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Bury me Alive

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Summary: Angel lost two children to Holtz and unkown to him his daughter was closer to him then he thought. Around the same time Connor crashes back into his life so dose a Death Eater with a past. What does she have to do with him?

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Chapter 5: When Weasleys Attack!

Bury Me Alive

Chapter 5: When Weasleys Attack!

July 20th, 1992;
#4 Privet Drive:

"Cassi?" Harry asked as he finished feeding Hedwig her treat. Cassidy looked up from her Potions essay and raised a eyebrow, her long curly/wavy hair - the curls which were once springy had turned to a more wavy mess then the year before. She hadn't changed much more then gaining a few inches in hair length and going from 4'8 to 4'10. She feared she wouldn't get much taller but she was only twelve soon to be thirteen.

"Yeah Harry?" she asked.

"Are you going hunting tonight?" he asked, worried about his sister. She had been hunting a lot more often since they returned and every time he brought up the subject she would shake her head and change it. He's caught her staring at a wall in the dark one night, brooding, and when he'd asked why she said she made a mistake. She seemed to be making a few recently.

"Yes," she replied, turning back to her essay. She hoped he'd take the hint and change the subject. She didn't want him to know she was craving blood more often now, that she had wondered upon a homeless man and attacked him in her bloodlust - the first person she'd ever hurt, much less killed. Her demon was getting closer to the surface and harder to control. So far only three homeless people - thank god they were homeless - had met a ugly death by her fangs. She had to admit, she loved the human blood and she knew it would taste better if it was healthier, but she had only killed three people and already her soul cried out in agony and shame. While her demon whispered inside her and pressed her to find fresher meat.

"Why are you hunting so much?" he asked, standing and walked closer. Cassidy sighed and slammed her quill down before standing up, making sure not to step on Isis' tail. Isis was the little black kitten Hagrid had bought her when he got Harry Hedwig.

"Why are you asking me this Harry? It really doesn’t concern you." Harry blinked and sighed, before crossing his arms.

"It is my business. Something is wrong with you Cassidy and I want to know what!"

Cassidy shook her head at her brothers stupidity. "Just drop it," she spat.

"No, Cassi talk to me, please." Cassidy bit her lip and went to sit on the bed they shared - though it was starting to get awkward and she was this close to threatening the Dursley's into buying her a bed.

"I messed up Harry, I really messed up." Harry blinked and looked into his sisters eyes. They had leaked from their standard, gray/blue/green color to a clear baby blue in her sadness. It was the first time he'd seen them lacking the gray mingling with the blue.

"I don't understand," he said.

"The night we returned home from Hogwarts. I went hunting, I hadn't been in months, since before we left for Hogwarts." She stopped and shook her head, wrinkling her brow in what he knew was the beginning of her brooding face. "I didn't realize how much relying on blood to survive would affect me going cold turkey. There was a homeless guy wondering around and I couldn't find any animals. He smelt so good compared to nothing at all and I attacked him. I killed," she said and Harry gasped and moved to sit beside his sister. She wasn't crying but she seemed so close to it that it tore his heart to see her like this.

"Was he the only one?" he asked. She shook her head and he sighed.

"No, they were all homeless, but it hurts. I've been ignoring it but It's like I'm being turn in two Harry," she replied. Harry nodded and tried to figure out what he felt. Hurt, angry, sad, most of all he felt torn. What did he tell her, that it was okay because they were homeless and had no lives? That it didn't change anything, if he was being honest with himself it was all going to change now.

"Do you hate me?" Harry looked at her and shook his head. That was the honest to god truth, he didn't hate her, far from it. He was upset but not at her, he was upset at whatever it was that made his sister more then human. He knew it wasn't in him and he couldn't help but wonder whose fault it was?

"I don't hate you, everything will be fine. Maybe Dumbledore can help us out, he has to know about this. I mean he knows everything." Cassidy blanched at the thought of getting help from him but nodded anyways.

"Fine. I hope your right."


July 31st, 1992;
# 4 Privet Drive:

Exactly a year ago, Hogwarts had written to Harry and Cassidy, and the whole story had come out. Harry had taken up his place at wizard school, where he and his scar were famous… but now the school year was over, and he was back with the Dursleys for the summer, back to being treated like a dog that had rolled in something smelly. Cassidy was still treated like the ant-Christ, which wasn't much different to her school year after being sorted into Slytherin. When it came out her wand was made from basilisk skin and Ivy it became even worst, she was now the next right hand to the dark lord or worst, the next dark lady.

The Dursleys hadn't even remembered that today happened to be Harry's twelfth birthday. Of course, his hopes hadn't been high; they'd never given him a real present, let alone a cake — but to ignore it completely…

At that moment, Uncle Vernon cleared his throat importantly and said, "Now, as we all know, today is a very important day." Harry looked up, hardly daring to believe it. While Cassi narrowed her eyes and shook her head at her brothers hopeful look. It was all for not, and she hated to see the look of disappointment when he realized what today was other then what he hoped they'd remember.

