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Faith: The Life Of A Female Sailor

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This story is No. 2 in the series "Faith In The Navy Series". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Faith is tired of fighting the supernatural and decides to put her strength to better use when she makes a wish to become a sailor in His Majesty's Navy after reading Hornblower's journal. The wish demon grants her wish sending her back to the year 1793.

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Multiple Crossings > Faith-CenteredBritneyandJacobFR712,1040135928 Apr 1128 Apr 11No
Disclaimer: I don't anything you recognise. This is my third attempt at a Buffy The Vampire Slayer/Hornblower Crossover. Please don't review if you don't like. Only review if you like it. No flames please. This is another Faith/Archie fanfic.

Author note: This story takes place at the end of Buffy The Vampire Slayer and begins at the beginning of the Hornblower series. This fanfic will include all 8 movies plus crossover with The Scarlet Pimpernel and Dollhouse.

In Sunnydale,California at Sunnydale High School Faith is in Giles' library looking through some old historical books on different occupations such as a spy, a sailor and a solder, because she is tired of slaying monsters, vampires and other supernatural creatures. She wants to do something different with her life. Faith wants an adventurous life like a sailor fighting for their country and King, making your way to the top of your career.

As she's looking through the different types of old historical books on occupations, she comes across Horatio Hornblower's sailor's journal. Interested in reading about the life of a sailor she picks it up, sits down at the closest table and starts reading Hornblower's journal taking in the adventurous life this man led. This is the kind of life she wishes she could lead. To be able to serve on a ship of the line and fight for your country and King must be exciting, to stand in the rigging feeling the wind in your hair. "I wish I could become a sailor in His Majesty's Navy" she wishes as she continues to read his adventures getting more interesting by the minute.

A wishing demon hearing Faith's wish appears in the library where is still reading when she senses she is not alone. She looks up to see the demon standing there with a smile on her. Faith puts the book down on the table and gets up and approaches the demon very slowly saying, "Who the hell are you?" "I'm the wishing demon who will grant your wish to become a sailor in His Majesty's Navy." "How can I believe your telling me the truth, demons lie." "You'll see" the demon says smiling as she disappears before Faith can question her further.

"That's just like a demon," Faith says before her world turns black and she is no longer standing in theSunnydaleHigh Schoollibrary. When Faith wakes up, she feels herself laying on a soft bed. She opens one eye and then the other to see herself in some type of room. She sits up in bed to look around her room. She looks beside her bed to see a uniform hanging up. She gets up out of bed, looks outside her window to see ships in the harbor, and is wondering where the demon sent her.

Before she has time to ponder her situation, the door opens behind her revealing a woman in her 30s with brown hair and brown eyes. "Good morning Faith dear, I see you're awake." "I image your can't wait to go to sea." Faith letting the words wrapped around her brain, she puts two and two together realizing the demon was telling her the truth. The demon made her wish to become a sailor real. Faith so excited jumps up and down while the woman watches her smiling.

"Faith dear I know your excited but you need to get ready or you'll be late." "Your bath is ready and your breakfast is waiting for you in the kitchen." Faith stops her jumping up and down and looks at the woman who keeps calling her dear asking, "Who are you?"

The woman looks at Faith in shock "Faith don't your recognize your own mother dear." The woman looks at Faith in worry. Faith just nods her head smiling and says, "Of course mom, I guess I must have hit my head or something." "Very well dear, I could have a doctor look over you before you leave." "No that's not necessary mom, I'm just can't believe I'm going to become the first female sailor in History." "This is like a dream come true."

"Okay, if you're sure dear." "I'm sure mom." Faith's mom leaves her alone while she gets ready. Faith still can't believe her wish came true. She pinches herself to make sure she isn't dreaming. Faith feels the pain after she pinches herself. "This isn't a dream." "This is real," she tells herself. "I actually have a loving mother who cares about me." "This is so awesome." After Faith calms down, she makes her way to the bathroom to see buckets of warm water waiting to pour into the tub.

She moves toward the tub, picks up the buckets, and pours them into the tub. After filling the tub up with water, she picks up her soap, washrag, shampoo, and conditioner to place them beside the tub as she strips down and sits down into tub, letting the warm water relax her tight muscles.

She picks up her shampoo, begins to wash her hair, and then picks up her conditioner and finishing washing her hair. She then picks up her soap and begins to wash her body from head to toe. After she is finishing taking her bath, she gets out of the tub and grabs a towel to put around her and she picks up another to dry her face, hair and body as she makes her way to her room to get dress. After getting herself dry, she goes over to her dresser to get her underclothes and put them on.

After getting her underclothes on, she then places her necklace around her neck and then puts on a blouse with matching pants then she proceeds to over to where her uniform is hanging up; she picks it and puts it on. She moves over to the mirror to make sure she places the buttons in the right place.

Faith picks up her hairbrush to brush her hair, then picks up a piece of ribbon, and ties her hair up into a ponytail. After making sure her uniform is in tact and her hair is fix, she then picks up her boots as she sits down on her bed and put them on. Now that Faith is ready, she opens her door and makes her make to the kitchen to eat her waiting breakfast.

