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Unclogging the (Mental) Works

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Summary: These are a few of what has been clogs my mental gears, other than my own Real Life issues (of which I have way too many), to the detriment of stories waiting to be updated. These stories aren't scheduled to be posted anytime in the near future.

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Multiple Crossings > Buffy-CenteredGypsyDruidFR182132,60612511,51225 Apr 112 Sep 12No

Children At Birth, Prologue

Champions At Birth

Disclaimer: I own nothing. I own no one. I'm not even making money on the plot. So, to put it plainly, suing me would be pointless.

Pairing(s): TBD

Summary: Response to Challenge 4055.


The Universal Pantheon was an Event that happened so infrequently that even Zeus and Odin did not know when the last one had occurred. Usually, the Gods dealt with their own problems, in their own lands, not wanting to hear the jeers of their peers by bringing issues before the Creators that were above even them. Only when the future foretold of dangers that would affect not only the humans that they watched over, but they themselves, was a situation brought before the Universal Pantheon.

This, unfortunately, was such an time.

The Creators, the true ones, not those assumed by the humans below, had no names and no true forms. When summoned, or rather, when a request for an audience was granted, they appeared in the vague humanoid shape of various hues of shifting colors which indicated what they represented.

“Come forth.” The form of a dark figure with twinkling little points of light and scattered bursts of color, which represented the Entity of the Universe, motioned the God of the Norsemen to the center of the dais. “Speak your piece.”

Odin, the All-Father, bowed deeply and stepped forward. “My Lords and Ladies, my Norns have envisioned a time of great peril in the far future, not only to us, but also to those that we have been tasked to watch over. Normally, we would handle such things ourselves, but these are threats to the whole of the world below and, with enough time, would bring about the final Fading of we Gods of this world.”

“What threat could be so overwhelming?” Another figure asked. This one, hued in shades of browns and greens and reds. It was the Creator of Worlds.

This time, it was Zeus that stepped forward next to his counterpart. “My Fates have worked alongside his Norns to discover this. It is not merely one all-encompassing threat, but instead, multiple threats that overlap one another that will lead to the downfall of humanity.”


Zeus and Odin stretched their hands over a small pool of fog. After a moment, events began to take form. “In the near future, threats from the demons that were banished long ago, threats from life-forms outside this world that had also been banished long ago, and threats caused by the humans’ own arrogance will begin to converge. The Champions that we have in place to maintain the balance of the Demons have been weakened by the ones placed to watch over them. When the time comes, there will be none with the strength to ‘hold the line’, as the humans would say.”

Odin spoke up again. “The Champions that have been marked to defend against the Otherworlders will be more than capable of defending their home, but if the Champion against the Demons fails and is overwhelmed, then they will find themselves fighting on two fronts.”

“The last danger comes from our own Children.” The Goddess Danaan stepped forward. “Those humans that have tasked themselves to watch over the Children of the Gods have become corrupted unto themselves. We cannot interfere with free will, and therefore, cannot stop what is to come. What they will bring about, will cause the Children to rally together in an attempt to defend themselves.”

“Humanity will not be able to stand against the dangers on all three fronts at the same time.” Odin finished. “Something must be done to circumvent these events in some way.”

“What do you propose?” Was asked.

With a gesture from Zeus and Odin, the Fates and the Norns stepped forward.

“We have searched the strands,” Lachesis began.

“And with the assistance of the Norns, searched those not yet in existence,” Clotho continued.

“And discovered a possible solution.” Atrophos finished.

The Norns joined them as they stretched out their hands to the pool of fog. After a moment, an image formed of a young woman and four young men.

"A path opened as these humans," Lachesis began.

"Infected themselves with the blood of," Clotho continued.

"One of the Children of Darkness." Athropos concluded.

"The offspring of this woman and these three men," Zeus explained, pointing out the men in question, "have the potential to become the humans' greatest protectors against these coming threats."

"Then what has brought you before us, if you have the means to a solution at hand?" One of the other Entities asked. This one was made completely of liquid in various colors.

This time, it was Aphrodite that answered, her son Cupid standing as her side. "The woman is in love with just one of them, and it is against her nature to just sleep with someone that she does not love in that way."

"We are here to request assistance." Danaan said. "The woman's fate leads to the birth of one of the children. We now need your permission to bring forth the other two, and place them where they will tread the paths that they are needed."

"Your request is not a simple one." An Entity mused. "We will convene and discuss and summon you with our answer."

There were a multitude of flashes and shimmers as the Universal Pantheon dismissed.

It was a while later, even by the Gods' timeless standards, when they were called back.

"We have looked at the paths that have brought you before us." The Entity of the Universe said. "Your request has been granted. Choose two among your number to be the temporary vessels of power. Their godhoods must lean toward fertility and childbirth."

~~~ BtVS ~~ Sanctuary ~~ SG-1 ~~~

"This isnae right." Brigit, the Irish Goddess of Fertility, among other things, said even as she concentrated on the task at hand.

The group of five had been rendered unconscious upon their arrival.

"You know that this must be done." Her counterpart, Heket, the Egyptian Birth Goddess, responded. “You saw what is to come as we all did.”

“That isnae what I am referrin’ tae.” The Irish Goddess said. “Why cannae the maither no’ kin of her own bairns. That is wha' I think is wrong.”

“If this woman knows about the children, she will do everything in her power to find them, and maybe even succeed. The road that they must travel will be fraught with enough peril without added emotional distress such things would cause. That is why the children will be raised by other mothers.” Heket told her. “Do not worry, my friend. In time, they will be reunited. When the events in question begin come to the crossroads, they will be drawn together like lodestones to the North Star.”

“Will the children be long lived as the mother?” Ajysyt asked curiously. She was the Siberian Mother Goddess, and it would be she that would care for the children until their time to be sent to Earth. When the time was right, they would be placed on Earth where they would be adopted by the necessary parents, with no memories of where they came from.

"That is something that we do not know." The Greek Goddess, Hecate, answered. She was overseeing the entire procedure, ready to intercede and assist the souls being created, and their parents. "They will naturally have traits of both parents, there will also be catalysts to the emergence of their power, which will affect their power, so until the events occur, the paths are still obscured. All that can be confirmed at the moment, is that the children of these beings will be humanities best hope for survival in the future path that our charges are walking."

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