"This could well be the day I make the biggest deal of my career," said Uncle Vernon.

Harry went back to his toast while Cassi pushed some of her eggs into his plate and broke her toast in half before placing a small amount of jelly on her half and giving the rest in the small saucer like ball to Harry even though he still had some left. She had to make sure he was feed properly, just like always when at the Durselys.

Of course, he thought bitterly, Uncle Vernon was talking about the stupid dinner party. He'd been talking of nothing else for two weeks. Some rich builder and his wife were coming to dinner and Uncle Vernon was hoping to get a huge order from him (Uncle Vernon's company made drills).

"I think we should run through the schedule one more time," said Uncle Vernon. "We should all be in position at eight o'clock. Petunia, you will be —?"

"In the lounge," said Aunt Petunia promptly, "waiting to welcome them graciously to our home."

"Good, good. And Dudley?"

"I'll be waiting to open the door." Dudley put on a foul, simpering smile. "May I take your coats, Mr. and Mrs. Mason?" He made a grand gesture with his arms and grinned smugly while Cassi rolled her eyes and leaned back against the wall slightly behind Harry.

"They'll love him!" cried Aunt Petunia rapturously.

"Excellent, Dudley," said Uncle Vernon. Then he rounded on Harry. "And you?"

"I'll be in my bedroom, making no noise and pretending I'm not there," said Harry tonelessly. Vernon nodded and then turned to Cassidy with a glare.

"And you?" he asked.

Cassidy turned her head in a cocky way with a little smirk that was frightening with the gleam in her darkening eyes. Vernon gulped and took a step back, he had always thought something was dreadfully wrong with the girl, she hardly ate anything and yet she looked healthier then her brother. She had a mean streak as well. His darling son could testify for that, it was why they didn't push the girl as far as her brother. As far they could tell the boy didn't have the devil in him.

"I'll be upstairs with Harry, pretending your all dead and I've finally been freed of you lot," she said coyly and the family let out small gasps and backed up a bit. Vernon coughed and chose to ignore the second part and act like she'd only said the beginning of the sentence while Petunia put a hand on Dudley's shoulder as if to protect him from Cassidy. Harry looked at his sister in slight shock and then it faded to amusement. He knew his sister was only half joking but it didn't mean her humor didn't scare him sometimes as well.

"Exactly," said Uncle Vernon almost hesitantly. "I will lead them into the lounge, introduce you, Petunia, and pour them drinks. At eight-fifteen —"

"I'll announce dinner," said Aunt Petunia.

"And, Dudley, you'll say —"

"May I take you through to the dining room, Mrs. Mason?" said Dudley, offering his fat arm to an invisible woman.

"My perfect little gentleman!" sniffed Aunt Petunia.

"And you?" said Uncle Vernon viciously to Harry.

"I'll be in my room, making no noise and pretending I'm not there," said Harry dully, though he didn't even look at Cassidy for a answer.

"Precisely. Now, we should aim to get in a few good compliments at dinner. Petunia, any ideas?"

"Vernon tells me you're a wonderful golfer, Mr. Mason… Do tell me where you bought your dress, Mrs. Mason…"

"Perfect… Dudley?"

"How about —'We had to write an essay about our hero at school, Mr. Mason, and I wrote about you.'"

This was too much for both Aunt Petunia and Harry. Aunt Petunia burst into tears and hugged her son, while Harry ducked under the table so they wouldn't see him laughing. Cassidy didn't try to hide her giggles.

"And you, boy?"

Harry fought to keep his face straight as he emerged.

"I'll be in my room, making no noise and pretending I'm not there," he said.

"Too right, you will." said Uncle Vernon forcefully. "The Masons don't know anything about you two and it's going to stay that way. When dinner's over, you take Mrs. Mason back to the lounge for coffee, Petunia, and I'll bring the subject around to drills. With any luck, I'll have the deal signed and sealed before the news at ten. Be shopping for a vacation home in Majorca this time tomorrow."

Harry couldn't feel too excited about this. He didn't think the Dursleys would like him any better in Majorca than they did on Privet Drive. Cassidy didn't much care, though the thought of them leaving for a few weeks sounded like a vacation to her.

"Right — I'm off into town to pick up the dinner jackets for Dudley and me. And you," he snarled at Harry. "You stay out of your aunt's way while she's cleaning."

Harry and Cassidy left through the back door. It was a brilliant, sunny day. He crossed the lawn, slumped down on the garden bench, and sang under his breath:

"Happy birthday to me… happy birthday to me…" Cassidy sat down beside her brother and wrapped a arm around him and leaned her head onto his shoulder, long blonde hair fell over his. The sun shone brightly against her usually dark golden blonde hair which was highlighted lighter thanks to the sun. No cards, no presents, and he would be spending the evening pretending not to exist. He gazed miserably into the hedge. He had never felt so lonely. More than anything else at Hogwarts, more even than playing Quidditch, Harry missed his best friends, Ron Weasley and Hermione Granger.

