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Janus' Intervention

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Summary: Janus looking down from the Ascended Plane saw the way the two galaxies were heading and decided to use the one chance he had to intervene and change what is to come...

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Multiple Crossings > Xander-Centered > Theme: HalloweendarkplayerFR18918,96868136,99525 Apr 1119 May 11No

Chapter 8

Chapter 8:

Disclaimer: I don’t own Buffy the Vampire Slayer or Stargate SG-1 or Highlander (and various other shows/movies that might be referenced). They are the property of their respected owners. This is done purely for fun and to see where I can take it.

Relationships: Xander/Dawn/Willow

*Starts in Season Two of BtVS during the Halloween episode.

*Starts in Season 3of Stargate SG1 between “Seth” and “Fair Game”

*This is AU and there is no balance between “Good” and “Evil”, no “Powers that Be”, no First Evil.

*The year is 1999 and starts in October (no matter when it happened in canon).


Xander – Janus

Buffy – 6000 year old Immortal Slayer version of herself

Willow – a White Witch

Giles – Methos

Dawn – Timelady from Doctor Who tv show

Joyce – Dr. Crusher from Star Trek: TNG


Chapter 8:


Xander staggered back in shock, “What do you mean you're my father? My father is unfortunately Tony Harris, a worthless drunk.”

Thor looked between the two in surprise and curiosity thinking, ‘Most unusual. It will be interesting to see the effect of a human perspective on the rebirth of Alteran society. The humans think of things differently than the Alterans and the other Great Races. This tie to the SGC could make things interesting.’

Jack gave himself a shake and continued, “I can imagine that you're surprised by this news. I met one Jessica Webber 19 years ago in a bar in LA after returning from a mission. I found her to be interesting and we went on a few dates for about a month. After that time, I was sent on another mission for the military. It was classified. We were supposed to meet again once I got back but I couldn't find her after the mission. I later heard from a couple of her friends that I knew that she returned home. The next time I heard from here was about 10 years ago.”

At Xander’s nod of understanding, he continued, “about 10 years ago after I had later married and settled down, I received a call from a Jessica Harris née Webber who told me that she had been pregnant when I had left and returned home to an old boyfriend. She said that the boyfriend, one Tony Harris agreed to marry her even though she was pregnant since he could not have any children. She called asking for money since she said that they had been going through a hard time and that you were my son. She sent a few pictures and a blood sample for testing to prove that you were my son. She said that she did not want to mess up your life and did not want me to meet you until you were 18. After I had the blood tested and send a couple thousand dollars to help out, I demand to meet you before I would pay anymore. She then somehow got a restraining order until you were 18. I had always wanted to meet you but I could not due to the restraining order.”

Xander face took a furious expression. “Damn those drunks. I remember that. I remember that they went out celebrating that windfall of money and spent the next two months drunk. I never did find out where they got the money and I never did see any of it. So that’s why I've never met you before.” At this Xander walked over and gave Jack a short hug. “Why don’t I have Orion in a little bit do a double-check to make sure this wasn't just my mother trying to fleece you for money.”

Xander turned to Thor as he waves for both Jack and Thor to sit down. “I am sorry for forgetting to welcome you to the Inner City of the new Praelium Luna class flagship, Gladius ex Altera. I am Alexander but you can call me Xander. I am the Supreme Command of the Alteran race and the High Counselor of the Council of the Alteran.” Xander directed their attention towards a viewholo in the center of the table displaying several images of the Praelium Luna class flagship, he continued “The Inner City is a 25 km diameter city in a 50 km bio dome located in the center of the Praelium Luna ship. The Praelium Luna class ship is a spherical ship with a diameter of 150 km and has the nickname in English of the Battlemoon. It can carry a fleet of 30 capital ships inside its hangers along with 40 transports and 10,000 fighters. It is also run by 2 AIs, one for the inner city and one for the outer shell. They are considered full members of the Alteran people since they are based on Alteran mind scans and any attempt to manipulate their code is a crime. The two for the Gladius ex Altera are Orion and Ayianna.” Orion and Ayianna appeared next to Xander. Thor’s eyes widened in shock at that news and Jack whistled in appreciation.

“How do we get one of these?” asked Jack. Xander chuckled at his question.

“You don’t. We as in the Alterans will help you to grow at an accelerated rate but you need to grow on your own. If we were to give you everything you would not give it the respect it deserves. Though I will be selecting people for the population of Terra and evolving them to Alterans. They will be then given an Alteran education using the Alteran Education Interface Chair. I have several friends currently going through this process,” replied Xander. Both Thor’s and Jack’s eyes widened at this news. He continued, “after we double check to see if we are related like you said, I will probably name you my liaison to the SGC and possible upgrade you to Alteran if you so desire with your team with you being attached to the SGC. We will see were that goes later. Does anyone have any questions?”

