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What family means

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Summary: Harry Potter found out something he never should

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Harry Potter > Connor-CenteredDawnieFR732,4591145,99618 Dec 039 Jan 04Yes

What family means

Please tell me if I should continue. I love reviews.

It was a nice summer morning. Birds were singing, sun was shining, the old lady took her milk. Kids all over the world had their summer vacation so they slept as long as they could. All kids except Harry Potter.
Harry groaned and looked at the clock. 6.30. He hated to wake up this early. It was a bloody summer, he was supposed to rest! But of course, Harry Potter always was an exception. Harry dressed and went to the bathroom. Washing his hair he thought why would fate do something like this to him. Of course, deeply in his mind Harry knew all was for his best but his heart refused to believe it. The boy who lived shudered thinking about what was to come. A month after Sirius death Dumbledore insisted Harry to come to the headquaters of the Order. Headmaster also begged Harry to take Occlumency again. The boy silently went downstairs into the room where the Potion's Master waited for him. As always Snape was dressed comletely in black and his scowl showed that he hated being there.

“ You are late Potter.” The greasy haired potions master looked at him with fury. It was obvious that he hadn’t forgotten or forgiven for the pensieve incident. Harry decided not to play with his luck.

“ I am sorry sir.”

“ No, you are not.” Snape smiled and pointed his wand at Harry. “Legilimens”

Everything swap through Harry’s eyes. Dudley was chasing him through the yard, uncle Vernon didn’t give him his letter, Sirius was falling into the veil, he was making love to a dark haired woman. What was that? Where did that come from? Harry never slept with anyone. Something clicked. He was fighting with a dark haired man, he was speaking to some kind of creature, the black haired man with the same woman was singing a baby lullaby. His wist came through the head of a woman, an unusual pain went through him. Snape tried to see further.

“ No.” Harry gasped. He didn’t want to see it. He couldn’t remember. He couldn’t… Sweat was on Snapes’ temporal. He squeezed his wand.

“ No.” Harry was lying on the floor, the dark haired man said he loved him and stabbed him with…

“ NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO.” Harry screamed. Angel wasn’t his father, he didn’t sleep with Cordelia, he didn’t kill his own daughter. Harry ran as fast as he could, he could hear Snape screaming for him but he didn’t stop. He ran straight to the door and bumped into Remus Lupin.

“ Harry, are you ok.”

“ I want out..” The boy cried out looking around.
" Harry, I am sure..."

“ NOW!.” Harry threw Lupin to the wall and ran from the house.

Angel was sitting in his office in Wolfram and Heart. Fred tried to make Spike tell stories about his past. Gunn was working on some weird papers. It was their second year at Wolfram and Heart and they did quite a lot. At least their employees didn’t try to kill them anymore. Suddenly Fred looked at him.

“ Angel, where is Connor?”
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