"Harry, I'm sure they're going to write," Cassidy said though honestly she wasn't to sure herself. It had been weeks and not one letter, unless of course it was to her. Daphne had written to her just yesterday and even Malfoy had sent her one or two.

Ron and Hermione, however, didn't seem to be missing him at all. Neither of them had written to him all summer, even though Ron had said he was going to ask Harry to come and stay.

Countless times, Harry had been on the point of unlocking Hedwig's cage by magic and sending her to Ron and Hermione with a letter, but it wasn't worth the risk. Underage wizards weren't allowed to use magic outside of school. Harry hadn't told the Dursleys this; he knew it was only their terror that he might turn them all into dung beetles that stopped them from locking him in the cupboard under the stairs with his wand and broomstick.

What wouldn't he give now for a message from Hogwarts? From any witch or wizard? He'd almost be glad of a sight of his archenemy, Draco Malfoy, just to be sure it hadn't all been a dream…

Not that his whole year at Hogwarts had been fun. At the very end of last term, Harry had come face-to-face with none other than Lord Voldemort himself. Voldemort might be a ruin of his former self, but he was still terrifying, still cunning, still determined to regain power. Harry had slipped through Voldemort's clutches for a second time, but it had been a narrow escape, and even now, weeks later, Harry kept waking in the night, drenched in cold sweat, wondering where Voldemort was now, remembering his livid face, his wide, mad eyes —

Harry suddenly sat bolt upright on the garden bench, almost throwing Cassidy off as she had begun to doze off. He had been staring absent-mindedly into the hedge — and the hedge was staring back. Two enormous green eyes had appeared among the leaves.

Harry jumped to his feet just as a jeering voice floated across the lawn.

"Harry what the bleedin' hell is wrong with you?" Cassi asked, her eyes narrowed in annoyance. He shook his head.

"I...nothing," he said, deciding to keep it to himself.

"I know what day it is," sang Dudley, waddling toward him. The huge eyes blinked and vanished.

"What?" said Harry, not taking his eyes off the spot where they had been.

"I know what day it is," Dudley repeated, coming right up to him.

"Well done," said Harry. "So you've finally learned the days of the week."

"Today's your birthday," sneered Dudley. "How come you haven't got any cards? Haven't you even got friends at that freak place?"

"Dudley..." Cassidy began but Harry placed an arm around her waist to stop her and pulled her into his side. He was a good three inches taller then her so it didn't look odd, though many might mistake her for the younger sister.

"Better not let your mum hear you talking about my school," said Harry coolly. Dudley hitched up his trousers, which were slipping down his fat bottom.

"Why're you staring at the hedge?" he said suspiciously. Cassi looked up at her brother in confusion, yeah why had he been looking over there?

"I'm trying to decide what would be the best spell to set it on fire," said Harry. Dudley stumbled backward at once, a look of panic on his fat face.

"You c-can't — Dad told you you're not to do m-magic — he said he'll chuck you out of the house — and you haven't got anywhere else to go — you haven't got any friends to take you —"

"Jiggery pokery!" said Harry in a fierce voice. "Hocus pocus — squiggly wiggly —"

"MUUUUUUM!" howled Dudley, tripping over his feet as he dashed back toward the house. "MUUUUM! He's doing you know what!"

Harry paid dearly for his moment of fun. As neither Dudley nor the hedge was in any way hurt, Aunt Petunia knew he hadn't really done magic, but he still had to duck as she aimed a heavy blow at his head with the soapy frying pan. Though it had almost hit Cassi until her hand shot out and she jerked the pan out of Aunt Petunia's hand and raised it in her own to swing at Petunia. It was only Harry who stopped her by grabbing her around the waist and swinging her around making her drop the frying pan. Ironically it landed on Dudley's fat foot.

Then she gave him work to do, with the promise he wouldn't eat again until he'd finished. Even under Cassidy's glare she didn't budge from her decision but made her go with him, not that she had to, Cassi happily followed after him after flashing her game face at them, growling as she did. Though no one would know once she was outside, she looked like a healthy little blonde angel with big light colored eyes that were the most unique color.

While Dudley lolled around watching and eating ice cream, Harry cleaned the windows, washed the car, mowed the lawn, trimmed the flowerbeds, pruned and watered the roses, and repainted the garden bench. The sun blazed overhead, burning the back of his neck. Harry knew he shouldn't have risen to Dudley's bait, but Dudley had said the very thing Harry had been thinking himself… maybe he didn't have any friends at Hogwarts…

Wish they could see famous Harry Potter now, he thought savagely as he spread manure on the flower beds, his back aching, sweat running down his face. Cassi helped him as best she could but after a about two hours in the sunlight she began getting light headed, her skin became a bit red, and her eyes were fighting to close against the harsh rays. When she almost collapsed with the sheers in her hands Harry had forced his sister to sit in the shade on the patio as she refused to go inside.

