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Bury me Alive

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Summary: Angel lost two children to Holtz and unkown to him his daughter was closer to him then he thought. Around the same time Connor crashes back into his life so dose a Death Eater with a past. What does she have to do with him?

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Harry Potter > Angel-CenteredLilyErisCullenFR18529,192192,62427 Apr 119 May 11No

Chapter 2: Chapter 2: Rewind or Fastforward?

Bury me Alive

Chapter 2: Rewind or Fastforward?

St. Mungos;
July 31st, 1980:

Sirius winced as Lily's screams could be heard from the waiting room. He knew it was her as well because she was the only one giving birth and he knew her screams anywhere. She had screamed and yelled so much at them in school it wasn't hard to tell. Looking down at the ten month old in his lap he smiled and ran a hand over the wild curls sprouting over her head. They were blonde and curly, the curls a form of James' unruly hair and the blonde was always assumed was from James' mother; Dorea Black.

Though Cassidy looked like James and Lily it wasn't all that noticeable. Others wouldn't notice how her hair was not the same shade as Dorea Black. How her face was neither like Lily's or James' in shape or how her eyes were not green or hazel but a green, gray, blue color that really depended on mood. One day they'd be more green, another more gray, and another they were a striking blue. At other times they mixed, all three or maybe two at a time. They always choked it down to genetics, it wasn't unheard of even in the muggle world, especially for people with hazel eyes. Only he, Dumbledore, and Lily and James knew why. Cassidy was adopted and though by blood Cassi was always her biological parents blood. She simply had two sets of parents.

"James is not getting any for a while," Sirius muttered and Remus chuckled.

"Nope. I'm surprised he got any so soon after Cassi's birth." Sirius smirked and nodded before standing up and pacing back and forward, Cassidy happily gurgling in his arms. Thinking on their best friend he was regretful that they could not tell Mooney the truth of Cassidy but the fact that Cassi's origins and parentage were top secret was what made them stop and think. Not to mention with the prophecy about Harry or Neville it wasn't safe to trust people blindly.

When Lily and James had adopted Cassidy a parentage potion was needed and the only names given were Liam and Darlene and one other word - Vampire. It seemed ridiculous but a blood test latter it was obvious that little baby Cassidy had a demon of her own. It was bound behind human blood and a soul but one day it might get strong, to strong for her to control and Dumbledore was unsure if the Potters should take in the half-demon. Lily and James were adamant though, they cared less what or who Cassi and her parents were they wanted the blue eyed baby. They got her as well and with the ritual another shock had come. Almost instantly Cassidy's name had appeared on the Hogwarts registry and the parentage spell now showed two sets of parents.

Lily Jennifer Evans Potter & James Ignatius Potter along with Liam and Darlene which they could not find in the history books. It was assumed their names had been changed as vampires.

"Where is Peter?" Sirius asked as he stopped short and sent Remus a confused look. Remus looked around and sighed.

"Wormtail said his mother was ill again. This is the forth time this months, I'm starting to think our little Wormy has a girlfriend," he answered, a small smirk on his handsome face as he pushed back honey brown hair from his amber eyes. Sirius chuckled and bounced Cassidy in his arms.

"Padfoot, Mooney!" James yelled as he ran into the waiting room with a huge smile on his face. Both Marauders turned to their leader with raised eyebrows and Padfoot smirked before asking.

"So? Mate, is it Rose or Harry?" James smiled even larger and with pride in his eyes he answered.

"Harry James Potter was just born!" Sirius chuckled along with Remus and Sirius lifted Cassi up and turned her to face him and he spun around.

"Ya hear that Cass? You're a big sister now," Sirius told the baby and came to a stop. Mooney and Prongs laughed at their friends actions. Cassidy giggled and hiccuped as she listened. She may be young but she understood, much better then a baby that was fully human would. She was happy about it as well, though she missed her other brother and Daddy she was happy with the ones she had now.


Godric's Hollow;
October 13th, 1980:

"Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday dear Cassi, happy birthday to you!" the Marauders and Lily sang as Cassidy sat in her high chair at the table giggling. Sirius, James and Remus all burst into laughter at the muggle song Lily had taught them. Lily rolled her eyes as she held three month old Harry in her arms. Cassidy coo'd and gurgled before waving her arms out at James.

"Da..Da...Dada!" she spoke slowly yet clearly. It made them all stop and stare wide eyed. Cassidy smiled smugly knowing exactly what she had done and even though part of her was sad she wouldn't get this reaction from her real Daddy, she recognized she had two dads and two moms now.

