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Worlds Aplenty

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This story is No. 6 in the series "Slayer vs. Stargate". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Sixth in the Slayer Vs Stargate series. The Scythe once again pulls Gwen away, and this time Xander comes along for the ride.

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Stargate > General > General: SG-1MissEFR15411,11324511,90726 Apr 118 Oct 11No

Chapter Four

Disclaimer: Don't own or claim rights to Buffy or Stargate


“So,” Xander began, eyeing Jack, “were you serious when you mentioned wanting some Slayers here?”

Jack frowned at the Watcher, then nodded. “Hell yeah. We even talked about it when your people were here last. You know, offer the girls a holiday, toying with the wimpy-ass villians we've got, only going out once or twice a week. That sort of thing.”

Xander grinned. “Things are a lot different to how they were back in high school,” he offered.

“I should damn well hope so,” Jack growled. “Just the thought…” He trailed off, shaking his head.

Xander nodded. “Giles tried, he really did. And, looking back, I can't believe the things we got away with. But we did, and we're here now. So …” he drawled, eyeing Faith and Spike, “I know Gwen wouldn't mind being based here, and where she goes, I go. What about you guys?”

“I'd need to talk to Dawn,” Faith shrugged, “but this, this could be fun.” She shook her head. “I'm not Head Slayer material. Don't want to be, neither. How would this even work?” she asked, turning to Jack.

Jack's eyes went wide as he was put on the spot. “Uh… Well, I expect that you would have a reasonable say in where you'd be placed. You'd possibly work with my team, or do search-and-rescue ops. Maybe the high-value, high-risk ops?” he offered.

“Plus research,” Faith added. “You know you're not going to get Dawn too far from those dusty old books and shit you got.”

“And Gwen's interests are … varied,” Xander grinned. “She's never bothered to get a doctorate in anything, but she's got a fair bit of knowledge in a number of fields.”

“And Spike here's more than just a killing machine,” Faith nodded, jerking her thumb in the blond's direction.

“And how is it Sineya didn't dust your ass?” Xander asked, turning on the other man.

“Don't dust no more, do I?” Spike smirked.

“What's that now?” Xander gaped.

“Got the Great Poof's Shanshu, now, didn't I?” Spike gloated.

“Oh, my God,” Xander gasped. “You got that … thing,” he waved vaguely. He blinked, and the corner of his mouth began to twitch. Spike eyed the younger man with growing trepidation. “That means you're … you're a real boy, now.” The twitch grew, and Spike frowned. “So, how's it feel, Pinocchio?”


Janet looked up from her examination of Sam to see a vaguely familiar young female enter the Infirmary. “You can't be here,” she began firmly.

“Oh, I kind of have to,” the brunette smiled. “She wakes up without one of us present, there could be problems,” she added, nodding to the unconscious Slayer.

“It's okay,” Sam reassured the doctor. “Ms Summers is part of Mrs Harris' group.”

“Uh huh,” Dawn agreed. “Not only that, I'm one of the only people who can stop her, no matter what.”

“Really?” Sam asked doubtfully, remembering what she'd seen at the Gate. “How? Do you, uh…” she waggled her fingers.

Dawn chuckled. “No. It's just that Gwen trusts me implicitly, so if I have to restrain her, she automatically allows it to happen. She actually fights Xander more than she fights me, but I think that that's because he's her husband, and she needs him to show dominance from time to time. A Slayer's brain can get pretty primitive from time to time,” she added.

“Even when she's…” Sam grimaced, not sure if she was up to coping with all this mystical stuff.

Dawn snorted. “Well, it's not like I'm going to have to restrain her from cracking a book to study, is it. First time I had to do it, she was about to take Faith to task for back-chatting her. I was closer, so I grabbed Gwen, while Xander got between them. She kind of tried to break my grip, but she put less effort into it than a toddler would. She hissed and snarled for all she was worth, but we managed to get her to calm down. Eventually, anyway.”

Janet looked at the two visitors. “So if she wakes disoriented?”

Dawn patted her arm. “I'll save you,” she reassured them.


Spike looked from Xander to Faith. “You know, one of you should really phone home. You know, let the others know you're alive and well, so they don't panic, and all?”