When she arrives in the kitchen, she is greeting by the maid "Morning Miss Lehane" who holds out her chair for her as Faith takes a seat. As Faith seats down at the table, she notices a man next to the woman claiming to be her mother. The man has brown hair and brown eyes also; Faith assumes this man must be her father because they both looked like her as he smiles over at her.

"Good morning Faith dear", I trust you slept well?" "Yes Father I did." Faith replies. "Good." The servant comes in with her breakfast and places it in front of her with her orange juice. The servant goes back to his kitchen duties as Faith digs politely into her breakfast. As Faith is eating, her mother looks over at her and says "I'm glad your feeling better, Faith dear." "I was worry about you." "I'm fine mom." "That's good dear." They go back to finishing their breakfast enjoying the time they have left with their little girl before she goes off to sea.

After Faith finishes her breakfast, she excuses herself from the table to go pack up her belonging in her dunnage. Faith makes her way back to her room. She opens her door, closes it behind her as she looks for dunnage. She finds it next to her nightstand with her name on it in golden letter. She picks it up, places it on her bed, and opens it to find extra uniforms in there for her. She moves over to her dresser to get extra clothes and extra underclothes to add to her dunnage. She also picks up a journal and her pen to record her adventures at sea inside her dunnage as well. She also picks up her books about sailing and adding them to her dunnage as well. She looks around her room to see if there is anything else, she should bring with her.

After making sure she has everything, she closes up her dunnage and places it back on the floor. She looks up at the time to see she must be going. She takes one last look around her room she made never see again and checks her appearance in the mirror one more time as she picks up her dunnage and makes her way into the living room where her parents are sitting. They look up as she enters knowing the time has come to say goodbye to their little girl.

Her father stands up, approaches Faith, looks her over, and is proud of her as her mother looks close to tears. "You ready to go Faith dear" her father asks her as she answers "yes sir." Faith looks over at her parents smiling hoping and praying she makes it back to them. She hugs her father and mother goodbye as she makes her way out the door to the boat dock inPortsmouthto board the jollyboat that will take her to her new life aboard the HMS Justinian station atSpithead. Before she walks out the door, she waves goodbye, blows her parents a goodbye kiss before opening the door, and closes it behind her.

She takes in a deep breath and makes her way to the nearest boat dock to see a jollyboat with two women inside waiting to row her to her ship. She makes it to the boat and climbs inside the boat with her dunnage in hand. Once she is settle inside the boat, the women begin rowing her to the HMS Justinian. She is so excited about becoming the first female sailor in history.

She will work hard to prove to the captain and her soon to be shipmates that she is a hard worker and won't slow them down. She will prove she is a capable sailor in His Majesty's Navy. She can handle anything they throw at her. If she can take down monsters, vampires and other supernatural creatures, she can handle anything the Navy throws her way.

She isn't some damsel in distress. Any man who so much looks at her the wrong way and touches her without permission will be in a world of hurt. As Faith continues to think about what adventures awaits her on board, Midshipman Archie Kennedy stands at the entry port of the ship waiting for the new arrival coming aboard. When he sees the boat approaching he called out "shore boat, ahoy" as one of the women rowing the boat calls by "aye, aye" as Faith looks up at her home.

After the boat has arrived at the ship, Faith looks up at the midshipman waiting to welcome her aboard as she picks up her dunnage and prepares herself to jump as he called to her and says to her "Jump." "You'll be all right" as Faith jumps up on the ladder and climbs aboard. Archie puts him hand over the railing to aide Miss Lehane aboard. Faith grabs his hand and allows him to help her aboard. She arrived safely on the deck with dunnage in hand, she looks around the ship in awe, and can't help but smile that she is on her way to become a proficient sailor in His Majesty's Navy.

Faith turns back to Midshipman Kennedy who smiles at her and says "Welcome to purgatory" as she smiles back at him, proceeding over to the Lieutenant of the watch to introduce herself. "Lieutenant Chadd, sir." Mr. Kennedy calls as he turns to greet the new midshipman come aboard.

"Come aboard, sir." Faith states. "Your name" he asks her. "Faith Lehane, midshipman."

"Pleased to make your acquaintance, Miss Lehane," replies Lieutenant Chadd. "I'm Lieutenant Chadd, Lieutenant of the watch." He informs her smiling.

She puts her dunnage down on the deck and shakes hands with Lieutenant Chadd.

"I'm pleased to make yours, sir." She informs him smiling.

"I see you brought your dunnage aboard with you"

"Yes sir, indeed I have."

"I'll see that it gets sent below to the midshipman's berth".

"Captain Keene will require your presence, momentarily".

"Aye, aye, sir." She responds and salutes Lieutenant Chadd before allowing Mr. Kennedy to escort her to the midshipman's berth to shred her coat and locate her hammock before she readies herself to meet Captain Keene of the HMS Justinian.

A seaman brings Faith's dunnage into the midshipman's berth and he assists her by storing it, then when she is settled in, Mr. Kennedy then escorts her to the captain's cabin.

The End?

You have reached the end of "Faith: The Life Of A Female Sailor" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 28 Apr 11.

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