It was half past seven in the evening when at last, exhausted, he heard Aunt Petunia calling him.

"Get in here! And walk on the newspaper!"

Harry and Cassi moved gladly into the shade of the gleaming kitchen. On top of the fridge stood tonight's pudding: a huge mound of whipped cream and sugared violets. A loin of roast pork was sizzling in the oven.

"Eat quickly! The Masons will be here soon!" snapped Aunt Petunia, pointing to two slices of bread and a lump of cheese on the kitchen table. She was already wearing a salmon-pink cocktail dress.
Harry washed his hands and and Cassidy frowned at the bread and cheese. She tore off the crust of one slice and began to eat it before slicing off a thin slice of cheese with a butter knife and eating it. Harry looked at his sister in disapproval and Cassidy glared at her aunt and the older woman shivered and walked into the living area.

As Harry bolted down his pitiful supper Cassidy used her speed to navigate the kitchen and grab her hidden bag from in between the fridge and counter. She opened it and then the fridge and took out two sub sandwiches which Vernon had made two days ago and forgotten about and two soda's, and two chocolate drinks which she knew they would not miss. She grabbed a bag of baby carrots which only Petunia really ate and these had been stuck behind another bag for a week or three but she knew from the smell they were edible. She shut the door after taking four pudding cups and then she grabbed two bottle of water and opened the cabinets.

Harry looked at his sister in shock and amazement. Then looking at the living area he saw Petunia fussing over Dudley. He bit his lip as his sister found the stash of chips his cousin and uncle hid from Petunia and she grabbed three small bags of potato chips, and from what he saw four snack cakes. By now the simple draw string bag was pretty full yet it looked like there was nothing but paper or a book inside. He noticed as she shut the cabinet door that it had the Slytherin crest on it, which explained why he's never seen it.

"Cassi hurry!" Harry hissed noticing Petunia was just about ready to return to the room as she helped Vernon straighten his tie. Cassidy snorted and opened the freezer and grabbed a smaller carton of chocolate ice cream which sat behind the three larger containers of vanilla, strawberry, and chocolate ice cream. She grabbed two spoon out of the draw and a knife before pulling the bag together and slinging it over her shoulder. It was just then Petunia entered and glared at Cassidy in suspicion. Cassidy raised an eyebrow and Petunia caught sight of her bag.

"What is in that girl?" she asked and Cassi cocked her head to the side.

"Nothing Aunt Petunia, just my essay for..." she didn't finish as Petunia went to ignoring her and
Aunt Petunia whisked away Harry's plate. "Upstairs! Hurry!"

As he passed the door to the living room, Harry caught a glimpse of Uncle Vernon and Dudley in ties and dinner jackets. He had only just reached the upstairs landing when the door bell rang and Uncle Vernon's furious face appeared at the foot of the stairs.

"Remember, boy — one sound —"

Harry crossed to his bedroom on tiptoe slipped inside, closed the door, and turned to collapse on his bed. The trouble was, there was already someone sitting on it. Cassidy gasped and blinked. What the Hell was a House elf doing on their bed?

July 31st, 1992:
#4 Privet Drive:

"Happy Birthday Harry," Cassidy said as they sat in the lamp light at their desk with a half of sandwich in front of them and a cup of pudding and the half eaten container of chocolate ice cream which had begun to melt after been taken out of the magic bag which Daphne had given her for her birthday last year. Harry smiled sadly at his sister and picked up his sandwich and took a bite. It was delicious maybe a little stale but one of the best things he'd eaten since leaving Hogwarts. It wasn't surprising considering it had been made by Aunt Petunia especially for her husband and son.

"I'm sorry about getting you into trouble," Harry said and Cassi looked at him and shook her head.

"It wasn't you. It was Dobby, you might not know but house elves can copy wand signatures, it is why we both got letters of complaint." Harry blinked and chuckled.

"You're as smart as Hermione, I thought you hated to read?" he asked and began to finish his sandwich as Cassidy did as well.

"I don't hate to read, I just hadn't found something interesting enough until Hogwarts." She shrugged and opened the Ice cream container and frowned, she'd forgotten the bowls. Shaking her head she took her pudding cup and his and opened them as well. She stabbed her spoon into the ice cream and pulled it out before sticking it into her mouth and smiling.

"Come on Harry, have some ice cream, it's you birthday!" Harry laughed and began eating the semi-melted ice cream with her. They both finished their pudding and the ice cream and they both yawned after she threw the cartons into her bag explaining that it was a food storage bag and anything like scraps or not edible went in it disappeared like a garbage disposal or trash on trash day.

