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What family means

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Summary: Harry Potter found out something he never should

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Harry Potter > Connor-CenteredDawnieFR732,4591146,01118 Dec 039 Jan 04Yes


Angel looked impatiently at Gunn.

“ I talked with the cat”

“ And? Where is he?” Angel had driven to the place Lila had sent him before but found nothing there. There was no Connor, no family, no house. The vampire blamed himself for trusting Lila. He should have known better.

“ I talked with the cat. He is in England.”

“ Ok, let’s go.”

“ Angel, there is more.” Fred didn’t like the look on Gunn’s face.

“ He is placed with a family who hates him. Potters, his believed parents to be, were killed almost 15 years ago. Some dark wizard is after Connor now. He is a wizard too.”

“ Poofs son is a magic boy?” Spike laughed. “ This is even better than I thought it would be.”

“ Shut up Spike. When do we leave?”

“ Angel, everything is not that simple.”

“ Not simple Weasley? I think it is. You remember, Connor that means he remembers you too.”

“But isn’t that good?” Fred looked confused.

“ No it’s not. The last time Connor knew who he was he tried to kill himself. So when do we leave?”

“ As soon as we find the house he is staying in. It seems it is enchanted. We should find a way in soon.”

“ Harry, wake up.” The boy slowly opened his eyes. Hermione was sitting next to him and holding his hand. Harry tried to move but couldn’t.

“ Professor Snape put a charm on you so you wouldn’t try… try to do something to yourself again.”
There were tears in her eyes.

“ I just don’t understand why Harry. I know you feel bad about Sirius but that is not a reason to kill yourself. When I saw you jump…”

She was silent for a few minutes.

“ Thank god Bill caught you. He is a very good flyer.” So it was Bill who saved him.

“ Ron is in another room now. Would you like to see him?”

“ No.” At least he could talk. “ I don’t want to see anyone.”

“ Harry…”

“ Don’t call me like that.”

“ But Harry…”

“ It’s not my fucking name.”

“ Don’t curse.” He laughed bitterly.

“ You think cursing is bad Hermione? What about wanting to kill 100 people, or your own father?”

“ Harry…”

“ I told you not to call me Harry.” His voice was dangerous. Suddenly he moved his finger. He was breaking the spell. He smiled, spells never worked very well on him.

“ Harry…” He squeezed Hermione’s hand. She yelped and tried to push him away.

“ Harry, stop you are hurting me.”

“ At lest you can feel something.” He smiled cruelly again and squeezed her hand even stronger.

Ron heard Hermione’s scream and ran into Harry’s room. He wanted to help her but the house suddenly moved. He could hear shouting downstairs. Harry let go of Hermione obviously interested in what was going on. He was up so soon that for a minute Ron thought no human could do so. He was gone in a second and Hermione followed him screaming to stop. The view downstairs shocked him. There were about 12 Death eaters who were surrounding the members of Order of phoenix. A strange figure was standing behind them.

“ Give me Harry Potter and no one else will be hurt.” He spoke. Ron’s heart broke when he saw the man holding Ginny in his arms. He saw how Harry silently crawled closer to them.

“ Harry, come here, I won’t hurt you.” He took off his hood and Ron’s heart stopped for a minute. It was Voldemort. Ron heard Hermione’s gasp when Harry stood up and just went to him. He didn’t even have his wand!

Harry POV

He was standing there in front of me with a silly grin on his face. He let Ginny go and she ran into the waiting arms of Molly Weasley. It is still strange for me to see someone this happy. I come closer to him. My scar isn’t hurting anymore, maybe because I am beyond pain.

“ You are here.” He smiles. I don’t know why but he reminds me of my father somehow.

“ Potter, get out of there.” Snape shouts. I can see pain in his eyes. Who knew that the greasy haired professor cared for me? Voldemort looks at him. There hatred in his eyes promises lots of hours of torture.

“ A traitor. You should have known better. I will deal with you after I am finished with this boy.” He smiles and points his wand at me.

“ Avada Kavedra.” I can hear Hermione and Ron shouting as green light hits me. I welcome it with my open arms. They say that at the moment of death all life swims before your eyes. It is true, you know.

“ Impossible.” I hear him gasp. I open my eyes. I am still here. And at last I know why I am here. I am here not because Jasmine chose me, not because I am a miracle. And now I know what I should do. All my families… they lead me to this. To the end of one dark lord and to the rise of another. I look at him. Voldemort is so pathetic now. I grab his wand and pin his hart with it. As his unbelieving eyes greats death Angel comes in. I look around. All death eaters are in shock. Lucius Malfoy, I didn’t even knew he had escaped prison. I am surprised when he knells before me and kisses my hand.

“ My Lord.” I smile. Why not? I have never planned to spare their life but maybe I should. I could build my own family of them. I look at Angel. After all no one can stop me now.

“ Hi dad.”

The End

Tell me what you think. I am really sorry that this story is so short but I haven’t found beta for this one and I was afraid to make more mistakes. Hope you liked it.

The End

You have reached the end of "What family means". This story is complete.

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