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Thrown Through Time and Space

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Fan Art

Summary: Doctor Who and Torchwood only pics. Includes Doctor/Rose, Jack/anyone, Doctor/River, and Rory/Amy. Also Donna in general, because she was brilliant.

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Dr. Who/Torchwood > Non-BtVS/Ats StoriesTanydwrFR136531011,13330 Apr 1130 Apr 11No

The Return of Bad Wolf 1

Disclaimer: Doctor Who, Torchwood and associated characters, settings and pictures are the property of the BBC.

Pairings: Doctor/Rose, Doctor/River, Amy/Rory, Jack Harkness/anyone.

I decided to tidy things up and give these pics a home of their own. They will now be deleted from 'Passing Through Realities' to stay in their new home here.

Return of Bad Wolf

I still love the concept of the Bad Wolf, although the possibilities surrounding her/it have grown with time. I adore this pic of the Doctor, so expect to see it used a least a couple more times! This is my 'front cover' style of artwork, 500x700.

The words are roughly taken from the episode, but I'm working from memory so they're probably not completely direct. I just loved the expression on the Doctor's face and could imagine him looking up at Rose in disbelief (a lot like the Ninth Doctor did in the actual episode). Plus the lighting was too good not to make use of.

The Doctor pic is from the BBC official website, while Rose is from
Fonts are Century Gothic and Caribbean.
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