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Sunrise on the White House

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Summary: When Buffy dies closing the portal, Dawn finds herself being swept away from the pain of Sunnydale to live with her mother's step-sister. Who's idea was this again? WiP

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Author: Jaded
Story: Sunrise on the White House
Disclaimer: Joss owns Buffy, The West Wing is owned by Aaron Sorkin. I write for fun, not for profit.
Summary: When Buffy dies closing the portal, Dawn finds herself being swept away from the pain of Sunnydale to live with her mother's step-sister. … Who's idea was this again?
Warning: Canon slash (Willow/Tara) but that's it. No slash this time around. Canon character death but Buffy doesn't come back. Therefore, this is AU in that seasons six and seven do not happen.
A/N 1: You ALL need to blame this on LadyBold. She's the one who convinced me to give The West Wing a chance, lending me season one to watch (we go to college together). I probably wouldn't have if she hadn't insisted. … Now I'm on season 2. :p That said, thanks to LadyBold for looking this all over and pointing out my errors.


Jed Bartlett was not having a good day. Congress had apparently lost its collective mind sometime the night before, his chief of staff was out sick with the flu, Mrs. Landingham seemed to be coming down with it as well, and Josh really should have been sent home some time ago, as he'd been running around the White House seventy-three hours and counting.


He didn't look up at his wife's voice, too busy trying to find out who the hell had gotten to Congressman White, who'd then gone on to convince five other members of the Idiots Brigade to negate on the deal they'd made the week before.


“Not now Abbey, I'm trying to--”


Startled, he looked up. Abbey's eyes were red-rimmed, her face blotchy, and from the tone of her voice... “What happened? Are the girls alright?” he demanded, heart racing.

“They're fine,” she assured him quickly, sniffling. “You remember Joyce?”

“Your step-sister, of course,” he agreed. “Smart woman, amazing cook...Abbey?”

“I just got off the phone with Janet. You remember Buffy, Joyce' daughter?”

Jed did remember Buffy, actually, though the last time he'd actively thought about the blonde was when he'd learned of the Initiative fiasco the previous administration had gotten itself involved in. Learning vampires had been real, he'd been reminded of his wife's step-niece who'd been admitted to a psychiatric institute for seeing the bloodsuckers. He'd mentally told himself he was going to look into that but then other matters of national security had popped up and he'd never gotten the chance.

“Is everything alright?” he asked even though he suspected it wasn't.

“Buffy called Janet because she didn't have any way of getting in touch with us but...She had a brain tumor, Jed, Joyce did, and they got it all out,” Abbey said, sitting down on the couch. “She was fine, it wasn't malignant but...”


“She had a brain aneurysm Tuesday, Jed,” she said softly and Jed felt himself go cold as he sat down on the chair. “She died. Joycie is gone.”

Just at that moment the door opened to reveal CJ, Toby, Sam, and Josh, who looked dead on his feet. “We think we found out who got to Congressmen White--”

“Mr. President, are you okay?” CJ broke in, and Josh stopped speaking, looking between the two of them worriedly.

“Abbey's step-sister, Joyce Summers, died of an aneurism Tuesday,” Jed told them after a moment's pause. “Abbey, did Janet give you have Buffy's number and address?”

“Yes, they're in Sunnydale, California,” she said, voice rough, as she handed it over. “The funeral is in a few days...”

“Go Abbey,” Jed said immediately. “I can't go. Take Air Force One.”

Abbey nodded, still sniffling. He looked over at CJ. “Do me a favor, CJ, don't mention this to the Press Corps, at least not yet. I don't want the funeral to become a media circus.”

“I'll prepare a statement for after the funeral,” CJ agreed immediately. “Dr. Bartlett...I'm so sorry for your loss.”

“Thank you,” Abbey murmured as the others offered their own sentiments. “I need to go and get ready.”

After a quick hug, kiss, and comforting murmur, it was a more subdued group that started discussing the situation with Congress and what they planned to do. Jed's mind was only half on them, however, as something Abbey had said was nagging at him. Standing in his office, his staff having just left, it finally hit him. He froze, staring at the slip of paper on his desk that contained the Summers' family address.


The Initiative.


“Mrs. Landingham!” he called, breaking from his shock. “I need Fitz on the phone immediately!”


Two Months Later

CJ shakily made her way to the podium. Most of the press would be expecting to hear about budgets and plans for the educational reform bill but with the news the White House had gotten that morning, they would not be getting what they'd been wanting.

“I know we have a lot to cover today, with the budget coming up and educational reform bill being pushed through but you're going to, unfortunately, have to wait until this afternoon for those,” she announced and almost immediately the room filled with irritated murmurings and people calling her name. She pushed on.

“At roughly nine am yesterday, Dawn Summers, step-niece of the First Lady, was kidnapped by an apocalypse cult in California. At midnight last night, Buffy Summers, Dawn's older sister, was killed in the course of rescuing her.”

Again, the room filled with murmurings and people calling her name. The only one who didn't was Danny, who, when she looked out at the observers, was only watching her, concern in his eyes. She took a deep breath.

“Given her age and the fact her father, Hank Summers, signed off any and all parental rights when their mother died, Dawn Summers will be given to the custody of President Bartlett and the First Lady. The President will be taking time to go to California to pick up his and the First Lady's niece personally, to attend Buffy's funeral, and to accompany Dawn back to the White House on Air Force One....”
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