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Summary: Asking “how” is what started it all. Two authors, five fandoms, ten prompts.

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NOTE: This chapter is rated FR13

How Predators Can Affect You

Disclaimer: I probably don’t own anything you recognise, I probably do own everything you don’t recognise and I’m not making any money from this.

Fandom: Buffy: the Vampire Slayer.

Pairing: Possibly pre-slash Giles/Xander.

Rating: FR13.

Spoilers: Definitely. Hyena!Xander.

Summary: Asking “how” is what started it all. Two authors, five fandoms, ten prompts.

Story: How

Chapter: How Predators Can Affect You

Looking into Xander’s pleading eyes, Giles couldn’t do anything but promise him not to tell Buffy and Willow that he remembered what he had done while possessed with the alpha hyena spirit and it was barely-concealed relief that Giles saw the library doors close behind Xander after he had extracted that promise from him. He quickly made his way to his office and the bottle of whiskey that was practically calling his name. Once there, he poured himself a generous shot with shaking hands and gracelessly fell down in his desk chair. Sipping from his glass, his mind wandered back to the first time he had seen a possessed Xander. Closing his eyes, he relived the moment.


It was the tight, dark clothes and the bad-boy attitude that first drew his attention. Only later did he notice just who had captured his interest so easily. That’s when he became absolutely horrified; his traitorous body apparently didn’t think there was anything wrong about the decidedly sexual thoughts he was having about a boy not only less than half his age, but also his surrogate son.

Truly appalled at his own reaction, he had immersed himself in cataloguing his newly-arrived books while he forced himself to forget about the potential he had seen in Xander in that moment. Only . . . That hadn’t quite worked out. That flash of a darker, more dangerous and—dare he think it?—more predatory side of Xander had filled him with a deep longing for more. A longing that he couldn’t, wouldn’t satisfy.


A twinge of regret filled Giles as he opened his eyes and drained his glass. Setting it down on his desk, he shook his head and firmly locked away the thoughts of what he’d like to do and with Xander. Nothing could ever happen.

End of “How Predators Can Affect You”.

A/N: Me and my friend lothlorien decided to celebrate something again by coming up with five prompts each for five different fandoms (so ten prompts total) and write a scene around that prompt. No word limit was set. You can find lothlorien’s prompt answers on this site too.

Prompt: Giles is in love with one of the Scoobies. What would be his thoughts be and would he do anything about it?

Reviews (constructive criticism or a simple well-done) are always welcomed while flames will be severely mocked by me and my friends. Just because you don’t like a story doesn’t give you the right to start flaming the authors. Simply click that back button and go read a story you do like.
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