Xander cleared his throat, and nodded towards a spot a little further down the hall. “Too late,” he suggested.

Willow, Buffy and Giles stepped out through a portal. “Alexander Lavelle Harris, you'd better have a darn good explanation for me,” the redhead warned.

Xander gulped. “I was waiting for medical clearance before contacting you. You know, to make sure I didn't bring back any nasty space viruses, or something. And Gwen's in there at the moment, but she's unconscious, because she had to call forth Sineya with the Scythe, and I don't think her body was prepared for it because as soon as it was over, she flaked, and you know how tough Gwen is, so I was wanting to make sure everything was fine with her before I called you, so … hi?”

Spike shook his head, and turned to Jack. “I've known those two for going on a decade, and I still get surprised whenever they do that,” he murmured.

“Good lung function,” Jack returned, nodding slightly.

“Do I at least get the Scythe back?” Buffy grimaced.

“All yours,” Faith grinned, handing it over. “Blondie don't want it back any time soon.”

Buffy scowled at her sister Slayer. Then she rolled her shoulders to relax them. “So this … unconscious thing she's doing,” she offered.

“She's in with the doctor at the moment,” Xander nodded, “but I think I'd feel better if Will had a quick look at her. It's probably just exhaustion, or something, but…” Willow nodded, and slipped into the infirmary.

“So what did she do?” Buffy demanded.

“She meditated, using the Scythe as a focus, and called up Sineya,” Xander explained.

Buffy looked up, scowling. “To the Scythe, Xander. I saw that look when you handed it over. What did she do to the Scythe?”

Xander's eyes widened slightly. “Uh, just maybe kind of slightly used it to bust a lock?” he tried. “But I checked, and there was nothing wrong with it, and, like she said, it's supposed to be impervious to harm, and we really needed that lock opened so SG1 could get out of their cell.”

“If he could swim, he could probably get into the SEALs just on that,” Jack muttered to Spike.

Buffy caught the quiet comment, and smirked evilly. “Oh, he can swim,” she noted gleefully. “Still got that Speedo?” she asked her friend casually.

“Buffy!” Xander whined.


Dawn smiled gratefully when she saw Willow enter the room. “Dr Fraiser is just examining Gwen.” When the doctor looked up, frowning at the intrusion, she went on. “Dr Fraiser, this is Willow Rosenberg. She's one of us, and will want to check Gwen out.”

Janet shrugged. “I've just finished looking her over. She appears to be suffering from exhaustion, but nothing else.”

Willow nodded thoughtfully. “That's what Xander said. Do you know why that would be?”

“He said she called up Sineya, and that her body wasn't prepared for it like normal,” Dawn explained. “She used the Scythe as a focal point, and meditated.”

“Huh,” Willow grunted, eyebrows raised. “That'd do it. Well, I might be able to contact her. I'll, um, okay… If you bring that right over here,” she instructed, gesturing to a nearby bed, “I'll just…” As soon as the bed was in place, Willow lay down, and took Gwen's hand in hers, then quickly sank into a trance.

Janet looked at the red-haired woman, then turned to Dawn, frowning. “What's going on?” she demanded.

Dawn looked to Sam, unsure what to do next. Sam shrugged. “It's up to you, but if your people are going to have anything to do with us in any kind of ongoing fashion, Janet is going to need to know about you. She's our CMO, and everyone gets checked out after going through the Gate.”

Dawn nodded, and turned back to the doctor. “Okay. Well, Willow has gone into a trance to try to contact Gwen's spirit.”

“Right,” Janet drawled.

Dawn smirked. “Oh, I haven't gotten to the good stuff yet,” she assured Janet. “Just wait till I get to the point that Willow and I are witches, and Gwen is a mystically enhanced being called a Slayer.”

Janet turned to Sam, incredulously. “Witches, Sam? Aren't you going to say something?”

Sam sighed. “I've seen magic, Janet, and I've seen Gwen move in ways that are impossible for a human her size and shape. Holy Hannah, I saw her take down all the guards at the Gate in less time than it took you to choose which uniform to put on this morning! So if Dawn says that Willow is a witch, and they're communing on some astral plane, then I, for one, am not going to argue the point.”

Dawn tilted her head. “Don't you remember how Gwen broke both her arms when she arrived here the first time, and then, one week later, she was out of the casts?”