Thor nodded and asked, “how were you changed into an Alteran? You mentioned it earlier but I don’t understand how a worshipper caused you to change into an Alteran and you mentioned a dimensional tear?” Jack also nodded in agreement to Thor’s questions.

“Ok, when the Alterans ascended they all bound themselves to a policy of noninterference since any interference could cause them to be considered to be Gods by less developed races or their actions to have far greater consequences than they intended. I grew up on a dimensional tear to another dimension that human have throughout history have called hell. The name given by humans to it is the hellmouth. I believe it was caused by an explosion caused by the Goa'uld. From this tear some races have escaped their dimensions into this one. Many of the myths from human pasts are from this like vampires and demons. A vampire is a dimensional invader that can be spread through contaminated blood into a dead body. The demons are just dimensional invaders.” At this Jack’s jaw dropped in shock.

“That’s how they got here? I mean I have seen a couple in my black ops experiences though everyone knows not to mention them,” asks Jack. Xander nods. Thor looked at both of them in stunned shock.

“There is a dimensional tear on Earth,” Thor asked. “What are you going to do about it?”

Xander smiled, “I am going to close it as soon as I figure on the best way. But continuing on, I spent most of my childhood in the dark about them until last year when my brother in all but blood was murdered by a vampire and turned. I was force to destroy it. After that I have joined the fight against the dark. A week before Halloween in a dream an Ascended contacted me. Janus, the Ascended, told me that one of his worshippers a Chaos Mage was planning to turn everyone into their costumes. A Mage or a magic user is a primitive person who can channel the energy of the universe or in this case the energy of an Ascended. The policy of the noninterference that binds the Ascended has a loophole that any Ascended who is called on by a human can slightly modify the energy. Magic is just the manipulation of energy and a few humans have some ability to do so. Janus tried to prevent any deaths or injuries but either way it would have happened even if he had not supplied the energy, the Chaos Mage would have just called it from the dimensional tear and a ton of deaths would have occurred.” Xander continued on and explained everything that happened. Thor nodded his understanding though Jack looked shocked at the whole story.

“A most unusual way for your race to return but I would like to welcome you back and greet you as the Asgard member of the Great Race Alliance,” responded Thor.

“Thank you, Supreme Commander Thor. I have learned of your problems with your cloning and believe that we have found a possible solution.” Xander directed Thor’s attention to the viewholo and the process for solving the Asgard’s cloning was displayed. “As you can see we have determined that the Asgard DNA has been damaged too much by the repeated cloning and the original DNA sample we have was also unusable. We have come up with a hybrid of Asgard, Alteran, and Human DNA that would provide a feasible body that would support your minds and would provide possible sexual reproduction. We can complete the process for you to take back the method and show the Asgard Counsel before you leave to return to the other Asgard. It would only take 4 hours to do so.”

Thor’s eyes widened and he said in a halting voice full of emotion, “It is the cure we have been looking for. You have saved the Asgard race with this. I would like to undergo the procedure.”

Jack while looking asked, “I'm confused. What is this procedure and why do they need this new body?”

Thor turned to Jack and started to explain, “We as a race have been cloning ourselves for thousands of years. Over the many cloning processes our DNA has become damaged since we used the DNA of the previous cloned body instead of using our original DNA.”

Xander looked over to Jack and continued, “they have become copies of copies and have nearly destroyed their DNA by forgetting that rule. They lost the ability to reproduce a long time ago and are dying as a race. This is the solution to their problems.”

“First lets double check to see if Colonel O’Neill and I are related. We can then discuss the reason you have come to Earth and completed the process for Thor,” stated Xander.

Xander turned to Ayianna and asked her to compare Jack’s and his DNA while taking the difference between Xander’s Alteran and Jack’s Human DNA in consideration. While they were considered to be of different races a lot of characteristics would still have pretty similar DNA.

“The probability of Colonel O’Neill being you father, Xander, is 90% which makes it very likely that he is telling the truth,” stated Ayianna giving Xander a smile. Xander had told Orion about his parents and Orion had told the other AIs about Xander’s family.

“Yes! I am not related to the drunken, waste of a human life that is Tony Harris,” yells Xander, who then walked over to Jack and gave him a hug. “I guess we should get back to the problem at hand. I would like to start Thor’s procedure and have it finish before my friends' procedures ends in 5 and a half hours.”