"Will you help me with my essay tomorrow?" Harry asked ten minutes latter as they lay in bed. Cassidy turned over and looked into her brother green eyes and nodded.

"Of course little brother, but no cheating. Now go to sleep," she said as she closed her eyes. As the clock hit midnight they both drifted into sleep.


August 20th, 1992:
# 4 Privet Drive:

Uncle Vernon was as bad as his word. The following morning after Harry's birthday, he paid a man to fit bars on Harry and Cassidy's window. He himself fitted a cat-flap in the bedroom door, so that small amounts of food could be pushed inside three times a day. They let the two siblings out to use the bathroom morning and evening. Otherwise, they was locked in their room around the clock. Cassidy had Harry distract Petunia one day as he faked being sick and puking in the bathroom and she had taken her bag and taken food from the kitchen, as much as she dared. The bag was able to preserve the food so it wasn't like it could go bad. She usually took enough for a week, almost two and with the small portions of food pushed in daily Harry was able to eat well.

He made sure his sister ate as well knowing she couldn't get out to hunt without suspicion. He'd even offered her blood once when she seemed sick from what he would call withdrawal. She wouldn't take it though, she said it was far to dangerous and she was right. She didn't think she could stop if she started, she didn't know where she had heard it from but the phrase 'family blood is always the sweetest' came to mind.

Three days later, the Dursleys were showing no sign of relenting, and Harry couldn't see any way out of his situation. He lay on his bed watching the sun sinking behind the bars on the window and wondered miserably what was going to happen to him and Cassidy who sat at her desk petting Isis who curled in her lap.

What was the good of magicking themselves out of his room if Hogwarts would expel them for doing it? Yet life at Privet Drive had reached an all-time low. Now that the Dursleys knew they weren't going to wake up as fruit bats, he had lost his only weapon. Dobby might have saved Harry from horrible happenings at Hogwarts, but the way things were going, he'd probably starve to death anyway.

The cat-flap rattled and Aunt Petunias hand appeared, pushing a bowl of canned soup into the room. Harry, whose insides were aching with hunger, jumped off his bed and seized it. The soup was stone-cold, but he drank half of it in one gulp. He looked at his sister and offered her the rest but she shook her head. He tried again narrowing his green eyes but his sister simply raised a eyebrow as if his attempt to intimidate her were useless and ridiculous. He sighed and then he crossed the room to Hedwig's cage and tipped the soggy vegetables at the bottom of the bowl into her empty food tray. She ruffled her feathers and gave him a look of deep disgust.

"It's no good turning your beak up at it — that's all we've got," said Harry grimly. It was too true, even Isis was forced to eat what little they could salvage - carrots, bread, Cassidy figured they'd resort to giving her some pudding or carrots they had left from last week.

"He's right Hedwig, we don't have anything else," she said, trying to sooth Hedwig's outrage.
Harry put the empty bowl back on the floor next to the cat-flap and lay back down on the bed, somehow even hungrier than he had been before the soup.

Supposing he was still alive in another four weeks, what would happen if he didn't turn up at Hogwarts? Would someone be sent to see why he and Cassi hadn't come back? Would they be able to make the Dursleys let him go? The room was growing dark. Exhausted, stomach rumbling, mind spinning over the same unanswerable questions, Harry fell into an uneasy sleep. He didn't even wake when a few minutes latter Cassidy crawled into bed beside him and then Isis jumped in between them.

Cassidy had a dreamless sleep but Harry dreamed that he was on show in a zoo, with a card reading UNDERAGE WIZARD attached to his cage. People goggled through the bars at him as he lay, starving and weak, on a bed of straw. He saw Dobby's face in the crowd and shouted out, asking for help, but Dobby called, "Harry Potter is safe there, sir!" and vanished. Then the Dursleys appeared and Dudley rattled the bars of the cage, laughing at him.

"Stop it," Harry muttered as the rattling pounded in his sore head. "Leave me alone… cut it out… I'm trying to sleep…" He opened his eyes. Moonlight was shining through the bars on the window. And someone was goggling through the bars at him: a freckle-faced, red-haired, long-nosed someone.

Ron Weasley was outside Harry's window. Harry gasped and jumped out of bed, rustling Isis who hissed before curling back up and going back to sleep. Cassidy didn't even stir, but then it wasn't unusual. When she tended to sleep like the dead when she was both lacking a healthy balance of either food or Blood. She could only go without one or the other not both.

"Ron!" he whispered and then grabbed his glasses and put them on, looking back to make sure he wasn't seeing things. Looking back at Cassidy he turned back to the window.

"Ron." breathed Harry, creeping to the window and pushing it up so they could talk through the bars. "Ron, how did you —? What the —?" Harry's mouth fell open as the full impact of what he was seeing hit him. Ron was leaning out of the back window of an old turquoise car, which was parked in midair. Grinning at Harry from the front seats were Fred and George, Ron's elder twin brothers.