“Well, yes,” Janet nodded, frowning.

“Enhanced healing, enhanced speed, strength, and endurance,” Dawn explained. “There's other parts to the whole Slayer package, and some of the details vary from girl to girl, but those are the essential parts. What Willow's trying to do is contact her and make sure there isn't anything else keeping her out.” She frowned. “Make sure Sineya isn't making her pay for calling her up like that.”

“Why would that be?” Janet asked, frowning.

“Xander, Willow, Giles and my sister performed a joining spell a number of years ago, and She took offence. She entered their dreams while they were recovering, and tried to kill them,” Dawn grimaced. She watched the recumbent pair for a moment longer, then shrugged. She hated waiting.

Janet sighed. “Well, there's nothing more I can do here. If you don't mind, I'll move on to the men.”

“I'll stay here,” Sam decided, and found chairs for herself and Dawn.


Willow opened her eyes to find herself back in her/Joyce's bedroom back in Sunnydale. Gwen was asleep on the bed, just as she was in the SGC infirmary, and the Primitive was pacing along her side of the bed, agitated. The thing that threw Willow, though, was the sight of Tara sitting on the bed beside Gwen, petting Miss Kitty Fantasitco. The blonde looked up through her hair, and smiled slightly.

“Tara?” Willow whispered. “Honey?”

“I'm not her,” not-Tara replied with a grimace, “not really. But she wished you to know that she's happy and at peace, and is glad that you're doing well. And Miss Kitty,” she went on, picking up the kitten to look into its eyes, “is onto her fifth life already. Someone has a fascination for dangerous things.” She sighed. “Such is the life of a Hellmouth kitten.” Not-Tara put the kitten back into her lap and began petting it again. “They're leaving,” she added after a moment.

“Who?” Willow asked, not truly wanting to know.

“Gwen,” not-Tara began, nodding to the sleeping woman, “Xander, Faith, Dawn and Spike, plus one more. You know him, he'll be there when you get back to Cleveland. Anyway, the six of them will be coming here, and then going even further away. This is what they need to do,” she added earnestly, “what they're being called to do. You need to let them do this, you and Buffy both.”

“But … they're family,” Willow argued, “we need them.”

“Not really,” not-Tara smiled sadly. “Not as much as they'll be needed elsewhere.”

Willow sighed. “This is what the Powers want, isn't it?”

“I'm afraid so,” not-Tara smiled.

“She's really happy?” Willow asked, feeling tears start.

“She is,” not-Tara nodded. “As are Joyce, Cordelia, Jenny and Anya. They're not lost, not any of them; they're just where you can't be right now. Keep on the path you're on, and you'll see them one day, each of you.”

“What about Gwen?” Willow asked, nodding at the blonde.

“They kept her asleep so you would come chat,” not-Tara rolled her eyes. “As soon as you leave, she'll wake up. And, no, she won't have any recollection of this discussion. She's asleep, after all.”

“And, um, her?” Willow winced as she glanced at the Primitive.

Not-Tara glanced over at the First Slayer. “Oh, she's just upset that we're messing around with one of her children. But I think She's happy with what Faith and Gwen are going to do. Lots of fighting in their futures,” she added with another roll of her eyes. She looked back at Willow. “Time to wake up, now.”


Willow's opening eyes were caught by a flash of movement as Gwen curled up into a crouched fighting position on the gurney.

Dawn stood immediately, hands spread. “It's okay, it's all okay,” she soothed.

Gwen held her position for a moment, then relaxed, sitting on the bed. “I'm guessing it all went well?” she asked after a moment.

“Well, you appear to have impressed the hell out of the SGC,” Dawn smirked. “I think they want to keep you.” When the blonde glared at her, Dawn continued hurriedly, “In a totally consensual, non-getting-cut-up kind of way.”

“They're not the only ones,” Willow nodded from her bed. “And speaking of, we really need to have a conference. The Powers have stuck they're high-and-mighty noses into your business, and certain people are probably not going to be happy about it.”

Gwen sighed, and slouched, scowling on the bed, while Dawn frowned thoughtfully at the red-haired witch.

The End?

You have reached the end of "Worlds Aplenty" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 8 Oct 11.

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