"James, she spoke!" Lily gasped out and shot out of her seat. She only took time to hand Harry to his godfather before she rushed over to her daughter smiling. She picked up her uniquely color eyed daughter and cuddled her and whispered a praise to the little girl who giggled happily.

"My little girl said Dada. Can you say Mama?" Lily asked. James chuckled and gathered the blonde baby into his arms before smirking at Lily.

"Of course she can't, babies never say both in one day," he said. Remus smirked and turned to Sirius who held a calm Harry.

"What you wanna bet James sleeps on the couch for the next week?" he asked and Sirius smiled and with his free hand he reach out and shook Remus' hand.

"Five gallons and your on," Sirius said, not wanting to bankrupt his friend. He knew how hard Remus worked to find a job and keep it with his fury little problem.

"What is that supposed to mean James?" Lily asked, her eyes narrowed in anger. James gulped a little, almost back up from the angered redhead. He knew first hand the lengths of a redheads fury, especially Lily's.

"Nothing...honey, baby, mother of my children..." James trailed off as Lily shook her head and was about to say something when Cassi erupted into laughter and said something for them.

"Ma! Ma! Ma, Ma!" she said one after another and held out her little arms to the older redhead. Lily gasped and placed a hand over her heart before rushing forward and grabbing Cassidy out of James arms and rubbing their noses together before cuddling the baby to her chest.

"Oh mummy's little baby said Ma." Lily looked at her husband with a smug smile and tilted her head up before walking out of the kitchen to grab Cassidy's presents. "See James, she can say Ma," she said as she went. James sighed and followed after his wife.

"Lily, come on I didn't mean anything by it." Sirius smirked at Remus and held out his hand and Remus sighed and dug through his pants pocket before handing him five gold coins.

"Thank you, I'll just put this away for a rainy day." Or when I can get you to take that money and vault I offered you, Sirius thought before standing up and the two Marauders followed their two friends out.


Godric's Hollow;
October 31st, 1981:

"Lily, we can't take them out why do you have to dress them up?" James asked as Lily looked between two costumes, a bumble bee and Rose. Turning to James she smiled at him sadly.

"I just want them to have the memories, even if one day they can't remember." James sighed and brought Lily into his arms and kissed her softly.

"And they will, and one day when this is all over we'll have many more babies to give memories they'll never remember," he said almost teasingly. Lily smiled and kissed him back and then turned back to the bed and picked up the pink and green Rose costume.

"The Rose costume it is," she said and James laughed and smiled as the little three feet and seven inches tall child with shoulder length curly dark golden blonde hair. Her wide almond shaped doe like gray/green/blue eyes stared back at them as she twirled on her spot.

"Ma, Dada are we gonna get candy today?" Cassidy asked. James smiled sadly at his daughter and shook his head.

"Not in the traditional sense love, but Mum and I have been able to get you and your brother some candy anyways," James said and Cassi nodded, though her eyes had saddened a bit. He understood that this was the first Halloween she was fully aware of in a way and now he wouldn't be able to give his daughter a proper Halloween all because of one hypocritical Dark Lord.

"Were sorry baby, but mummy has a costume for you," Lily said as she held out the pink and green Rose costume. Cassidy's eyes lite up and she jumped before grabbing at the costume and hugging it to herself.

"Tank you Ma! Will you help me put it on?" Cassi asked, looking up at the red head with a wide smile and nothing but innocence. Lily laughed and nodded before picking her two year old daughter up and walking into the adjoining bathroom. James smiled and picked up a pumpkin costume which looked about Harry's size and shook his head. He should have known, the first Halloween they had Cassi Lily had dressed the poor girl up as an angel yet he could tell that the blonde girl would be no angel when she grew older. To much marauder blood in her.

"Lily, do you want me to get Harry dressed?" he yelled loud enough for Lily to hear and he smiled as he got a yes back before going to get Harry.

"Hello little man, how's daddy's prongslet?" he asked as he picked the little green eyed boy up and walked into the master bedroom where he placed him on the bed.

"Da!" Harry said smiling and James smiled back as he put the pumpkin costume onto his year old son. Lily smiled at the sight as she came back in carrying Cassidy.

"Bwother look weird!" Cassidy said, laughing as she smiled at the boy on the bed. Lily looked at the girl who she had put down and shook her head.