"All right, Harry?" asked George.

"What's been going on?" said Ron. "Why haven't you been answering my letters? I've asked you to stay about twelve times, and then Dad came home and said you and Cassidy got an official warning for using magic in front of Muggles —"

"It wasn't us — and how did he know?" Harry stared at him confused.

"He works for the Ministry," said Ron. "You know we're not supposed to do spells outside school —"

"You should talk," said Harry, staring at the floating car. Ron looked at his friend and then looked around and blinked. He was sure he'd have seen Cassidy by now. She was very protective of Harry, even if she was a stinky Slytherin.

"Where is Cassidy?" he asked. Fred and George perked up instantly and grinned.

"Yeah Harry..." Fred began.

"Where is your...." George continued.

"Cute sister," they said together. Harry flushed softly at this, he narrowed his eyes at them and shook his head.

"She's asleep," Harry answered.

Ron rolled his eyes. "well wake her up!"

Harry nodded and walked back to Cassi and began to shake her, ignoring Isis' hissing.

"Cassidy?" Harry whispered as he shook her awake. Cassidy jerked awake then and shot straight up in the bed her eyes wide.

"What the hell Harry?" she asked.

"Ron is here."

"What!?" she hissed, her eyes wider. Harry smirked and nodded.


"I heard you Harry. Give me a minute," she said sand Harry nodded while she got up and petted Isis who had settled down and they both walked to the window. Ronald blushed bright red, his ears becoming the reddest as he saw Cassidy with her hair long and possibly a lighter blonde from sun exposure and more wavy then curly. She was standing in a pure white night gown with light pink and green beads and lace. Cassidy rolled her eyes and sighed at the sight of Ronald Weasley outside her window. She also noticed two older twin boys, maybe a year or two older then her but very cute.

"Ron said he heard about the notice from the ministry..." Harry was cut off by Cassi who narrowed her eyes and glared at Ron and his brothers.

"And how does he know that?"

"Our dad works at the Ministry. Hi, I'm Fred..." Fred began and Ron and Harry couldn't help but wonder if they were actually letting someone know which one was which for once.

"...and I'm George. Your much prettier then we remember Princess," George said both with grinning faces as they stared at the girl with matching blue eyes. Cassidy smirked and chuckled a little before nodding.

"It's nice to meet you two, I think I've heard of you two, your both fourth years right?" They nodded and Ron sighed and shook his head.

"Whatever. Anyways what happened, you know your not allowed to use magic," Ron said. Cassidy glared and Harry sighed, wondering about his best mates stupidity to call Cassi out like that.

"We didn't, and what do you call that?" she asked. Ron looked down and shrugged.

"Oh, this doesn't count," said Ron. "We're only borrowing this. It's Dad's, we didn't enchant it. But doing magic in front of those Muggles you live with —"

"I told you, we didn't — but it'll take too long to explain now — look, can you tell them at Hogwarts that the Dursleys have locked us up and won't let me come back, and obviously I can't magic myself or Cassidy out, because the Ministry'll think that's the second spell I've done in three days, so —"

Cassidy looked at her brother and slapped him around the head. "What are you stupid?" she asked.

"Stop gibbering," said Ron. "We've come to take you home with us."

"Cassidy too?" Harry asked and for the second time that night Cassi boxed his ears shaking her head.

"Of course, we can't leave a beautiful..." Fred began.

"Lady like your sister...." George continued.

"Alone with these muggles." They said this in unison and Cassi giggled a little, thinking it was kind of cute. They were not really her type in the long run but no one ever said she was looking to settle down.

"But you can't magic me out either —" Harry started but was interrupted.

"We don't need to," said Ron, jerking his head toward the front seat and grinning. "You forget who I've got with me."

"This should be interesting," Cassidy said, smiling.

"Tie that around the bars," said Fred, throwing the end of a rope to Harry. Cassidy began to move to stop them and just rip the bars off but stopped. She knew the twins were flirting and showing off, why not let the boys have their fun?

"If the Dursleys wake up, I'm dead," said Harry as he tied the rope tightly around a bar and Fred revved up the car.

"Don't worry," said Fred, "and stand back."

Harry moved back into the shadows next to Hedwig, who seemed to have realized how important this was and kept still and silent. The car revved louder and louder and suddenly, with a crunching noise, the bars were pulled clean out of the window as Fred drove straight up in the air. Harry ran back to the window to see the bars dangling a few feet above the ground. Panting, Ron hoisted them up into the car. Harry listened anxiously, but there was no sound from the Dursleys' bedroom.

When the bars were safely in the back seat with Ron, Fred reversed as close as possible to Harry's window.

"Get in," Ron said.

"But all my Hogwarts stuff — my wand — my broomstick —"

"Where is it?"

"Locked in the cupboard under the stairs, and I can't get out of this room —"

"No problem," said George from the front passenger seat. "Out of the way, Harry."