“The Asgard would like to have Earth placed under the Protected Planets Treaty with the System Lords of the Goa'uld. We would normally deal with the Goa'uld but we have problems with a machine based race called the Replicators and the problem with our cloning which you solved. We would in a little while like to ask you for help dealing with the Replicators. The three System Lords would come to the summit and work on creating a treaty. Colonel O'Neill was chosen to represent Earth,” Thor starts to explain to both Jack and Xander.

Jack quickly interjects, “three Goa'uld System Lords are coming to Earth? That will not go over well with the bosses.”

Xander then calmly states, “I think I'll let the treaty meeting continue to inform the Goa'uld of their inappropriate behavior. I will attend as another member since I am in command of the Alterans. I will not allow them to pose as Gods or rule over planets with humans. I will use this to announce Earth as a being a Protectorate of the Alteran race. I understand that you have in the past been unable to deal with the Goa'uld but the Alterans will. The Nox will be dealt with shortly, too.”

Thor nodded his head in understanding and thanked Xander for his understanding of the Asgard’s problems. Jack grinned as he started to think about the Goa'uld's new problems.

Xander then stood up and continued, “Well I guess we should head to the medical center to start Thor’s procedure and I can then talk more with Colonel O’Neill.” He activated the transporters to the Medical Center in the Inner City.

After the bright flash of light cleared, the three were in a room with multiple advance medical beds and pods. Xander led the group to an empty medical pod and asked Ayianna to bring up the procedure. Xander started to explain the process in depth to Thor.

“This process will create a new body for you, Thor. A majority of the DNA is from the two samples of Asgard DNA we have, the original from the Alteran database and your current DNA sample we gathered from you. We used a mix of DNA from Alteran, human and Asgard to create a form that is approximately the average original height and size for the Asgard before the cloning. We also used Alteran and Asgard DNA to develop a neural density that is needed for the body’s brain to support the current Asgard mind. To allow for reproduction we used a mix of human and Alteran design and DNA to create a strong sexual reproductive system. The Asgard reproductive system from the original sample was a very poor system and due to the limited ability to procreate was a major cause for the cloning to be done. Are you ready to start the process, Thor?” asked Xander.

“I am ready,” responded Thor as he lay down in the pod. Xander started to enter in the commands to start the process and asked Ayianna to watch over the process and to inform him either if there were any problems or when it was completed.

“Colonel O’Neill, -“ started Xander when Jack interrupted him.

“Please call me Jack. I understand that it is too early for you to call me Dad,” interjects Jack.

Xander gives a small smile and starts again, “Jack, I would like to appoint you as a liaison for the Alterans. I will provide technology and the sciences behind them to the SGC. I would like the sciences to be promoted both in the SGC and outside. I am going to try to advance the scientific level of the population of the Earth. I will set rules for the technology provided. The first rule is that it will need to be provided to all the nations of Earth. I understand that might be difficult for your commanders to understand but I am not going to favor one nation over the other. It would inflate the US’s opinion of itself. The second rule is that the technology cannot be used in any combat with other nations of the Earth. I am providing the technology to help the Earth protect itself and not wage war with itself. These two rules are nonnegotiable.”

Jack sighed and responded, “there are going to be people who are not going to like those rules. I believed they will agree to them. What are you going to ask for in return? I mean I know you need something in return.”

“I will require the return of our territory on the Antarctic region of Terra. It is a section that contains some of our technology and an outpost. We will also need a region to place a small city-ship outpost in the ocean. Our people on Terra will be left along. The last is we would like to be able to recruit people to join the Alteran race. These are also not really negotiable because the territory in the Antarctic is ours because we lived there a long time ago and the alternatives is to remove all of our technology from this planet. The placement of the city-ship outpost can be negotiated but really I am sure a nation on Terra will allow us to purchase some ocean surface if needs be. Any Alteran will not be bother by your people because I would not put it past people to try to kidnap some Alterans for study or to ransom some technology. Any attempt will result in force being applied and I am a strong believer that there is no such thing as overkill. The whole recruiting part is not really under governmental control since it is an individual’s decision,” states Xander.

Jack nodded his head in agreement and asked, “What about the whole Protectorate status?”

Xander replied, “The Protectorate status is given since the Alteran race views Terra as being one of our planets. We founded it millions of years ago and would like to keep it safe. We understand that humans have evolved on it over the last millions of years but we are going to try to help guide them to avoid many of the possible pitfalls. I believe you should return to Earth to pass on the messages to your commanders.” He asked Ayianna to produce a communicator for Jack to hold on to and told Jack, “this communicator is for you. It will only work for you and you press this button to contact us and the same button to disconnect. Do not try to take it apart or give it up. I am going to return you to Terra and the SGC.”

Jack nodded in understanding. Before Orion transported him away, he gave Xander a handshake and said, “I will be in contact. Good luck.” At this he was transported away.

End of Chapter.



The End?

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