"Be good Cassi, I think he looks adorable. So do you though Princess," Lily said and Cassi smiled up at her mother. She loved her mother, both of them. She knew what her birth parents looked like from her dreams and she planed to always remember them. Her birth mother had been blonde like her, though a slightly lighter shade of gold and her eyes had been the bright baby blue she had as a baby before the adoption and they shared similar facial shapes. Her dad was a tall man with soulful brown eyes and spiky dark brown almost black hair. Though from her dreams she knew her dad had a bad side, a evil inside that showed itself at times and his eyes almost turned completely black and evil, there was only dark amusement.

She never told her parents about this, not wanting to worry them and so she kept it to herself but she loved her new parents and brother, though she missed her daddy and twin brother.

"Dada, do I look adorable?" Cassidy asked as she did a twirl. James laughed and nodded while holding Harry.

"Gorgeous Princess, now why don't we go begin that movie Mummy got for us?" James asked, looking at Lily to make sure he got the word right. He wasn't used to those moving pictures the muggles called movies, hell he hardly knew how to work the TV much less a movie. Lily chuckled and nodded before taking Cassidy's hand and leading her into the living room. All the way she couldn't shake the feeling that something was wrong.

It was around ten that night when Lily and James took the children to have a bath and ready for bed. Harry had taken a nap along with Cassi during the movie, The Wizard of Oz which James found hilarious and ridiculous at the same time. Lily was now playing with the children as Cassi munched on a chocolate frog.

"Look I got bumblebore!" Cassidy said, slaughtering Dumbledore's name with her pronunciation. Lily giggled and nodded while James peaked out the front window and gasped, his eyes wide.

"Lily, he's here! Take the children and run!" he cried out as he ran for his wand on the couch and Lily stood her eyes wide with fright.

"Ma what's wong?" Cassi asked, her eyes wide in confusion. Lily looked at her daughter and picked her up along with Harry and then grunted with the forty pounds and twenty or so pounds which Harry weights.

"Ma, I can walk!" Cassidy said, seeing her mum's struggle. Lily's petite 5'6 frame simply couldn't keep a grip on both babies and she relented and let Cassidy down long enough to grab her hand and take off towards the stairs. She stopped to look back at James with tears in her green eyes, she knew she would probably never see him again.

"Go, run! I'll hold him off," James yelled, waving a impatient arm at her and she nodded and took off upstairs as she reached the landing she heard the door be blown off.

"Stupify!" she heard her husband cry and then laughter and the killing curse before silence and as she ran for the nursery she knew he was dead. She could feel it in her heart.

"Ma, where is Dada?" Cassi asked as Harry began to whimper. Lily placed Harry into the opposite arm and rummaged through the stuffed animals, after locking the door and whimpered softly as she heard the foot falls of the Dark Lord. She couldn't believe Peter had betrayed them, but then they shouldn't have trusted anyone but Sirius to begin with. If only she had trusted her instinct.

"I don't know baby," Lily lied and turned to her daughter.

"Cassi, mummy loves you, you know that right?" Cassidy nodded, tears of confusion and understanding forming in her big eyes. Lily sighed and leant down to kiss the girls forehead as the footsteps got louder. She looked to the closet and rushed forward and yanked it open only to find it packed with boxes. She cursed, of all the bad luck.

"Mummy what's going on!?" Cassi asked, crying openly now.

"A very bad man is here Cassi, and he isn't nice. He means to hurt us, I have to protect you." This wasn't something to explain to a two year old. She shook her head and rushed to the crib and pushed Cassidy under it and placed Harry inside the let down crib just as the door was blown off and she lurched forward, Harry protected against her chest before placing him fully inside and turning around, wishing she had her wand on her. She knew though, it didn't matter, he would kill her anyways.

"Move aside girl, let me have the boy," Voldemort spoke cruelly and Lily shook her head.

"No, please, take me instead. Spare Harry, he's just a baby!" she cried and Voldemort gritted his teeth and tried again, he had promised not to kill the woman for Snape.

"Move aside! Let me kill the boy and I'll let you live," he spoke again and she began to cry and shake her head more vigorously. Growling Voldemort began to wave his wand but was interrupted by a sharp cry and a stinging pain in his hanging wrist, his right.

"No, leave my mummy alone!" Cassidy cried as she ran forward with more speed then a normal human and sank two razor sharp fangs into his forearm. Her eyes had turned a pale shade of gold and her face had become more prominent, and fangs had appeared. It wasn't the usual game face, but it was close, like a poor duplicate. The facial bones were more pronounced but not demonically so, the biggest changes were her eyes and fangs.

"You little brat! Get off me!" Voldemort yelled and using his wand banished her into the crib beside her mother and below Harry. She instantly slumped to the floor unconscious the fangs disappeared and her face returned to the it delicate state. Lily screamed in horror.

