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Nobody Expects A Spanish Inquisition

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Summary: A change is as good as a holiday and Willow hits the open road. Take one red-headed witch add not one but two sexy hunters, an ancient prophecy and stir and you have one recipe for a spectacular adventure!

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Supernatural > Willow-Centered > Pairing: Threesome & MoresomesBecstasyFR18933,0132357,2471 May 1120 Dec 11No

Part 2

Nobody Expects A Spanish Inquisition

Welcome back loyal readers. I know I hate to read through the author notes before i can devour the next chapter so if you’re interested you can find them at the bottom of this instalment. I hope you enjoy the story.

The Author

****Chapter Three - Ready To Go (Get Me Out Of My Mind)****

I lean back in the car seat and close my eyes as we speed down the road on our way to our next stop, June Bug, Alabama. As Dean tap his fingers on the steering wheel and sings slightly off-key to some AC/DC song I let myself close my eyes and allow my thoughts to drift. To think of where we've been. Who am I? My name is Sam Winchester and I'm a Hunter. Okay....that sounds like I just stood up at an AA meeting but don't mind me it's been a long year.

Actually if I'm really honest it's been a long few years say about 25 but don't worry I'll try to give you the cliff notes version, oh and if you could hold all questions until the end that'd be great. It starts with a yellow eyed demon. Yep, a demon. The bastard killed my mother and set our families life on a much different path to what was probably intended for us. My Dad was eager for revenge and after some poking around discovered an underground group of hunters and was taken under the wing of Bobby Singer who became like a second father to my brother Dean and I.

Many years later when I was at college separated from my dad and Dean and trying to live a "normal" life the demon returned and killed my girlfriend Jess. Suddenly I realised that life was never going to be normal for me and I rejoined Dean on the road hunting whatever needed hunting, tracking down and trying to kill the demon and looking for my dad who had gone AWOL.

That was a year ago and since then Dean and I have been on the road moving from town to town and trying to keep the world safe, at least from the things that go bump in the night. Things are always busy for us but the past few months have been unbelievable with every hunter we've spoken to saying that there are more things to hunt than normal. It seems like they're looking and preparing something and the last time I spoke to Bobby he said that he may have a lead on something.

As soon as we find a motel and check in I'll have to call him and see how he's coming along.

Dean and I had found a motel pretty easily once we reached June Bug called the Bed Bug Motel, which I hope for our sakes is just a name and not a warning. Summer was making it's presence well known in June Bug and of course the motel had no air-conditioning all we could do was turn on the ceiling fan and pray for a cool breeze.

While Dean had set up under the window and was busy researching on the laptop, Dad's journal at his side and I called Bobby to see if he had any further information for us.


"Thanks Bobby. I'll speak to you later".

Dean lifted his head from the computer rubbing his eyes. "What'd Bobby say? Has heard from Dad?”

"He said that Dad was fine and told us to quote "get our heads back in the game and stop trying to find him".".

Dean snorted and shook his head, "Yep that sounds like dad alright".

"He also said that he'd figured out what was happening out there, well kind of anyway. Get this he said he'd found an ancient prophecy written in a dead language but that it would have to be translated. All he has so far is something about a flame and two champions, whatever that means".

Dean threw his hands in the air, "Why are these things always in a dead language? How the hell does a language die anyway? If I'd been the one to write these things I'd just say Dude, kill the dragon, get the girl and remember chicks dig scars. None of this thou should this and forsooth that business".

My lips twitched in amusement somehow I don't think that Dean appreciated the poetry of the Shakespearean language or even realised that it wasn't a dead language. “Anyway Bobby said it was going to take a few days to translate. He said an old old friend who specialised in dead languages was going to help. So we don't really have a lot to go on at this stage".

"Well Sammy we've settled here we may as well stay until Bobby calls back with that translation. You know it's kinda nice the idea of staying in one spot if even for a few days. These past few months I've been feeling really edgy but I don't know this week it's been better".

"I know what you mean Dean. It's something I just can't put my finger on, like a vague shadow I can see out of the corner of my eye but I can't make out what it is. Maybe it's tied into the prophecy".