Fred and George climbed catlike through the window into Harry and Cassidy's room and Cassi smiled up at the lanky tall red head she knew was Fred. All humans had a distinct scent. Harry smelt of power and what she amused was the sea breeze - considering she'd never been to the ocean. Fred had smelt like rain and spices while George smelt of rain and chocolate. You had to hand it to them, thought Harry, as George took an ordinary hairpin from his pocket and started to pick the lock.

"Hello Angel," he said, smiling down at her and Cassi blushed just a little smiled. She definitely found Fred more attractive then George. His scent was more exotic to her liking and not as sweet as Georges.

"Angel?" she asked, and Fred chuckled. For some reason the name brought forward a memory of a smiling man with deep brown eyes and spiky black hair which stuck straight up. He was cooing her name but she didn't understand who he was. It was James Potter, of this she was sure.

"Everyone calls you Cassi or Cassidy, I think you look like an Angel myself. It is your middle name isn't it?" She blushed and nodded.

"You can call me that, but no one else. Not around too many people either," she said and Fred grinned and nodded. Cassidy might not be a red head but no one said a Weasley was bound to fall for a red head. She watched in silent observation as Fred turned to looked at George and Harry.

"A lot of wizards think it's a waste of time, knowing this sort of Muggle trick," said Fred, "but we feel they're skills worth learning, even if they are a bit slow."

There was a small click and the door swung open.

"So — we'll get your trunk — you grab anything you need from your room and hand it out to Ron," whispered George.

"Watch out for the bottom stair — it creaks," Harry whispered back as the twins disappeared onto the dark landing.

Harry dashed around his room, collecting his things and passing them out of the window to Ron. Then he went to help Fred and George heave his trunk up the stairs. Cassidy followed behind to bring hers up and though Fred caught this action and thought it odd he didn't say anything. Harry heard Uncle Vernon cough.

At last, panting, they reached the landing, then carried the trunk through Harry's room to the open window. Fred climbed back into the car to pull with Ron, and Harry and George pushed from the bedroom side. Inch by inch, the trunk slid through the window.

Uncle Vernon coughed again.

"A bit more," panted Fred, who was pulling from inside the car. "One good push"

Harry and George threw their shoulders against the trunk and it slid out of the window into the back seat of the car. Cassidy then lifted her trunk out and made sure to grab her potions book and essay off the desk and reach it through to Fred who smiled at her as he took it.

"Okay, let's go," George whispered. But as Harry and Cassidy climbed onto the windowsill there came a sudden loud screech from behind them and a hissing, followed immediately by the thunder of Uncle Vernon's voice.


"I've forgotten Hedwig!"

"Isis!" Cassidy gasped her eyes wide.

Harry and Cassidy tore back across the room as the landing light clicked on — he snatched up Hedwig's cage, dashed to the window, and passed it out to Ron. He was scrambling back onto the chest of drawers when Uncle Vernon hammered on the unlocked door — and it crashed open. He made a leap for the car and landed inside as Cassidy reached Isis to him and she made to get onto the windowsill.

For a split second, Uncle Vernon stood framed in the doorway; then he let out a bellow like an angry bull and dived at Cassi, grabbing her by the ankle.

Harry, Ron, Fred, and George seized Cassidy's arms and pulled as hard as they could.

"Petunia!" roared Uncle Vernon. "they're getting away! THEY'RE GETTING AWAY!" Cassidy snarled and her face went into it's vampiric state, making Ron scream and let loose earning his glares from the twins and Harry. It was a shock to Fred and George but it also explained a lot.

"LET GO YOU SODDING BASTARD!" Cassidy yelled and kicked her other leg out hitting Vernon in the nose but he simply groaned and pulled harder. She had to admit he was unusually strong for a whale. But the Weasleys gave a gigantic tug and Cassidy's leg slid out of Uncle Vernon's grasp — Cassi was in the car — she'd slammed the door shut —

"Put your foot down, Fred!" yelled George as Ron was to busy looking at his best mates sister in shock, and the car shot suddenly toward the moon.

"What the bloody hell are you?" he asked, his eyes wide. Cassidy narrowed her eyes at him and shrugged.

"I'm not sure, I'm the closet thing to a vampire that isn't a vampire I guess," Cassi said.

"She's a damphire, I read about them in History of Magic. There has not been one in centuries." They all looked at George in shock and Fred nodded.

"A dampire?" Harry asked.

"Half-human, Half-Vampire. Usually they are the result of a human being bitten and given vampire blood while pregnant and living through the ordeal," Fred answered as he smiled at Cassi, who blinked and gave him a real smile, one she reserved for Harry usually.

"So mum was bitten when she was pregnant with Cassi?' Harry asked, shuddering at the thought of his mum so close to death. Cassidy felt a twinge of something in her gut, like this wasn't what she was, it sort of was but it wasn't the result of how they thought. She had a feeling it had something to do with the man from her memory earlier.

