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Summary: Based on the What IF series Marvel published, more specifically, What If Venom bonded with Xander instead of Eddie Brock.

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Marvel Universe > Spider-Man > Xander-CenteredrothosFR1331,6231208,84325 Apr 112 May 11No

NOTE: This chapter is rated FR15

Chapter Three

Xanom chapter 3

Disclaimer:see chapter1

The next day Xander walked up to Sunnydale High and yelled for his friends.

About fifteen minutes later, when he got no response, not even a Snyder encounter he remembered.

“Oh yeah we did do it, we survived high school and we blew it up to stop the Mayor from Ascending into some kind of demon lord.” Xander thought.

Why am I here? The young man puzzled when a black tendril shot out of his arm and pulled him to a girder.

Because it is Time for me to extrude. The symbiote said.

Extrude what? Xander said.

“Every so often, I must give off pieces of myself in order to grow, like a child loosing it’s baby teeth. Fortunately for me, it only requires a vertical surface, unfortunately for the surface It will be marked severely. Do not worry about the damage to you, I will repair it.” The symbiote said as small teeth-like fragments scraped off on the girder.

Damage was an understatement; Xander was treated to pain, of which he had experienced once before.

He had experienced the same pain when Tony had beaten him after dropping a full beer bottle on the carpet when he had walked in on his father on the phone with an Os something.

After it was done and the damage healed, Xander addressed the Symbiote.

“What else do you need, other than the alternate food source! You trying to kill me here!” Xander screamed.

“We have little more needs, in a year’s time we be fed enough to split. You have gift to give to other.”

“Well I hope that’s all your needs, because I am not liking this deal so far.” Xander said.

Xander walked a little more and came upon Larry, his not-so-friendly acquaintance from the Sunnydale school system.

“Hey Harris, where ya going now? No classes and no more rules to protect you.” Larry said cracking his fingers,

“Hey Larry; just going to work turns out carpentry might be in my future.” Xander says trying to get by undamaged this time.

“Well, I’ve been without my favorite punching bag all summer and you’re getting a little too uppity.” Larry says with a malignant gleam in his eye.

“Larry might be a source of anger, but he’s just a bully, no need to expend too much energy on him.” Xander said to the symbiote.

“Aww! No choppy choppy?” the symbiote said

“No and no more bad jokes like that. “ Xander thought

Xander just relaxed and let the symbiote react to the punches that came. The suit dodged them easily or rather Xander under the suits control did. Larry aimed a vicious kick at one of Xander’s legs and he just registered the leg moving. Then, the suit went on the offensive in a repeat of last night pushing Larry over with a finger.

Larry hit the ground, hard and Xander walked off whistling. He mentally high-fived the symbiote.

Xander arrived to the work site to little ado, the boss needed to refresh his guys on crane safety before they moved a large pipe into one of the holes dug for the new gated community’s sewage system.

After that the boss; got Xander his safety gear.

While they were walking the site going over what Xander needed to know. A creaking was heard and the chain holding the pipe broke, sending it crashing towards two guys. Xander stepped in front of the pipe and stopped it from flattening the two guys, arrayed in his black costume.

The entire site started clapping and Xander tipped the pipe into a hole .The construction foreman came up to Xander and asked him

“Who are you, one of these guys out of L.A.?”

Xander thought and the group in his head said Remedy.

Xander said “Antidote”.

The End?

You have reached the end of "Xanom" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 2 May 11.

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