“Yeah maybe. I should call Bobby back and see if he gives me anymore to go off". "I don't know about you Dean but I could really go for a beer or twenty. Let's just leave this stuff alone if only for one night and just relax".

"Maybe next time Sammy I've really got this itch to get started on researching this prophecy".

"Who are you and what have you done with my brother? C'mon Dean there are already at least two other people working on this thing and it's only one night".

Dean just shook his head with a bemused expression on his face, "I could say the same thing about you Sammy. Seriously you go relax, have a good time, you deserve it. Besides if I come how are you going to pick up any chicks?".

"Good point Dean you'd just scare them off. If you’re sure. I'm just going to grab a shower and then head out. Mind if I take the car?”

"Dude how else are you going to lure the babes in? Your puppy dog eyes?" Dean said laughing.

I rolled my eyes and headed toward the shower "Yeah yeah". *

***Chapter Four - Hold It Against Me****

I sat at the bar and take a look around. Not too shabby, especially for a bar named Jitter Bug. Seriously what is with these people and bugs, I pale remembering the last time we had to deal with bugs and hope it's not the same here. Anyway the atmosphere is nice if not a little too warm and most importantly the beer was cold.

The back of my neck was tingling in a big way and I knew that tonight what had had me on edge was going to come to a head. I suddenly felt a breeze and at the same time a sultry country song started to play on the jukebox. Half listening I recognised the song as the theme song from that Vampire show True Blood and as I raised my eyes to the mirror behind the bar I realised that the lyrics had never rung truer to me then this very moment.

My eyes started at her feet taking in sinful black patent high heels and firm legs covered in a tight black skirt with a tempting slit to thigh. I found that my mouth had started to water.

My eyes kept travelling up over flat stomach to what looked to be high firm breasts that could have been moulded for my hands covered by a snug slightly low cut black tank top. I had to wipe at mouth just to check there was no drool escaping.

I tore my eyes away from here just to take in a slim elegant neck and a shock of bright titian hair that made my hands itch wanting to tangle themselves in. I couldn't see her face as her head was turned away but I was sure it was as perfect as the rest of her.
She must have finally felt my eyes dragging over her as her head turned towards me and I found myself staring into Emerald eyes and I knew then in this moment that she was mine.

I couldn't stop staring at her not even when a sultry grin formed with her full lips and she moved towards me. What the he was wrong with me I had never ever felt this way before, not even with Jess. I had never felt the urge to throw a woman down before and ravishing her until she could see nothing, hear nothing, feel nothing but me.

She sat next to me without a word and crossed her legs, simply meeting me eyes in the bar mirror. I couldn't speak, not a word and at that moment I would have happily wished for the earth to open up and swallow me whole. Here was the woman of my dreams, everything I ever needed but didn't know I did and I can't even say Hi. Smooth Sammy, real smooth. God I sound like Dean, it's official I have gone insane.

After a few minutes I watched in horror as her body turned as if to get off the stool and walk out of my life. "Aren't you going to buy a lady a drink?" she said to me her voice sounding like sex personified.
"Ummm sure" I managed to get out. She signalled the bartender

"I'll have a JD and coke courtesy of my new friend....".

"Sammy", oh my fucking god did I just say that out loud, "Sam" I said clearing my throat.

Her lips curved into a smile, laughter twinkling in her eyes, "Courtesy of my friend Sammy here. Thanks for that Sammy. My name's Willow by the way, how's about we grab a booth and get to know one another better. I have a feeling it's going to be a very interesting night".

So there it is my loyal readers the next instalment of Nobody Expects A Spanish Inquisition. How was it good, bad, horrific? Let me know. Feedback/reviews turn me back into a 15 year girl screaming over the new Dawson’s Creek episode!

First I want to give a shout out to AriaDeloncray, enfranr and RivanWarrioress for reviewing this story. Seriously you guys are so freaking unbelievably awesome!

I also want to apologise. I meant to have this chapter up on Wednesday but my computer died and I lost what I had already started and had to start again and my muse was not co-operating. Next instalment should be up on Monday and will include a lemon, so if your tastes don't run to the citrusy probably best to skip.

PS As if I own anything in this story that doesn’t belong to me...I’m only a poor convict from down under!

Have a week!

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