"Have to be," Both twins said.

\Harry couldn't believe it — he was free and they finally had a answer as to what Cassidy was. He rolled down the window, the night air whipping his hair, and looked back at the shrinking rooftops of Privet Drive. Uncle Vernon, Aunt Petunia, and Dudley were all hanging, dumbstruck, out of Harry's window.

"See you next summer!" Harry yelled. Cassidy chuckled and moved to his side and yelled out the window.

"Eat Shit!" she yelled, and they laughed at the vulgar language that came from such a innocent looking girl. Cassidy moved back to her spot in between the twins, almost sitting on Fred lap so there was enough room for Ron and Harry settled back in his seat, grinning from ear to ear.

"Let Hedwig out," he told Ron. "She can fly behind us. She hasn't had a chance to stretch her wings for ages." George handed the hairpin to Ron and, a moment later, Hedwig soared joyfully out of the window to glide alongside them like a ghost.

"So — what's the story, Harry?" said Ron impatiently. "What's been happening?"

Harry told them all about Dobby, the warning he'd given Harry and the fiasco of the violet pudding. There was a long, shocked silence when he had finished.

"Very fishy," said Fred finally.

"Definitely dodgy" agreed George. "So he wouldn't even tell you who's supposed to be plotting all this stuff?"

"I don't think he could," said Harry. "I told you, every time he got close to letting something slip, he started banging his head against the wall." He saw Fred and George look at each other.

"Dobby better keep clear of me though, he almost got us expelled and you possibly killed. I don't know how much longer I'd be able to go without blood stuck in that room," Cassidy said, hissing angrily. Fred placed an arm around her shoulder and Ron epp'd and scooted back. Cassidy rolled her eyes.

"Don't worry Weasley, I wouldn't bite you if you paid me to."

"So, you think he was lying to me?" said Harry. He felt a change in subject was needed.

"No, I don't think so," Frank said. "And not just because Harry was defending him, though that is a pretty big clue. He just seems to honesty want to help you."

"Well," said Fred, "put it this way — house-elves have got powerful magic of their own, but they can't usually use it without their master's permission. I reckon old Dobby was sent to stop you coming back to Hogwarts. Someone's idea of a joke. Can you think of anyone at school with a grudge against you?"

"Yes," said Harry and Ron together, instantly.

"Draco Malfoy," Harry explained. "He hates me."

Cassidy snorted and shook her head. "Draco doesn’t have the brains for that, he's more of the 'do now and think latter' kind of person," she spat and the others shrugged.

"Draco Malfoy?" said George, turning around. "Not Lucius Malfoy's son?"

"Must be, it's not a very common name, is it?" said Harry.

"I've heard Dad talking about him," said George. "He was a big supporter of You-Know-Who."

"And when You-Know-Who disappeared," said Fred, craning around to look at Harry, "Lucius Malfoy came back saying he'd never meant any of it. Load of dung — Dad reckons he was right in You- Know-Who's inner circle."

Harry had heard these rumors about Malfoy's family before, and they didn't surprise him at all. Malfoy made Dudley Dursley look like a kind, thoughtful, and sensitive boy…he wondered if Cassidy knew and looking at her he raised his eyebrow in silent question.

"Oh no, I can't be telling you those things Harry. If I want to continue ruling Slytherin with a venomous tongue then I can't be telling the enemy our secrets. Besides you know the answer to that already," she said and Ron snorted and Cassidy glared. Fred chuckled, he didn't know what it was about the tiny blonde which riled him up but he found he liked her a lot. Not as much as Alicia but Alicia didn't seem to like him. Besides he was young, he wasn't looking for a life mate in her or anyone for that matter.

"I don't know whether the Malfoys own a house-elf…" said Harry.

"Well, whoever owns him will be an old wizarding family, and they'll be rich," said Fred.

"Yeah, Mum's always wishing we had a house-elf to do the ironing," said George. "But all we've got is a lousy old ghoul in the attic and gnomes all over the garden. House-elves come with big old manors and castles and places like that; you wouldn't catch one in our house…"

Harry was silent. Judging by the fact that Draco Malfoy usually had the best of everything, his family was rolling in wizard gold; he could just see Malfoy strutting around a large manor house. Sending the family servant to stop Harry from going back to Hogwarts also sounded exactly like the sort of thing Malfoy would do. Had Harry been stupid to take Dobby seriously?

"I'm glad we came to get you, anyway," said Ron. "I was getting really worried when you didn't answer any of my letters. I thought it was Errol's fault at first —"

"Who is Errol?" Harry asked.

"Our owl."

"Anyways it's good to see ya again mate! You too Cassidy," Ron said the last part almost like a after thought and Cassidy glared and shivered a little from the slight cold night air and the fact she only wore a thin nightgown.

"Oh shut up," she said.

"Yes Ma'am."

The End?

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