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Cassidy Potter's Scrapbook

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Fan Art

Summary: Throughout her life Cassidy Angel Potter has always kept a Scrapbook since her first year when Hagrid gifted it to her. Inside is a artist expression of who she is as a person. Enjoy.

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Harry Potter > Angel-CenteredLilyErisCullenFR133871021,6581 May 112 May 11No

Chapter 1: 1991-1992


July 1st, 1991

Dear Diary,

The end of term is here, part of me is screaming, FINALLY, and another is screaming, NO! The good news is I passed all my exams, my highest score being in Potions and DADA. The bad news is another summer with the Dursley's. I'm not stupid, I know they don't like me and Harry but sometimes they make me so mad I just want to snap their necks. I wouldn't drink their blood if my life depended on it, yuck! Anyways as I sit on the train back to the platform where the Dursely's await me and Harry I'm writing in you so as to pass time. Not only that but looking through my new scrapbook that Hagrid got me!

I was worried this year that Hagrid wouldn't want to know me or be my friend because of my house but he didn't seem to mind much. Harry has even come around! Anyways inside is a picture of my parents and Harry, as all the ones with them and me as a baby were destroyed with the house. On the next page I decided to put the picture of me which was taken by Hagrid himself without me knowing.

Anyways I've also gotten that camera that Hermione gave me for my birthday which I plan to put to good use. I've already taken some pictures and now all I've to do is threaten my aunt and uncle to get them developed. I love being a Witch! If all else fails I'll just put on my game face - as Harry likes to call it - and scare them that way.

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