"I'll take great pleasure in killing your other brat Lily, now one more time, step aside!" he yelled, blood dripping from his arm. Lily shook her head, she refused.

"No! Take me instead, not Harry, please not Harry or Cassi! Take me instead!" she cried and Voldemort sighed and shook his head. At least he could tell Snape he tried. The bitch was just to stubborn for or own bloody good.

"AVADA KEDAVRA!" he yelled and the green flash hit her in the chest and she twisted in the air as she hit the ground. A inhuman scream was heard from her as she yelled her childrens names.


"Now Harry I'll be rid of you and your blasted sister," the Dark Lord said as he leveled his wand at Harry and Harry simply stared back with green eyes, Lily's eyes. His eyes flickered to Cassidy and he vowed to not let this man hurt her if he could help it, but he was just a baby, what could he do? He began to cry softly as the green light left the mans wand and a stabbing pain flew through his forehead and then the light bounced back and hit the man.

A even more terrifying scream ripped through the house and then nothing. Harry was left crying and he climbed slowly, and stumbling down to the floor and crawled over to his sister where he sat in front of her, like a guard. He knew instantly the light had not touched her yet when he touched her a pink light flashed from his hand to hers. He knew she was protected as well.


#4 Privet Drive, Surrey;
November 1st 1981:

When Cassidy woke the next morning it was to the piercing scream of a horse faced woman. She was tall, about the same height of her Mummy but much skinner and had curled shoulder length light brown hair and watery blue eyes. They held the same facial shape and lips but that was where the similarities ended. Cassi looked up at the woman and then down at the baby beside her, her brother and with tears looked back up at the shocked and terrified woman.

“Where our Mummy?” she asked, her lower lip trembling. Petunia looked at the little girl and almost blanched at what she saw. The girl was not right out in her face Lily but their was enough resemblance especially to when Lily was this child’s age that let her know this girl was her sister spawn.

The same went for the green eyed baby around her Dudley age beside the blonde child. It was the girl's eyes that struck her though, they couldn't be classed as one color, they were almost like a storm of color and then one took dominance at a time. They were a freaks eyes she was sure but she saw her sisters green in them and she knew she wouldn't be able to send either away. No matter how much she wanted to.

“I don't know girl, come in and we'll find out,” Petunia spoke, neither nice nor cold. Cassidy stood and nodded smoothing down her footie pajamas even though she really need not and walked in behind the woman who hesitantly scooped up her little brother. As the woman shut the front door a really large man walked in, he had blond hair and watery blue eyes as well though a different shade, less pretty Cassi thought.

“Pet..Petunia dear what is that? Who is that?” Vernon asked, staring at the two children no older then three if you added their ages together with wide eyes. Petunia snorted and sat Harry on the couch before picking up a parchment envelope and wrinkling her nose at it.

“It's one of those freaks,it's from them,” Petunia said and opened it slowly. Cassidy watched on as Petunia read it out loud, obviously this wasn't odd occurrence for Petunia as Vernon was listening with rapt attention and stroking his mustache.

Dear Mr. and Mrs. Dursley,

It pains me to have to bring you such terrible news. On October 31st the Dark Lord Voldemort went to Lily and James' house in Godric's Hollow. I am sorry to say Lily and James did not survive the attack, leaving only Harry and Cassidy to survive the attack. Harry has been hailed a hero in our world since he has been hailed the Boy-Who-Lived. You should be very proud of your nephew, as he saved our world.

Please take in Harry and Cassidy, they are the last of your sister's blood Petunia. I am sure your Sister would have wanted them in your hands.

Albus Dumbledore.

“Where is Mummy and Dada?” Cassidy asked and Petunia sighed and Vernon chocked on his breathe.

“No, No Petunia I will not have that freaks spawn in my house!” Vernon yelled and Cassidy shrunk back some and closer to Harry who was looking around with tears in his eyes.

“This is my house to Vernon and though I hate to say it.” Petunia sighed and looked from Harry to Cassidy. “They are my niece and nephew, and I won't have any blood of mine in an orphanage.”

“I don't like this Pet,” Vernon said glaring at Cassidy and Harry with beady eyes. Petunia sighed and shook her head.

“We have no choice really, we'll do our part. They'll be out of here as soon as they're of age Vernon.” Vernon sighed and nodded.

“Fine but they are to keep their freaky selves away from our Dudley!” he exclaimed and Petunia nodded.

“I agree,” Petunia and said and It was then after being ignored Cassidy and Harry began to cry.
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