. I live to serve.”

Kakistos’ face was a picture of utter rage as he twisted back and forth, desperately trying to locate the hidden archer and still keep an eye on the new stranger and the helpless watcher and slayer. “You may have killed Trick with such a paltry attack, but I am Kakistos. My skin will not be pierced by such pathetic toys.”

The masked youth grinned confidently at Kakistos. “Arsenal wouldn’t waste an arrow on you, old timer. We have something special in mind for you.”

The vampire glanced around in paranoia. “Who are you?”

The boy grinned, “I’m Robin,” and then he pointed behind Kakistos. “And that’s Cyborg.”

The millenia-old vampire was not so old by accident. He was well able to tell bluff from truth, and the lad was telling the truth. Kakistos spun as fast as his vampiricly-augmented body could propel him, but it was not enough. He managed to get face-to-face with Cyborg only soon enough to get a face-full of a blast of Cyborg’s brand new sonic cannon.

The augmented youth known as Cyborg offered a faint smile to Robin as they watched the twitching vampire attempt desperately to regain control of his body. Given fifteen minutes or so, Kakistos would have recovered fully. It was just too bad for him that these teens didn’t plan on giving him the opportunity. “Looks like the first live test was a success, Rob.”

The masked lad nodded. “Agreed Cy. Arsenal, get your butt down here. We’re gonna be bugging out soon.”

“Copy Boss.”

With that, Robin walked over to Faith, drawing one of his blades. Seeing Faith shudder violently he paused. “Calm down, Slay Gal. I’m just gonna cut you free.” Waiting for her to nod, Robin cut her loose and then held the weapon out to her, handle first.

Faith glanced at the weapon uncomprehendingly. “What’s that for?”

Robin smirked. “It’s a loan. I figure you have some aggression you need to work out. I’d rather you directed it at Kakistos then at my people.”

The slayer grasped the offered blade and lunged, hacking fiercely at the prone monster’s neck until it dusted. Finally she sighed in relief. The nightmare was over. She turned to find Robin’s hand held out for his weapon. She returned it reluctantly. “Who are you people?”

Robin smirked. “I’m Robin. The guy with all the mechanical hardware is Cyborg.” Robin gestured to another figure who was jogging up. The third guy was dressed similarly to Robin, except without the cape, the distinctive R brand and the domino mask. Instead of the mas he wore a pair of tinted red glasses. His weapons appeared to be a longbow, a pistol crossbow and some sort of pistol. “The guy with all the archery toys is Arsenal.” Robin slashed out with his knife, freeing Diana from the table. “We’re the Outsiders.”

Diana smiled faintly as Cyborg lifted her off the table. She had heard of the Outsiders. They were widely considered the scourge of Sunnydale’s underbelly. “And how do you know so much about the slayer, Mr. Robin?”

Robin glanced meaningfully at Cyborg. The other youth nodded back at Robin. “All cameras in the area are jammed, Rob.”

Robin untied his mask, trusting Arsenal to watch for more mundane watchers. “I’m Alexander Harris. You might have heard me from Rupert Giles.”

Diana’s jaw dropped. “How did you wind out here?”

The mask was back in place already. “It’s a long story…”


The next chapter will start my little tale at the beginning. As for the identities of Arsenal and Cyborg, I leave that for you to wonder. You may speculate all you like, but I'll only be revealing them on the plot's timeline. I'll only offer this much outright. Both Arsenal and Cyborg are males... ;)

Hope you enjoyed

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